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ISTHHG Chapter 129



Adelia couldn’t believe what he heard for a moment. How does the Pope know that…..

‘I have a past life.’

The Pope’s subsequent words completely missed Adelia’s expectations.

“You have lived a life as ‘Yoo Sun- woo’s’.”

“………how did you know that?”

Severance just smiled enigmatically despite the cautious tone in Adelia’s voice. Adelia had the impression he had discovered the truth at that precise moment.

It wasn’t unpleasant, though. She was only scared. The anxiety she had been attempting to suppress erupted into a flood.

“I’m sure you’re scared.”

Severance saw right through Adelia’s emotions every time. Strange radiance started to appear in Severance’s eyes.

For some reason, she felt as though she had goosebumps.

“But the time has come; you can’t continue to exist solely as a stranger.”

Severance’s mouth, where traces of time still lingered, formed a bitter smile.

“You must endure it; this will be your ordeal.”

While feigning fear, Adelia looked at the Pope who was in front of her.

No, he isn’t the Pope…..


The name that Adelia uttered caused Severance’s eyes to budge slightly. It was a proud smile. Adelia chuckled at the affirmation made in silence. Adelia had been wondering where she had been for so long, but she was just here.

“No, I stayed by your side the entire time.”

“You always read my thoughts.”

Vishna did not respond. Adelia exhaled deeply.

“Then why didn’t you talk to me? How come…”

“I had no power.”

The response from Vishna was straightforward. She is powerless. She lacked the power to materialize, so she couldn’t.

But Adelia was unable to comprehend her response. Vishna was one of the supreme gods. Among the supreme gods, she is the most potent and most powerful. The only person who could create a saint was her. How is it possible that Vishna has no power?

“I don’t get it,”

With a bitter smile, Vishna replied as if she had anticipated Adelia’s response.

“You’ll figure it out soon enough.”

Before Adelia could make sense of the situation, the old tree’s slender branches obscured her view and covered her field of vision.


[TL/N: This part is a bit confusing. The bold words are Adelia’s (Present time) thoughts]

“Useless things.”

A familiar voice rang out in her ear. The sound of the voice, which made her feel disgusted just by hearing it, caused Adelia to frown.

Marquis Sorne

I thought I wouldn’t hear his voice again, but why am I hearing it again?

You appear to be younger than the last time I saw you.

A disinterested, emotionless, and cold gaze. Adelia was acquainted with it.

I definitely shouldn’t….

What is wrong with my heart?

Her chest hurt. Adelia was unable to comprehend what was happening. Marquis Sorne’s scornful eyes have never been hurtful to her. Of course, she felt terrible a lot of times.

That’s because her “real” father wasn’t Marquis. That isn’t her actual family.


Just like that.

A drop of water fell on the back of Adelia’s hand. The warmth caused Adelia to panic. Contrary to her expectations, tears did not stop flowing.

“Father, please look at me.”

She thought she was losing her mind. Her mouth started to move however it pleased.

“You’re shameless. You need to know your position.”


Oh, please stop. Regardless of how hard you try, that man won’t listen to you. The only thing, however, that returns is coldness.

“I’ll do anything. So please…… Please consider me as your child.”

“Did you say you’d do anything? Then, stay out of my sight. Then I might recognize you someday.”

It was a funny sound. The only time he needed Adelia was when she was mentioned as a saint. Even that was a consideration for the family.

It’s not the kind of attention “Adelia Sorne” desired.

“Drag her out.”

Adelia was expelled by the hands of the knights at the command of the marquis.

As she was led to her bedroom, Adelia couldn’t help but sob.

Why am I crying over it? What in the world is happening? ….

And why exactly did I turn into “Adelia”?

First and foremost, Vishna was responsible for everything. Adelia was stuck in a body that did not move how she wanted it to, and she questioned why Vishna had shown her this situation.

‘You said I couldn’t be just a stranger anymore…….’

I’m a stranger.

Adelia repeated what Vishna had said to her as she took a look at herself in the mirror. Red-hot eyes. She might have been so sad because the corners of her eyes were drooping.

Don’t cry. Crying over them is such a waste.

Adelia felt a sharp pain in her chest again, reciting words that would not reach her.


Adelia Sorne’s situation was more dire than she had anticipated.

The novel did not go into great detail about Adelia Sorne’s history as a wicked woman. The wicked woman only needed to be evil; she vanished without a trace, as if she had done nothing more than make the main character stand out.

Ha… I know they’re human beings without blood or tears, but isn’t this too much?

Adelia is disliked by the two men in the Sorne family. No, simply saying that wasn’t enough. They absolutely despised her.

To simply blame the death of the Marquis’ wife at the time of the child’s birth was to say too much.

And it was this that turned Adelia evil. She was twisted by necessity.

Of course, I disagree with her approach.

She must have been envious. Despite beginning in a bad situation, she eventually gained everyone’s love.

It’s strange. How come it’s so vivid? There’s no doubt that this is just one person’s experience.

Time passed without incident. The events of “Adelia Sorne’s life” played out in front of her as if she had just developed a cold.

Adelia became more and more accustomed to her. Due to an irresistible connection, Adelia Sorne quickly and permanently became her own.

And then one day. Adelia saw something truly remarkable.

Why did this… appear?

It was when she was taking a bath alone as usual. Adelia thought she should finish her bath as she stood in front of the mirror while ducking into the hazy air and wiping away her tears.

“What’s this, hmm?”

Unexpected events have occurred. Adelia examined the odd design that appeared in the center of her clavicle.

“God’s pattern!”

Adelia recognized the pattern’s identity right away. Why did this pattern appear to her? What about Hestine, who at this point was declared a saint?

“Hey, what’s this?…… It doesn’t even erase. Wait, this is…… Doesn’t it look a little like Vishna’s pattern?”

Adelia Sorne noticed this and went straight to Marquis Sorne.

Adelia, who had no choice but to observe the scene, yelled to herself. Stop it. No, you can’t.

It was an instinctual response. She had a feeling that, at this rate, nothing positive would ever occur.


“……I’m sure I told you not to go in front of my eyes again.”

“I’m real! I mean it! Hestine, he was an impostor!”

“Ha… Don’t you ever get tired of it? How much harm your jealousy will do to our family—”

Adelia Sourne showed the Marquis, who did not believe in her, the pattern of God. The Marquis initially didn’t believe it, but he decided to check the pattern anyway.


In the end, the Marquis and Adelia Sorne crossed covertly into the Holy Land.

“You can’t meet the Pope because he’s away for a while, and…”

“It’s urgent!”

“If you behave in this manner, even if you are a Marquis, then-

“What’s the fuss about?”

Marquis Sorne, who was making a big deal about meeting the Pope, was approached by a familiar face.


He served as Hestine’s assistant priest. Instead of a layman’s uniform, he was donning a bishop’s robe.

I suppose you have evolved into a bishop in this world.

Peloche gave Marquis Sorne and Adelia a subdued smile while maintaining a calm gaze. Adelia noticed a subtle difference in the atmosphere.

“……..I came to see His Holiness the Pope for a moment.”

“Your Holiness is not currently in the Holy Land due to urgent business. If you don’t mind, I’ll take his place.”


“If you’re just going to cause trouble, please go back.”

Marquis turned to face his daughter once more. He was in agony. Is it okay to delegate this task to Bishop Peloche, the current saint’s representative?

His troubles did not last long. He did not wish to spend more time with his daughter than was necessary.

It was good if it was right anyway, and it didn’t matter if it wasn’t. He planned to blame Adelia if a scandal arose as a result of this. There was nothing wrong with an abandoned child having one more flaw.

“……I can’t help it. I’ll leave it to you.”

Marquis Sorne ultimately made the worst decision.

Adelia’s eyes were shaking as she regarded Peloche. He smiled softly and extended his hand as if to reassure Adelia.

“I understand the general situation. You want to be sure the pattern is real, right? Now, follow me.”

Behind her back, she felt her father’s piercing gaze. Adelia had to hold Peloche’s hand despite her unexpected anxiety, which made her heart leap.

Peloche’s face lit up with delight at that point.


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  1. So the original Adelia knew Hestine wasn’t the real one, and in relation to the fact that she wasn’t the Marquess’ real daughter that may be quite significant.

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