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ISTHHG Chapter 128


“Don’t worry, we’ve come to the right place.”

Bishop Berg spoke with a small smile, as if he had read Adelia’s thoughts.

“It acts somewhat as a shield of protection.”

After saying so, he moved slowly between the pillars. Then the empty space between the pillars began to tremble. Soon after, the image of the sacred ground, which had been hidden like a fantasy, was revealed.

“The true entrance to this sacred ground appears if a person who survives Vishna’s ordeal passes through this place.”

The “sacred ground,” which resembled a sizable temple, held Adelia’s attention inertly.

‘Is this the sacred ground…….’

The final piece of the puzzle is located here. Adelia’s voice was calm as she spoke.

“Let’s go.”

“That’s it for us; we’ll be waiting at the entrance.”

At Lensley’s words, Adelia turned her head. The only people who could enter the sacred ground at this time were Berg and Adelia.

In other words, Demalo, Melinda, and Lensley had no choice but to wait until the two of them had figured everything out and returned.

“I’ll be back immediately.”

“Please return safely; there’s no need to hurry; we’ll be fine.”

Demalo approached Adelia and offered his advice. It might appear to be a mutiny at first glance. However, Adelia was in no way offended or dissatisfied. Instead, she noticed that one side of her chest was warming up.

“……I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Be safe on your trip.”

After a brief but prolonged greeting with Demalo, Adelia turned around. Berg patiently waited.

Adelia and Berg entered the “Sacred Ground” temple not long after.


– I want to construct a cradle in the event that a disaster occurs in the future. My children may benefit from my decision.

It is said that Vishna left this prophecy when she made the sacred ground, the realm of absolute God.

Adelia pondered this notion as she scanned the temple’s interior.

She didn’t expect the interior to be empty. Stone statues and white pillars. Additionally, the sky-reflecting ceiling. One oddity is that nothing in the temple is even remotely old, as though it were avoiding the effects of time.

“Did Vishna know everything?”

In fact, everything was questionable. From how she was chosen as Vishna’s representative to the identity of those who follow chaos. And what was the ‘original story’ she remembered……

‘Vishna, please appear before me once more and explain everything.’

In her mind, Adelia spoke with Vishna. However, there was no response. She responds only when she wants to, as she always does.

Adelia chuckled while shaking her head. It’s draining to have a one-sided relationship.

‘I’ll know something if I meet the Pope.’

He came here after discovering the existence of forces that follow chaos. So perhaps he is aware of something.

“This is…”

Berg, who was one step ahead of Adelia, came to a halt. After clearing her mind, Adelia turned to face Bishop Berg’s back.

“What’s happening?”

Berg mumbled in a serious tone when Adelia inquired.

“I can sense His Holiness’ divine power.”

Adelia felt so much relief at that precise moment. She even believed that something had happened to the Pope and that things might already be out of control. The Pope would at the very least have gotten in touch with Eustaf if he had been in decent shape.

“This way.”

As if possessed by something, Berg moved his feet without hesitation. Adelia, who had been following him by walking, had to run almost immediately.

“Bishop Berg!”

“It seems as though His Holiness Severance is calling me.”

“What? What do you mean……!”

There seems to be a problem. I can’t believe the Pope is calling, is there a factor I’m not even aware of?

“Stop for a moment!”

The location where Bishop Berg hurried to arrive was in front of a huge door, which was surrounded by a swath of white vines as if to guard it; Adelia hurried to call Berg, but he didn’t pause; and as she approached the door, she felt that she should not enter carelessly.

“Bishop Berg. Wait.”

Adelia spoke emphatically as she looked at Berg trying to raise his hand over the door. Adelia’s quiet voice brought him back to reality, and he finally turned to face her while his shoulders were trembling.

“I must have been briefly overexcited by the Pope’s divine power, I’m sorry.”

Bishop Berg acknowledged that he had acted too quickly. Not that Adelia didn’t comprehend how he was feeling either. Those in the church place a great deal of trust in the current pope. That partially applies to those who oppose the Pope.

Berg once opposed the Pope. However, she could tell how ecstatic he was about the Pope’s survival simply by observing his reaction.

“I thought there was something wrong because you were moving so erratically, but there’s nothing wrong, right?”

“Of course.”

Adelia only sighed in relief after learning the truth.

‘Is the pope beyond this door?’

Her gaze was drawn to the door hidden by the vines; the problem did not last long; if the Pope had summoned them, they would have responded.

“Let’s go in.”


Berg opened the door gradually after receiving Adelia’s signal.


With a heavy noise, the door, which seemed unlikely to open, welcomed the two.

Soon after, Adelia and Berg were able to see the person they had been looking for.

“Saint and Bishop Berg, I’ve been waiting for you.”

When Adelia saw Pope Severance for the first time, she felt a strange sense of déjà vu.

‘This feeling… I’ve definitely experienced it before.’

A feeling similar to when she first set foot in the Holy Land. In this bizarre mood, Adelia bit her lower lip.

“Your Holiness the Pope!”

Berg hastily ran to the frail Severance after taking a quick look at him.

“Are you alright? What happened? How come you’re here alone?…”

“Haha. Bishop Berg. Calm down. This is all Vishna’s will, too.”

There were many questions I wanted to ask, but seeing Severanches smile made me feel desolate.

“Are you aware of what’s happening outside?”

“Of course, I was expecting this.”

When the Pope said he anticipated this to occur, Adelia sighed. She struggled to get rid of the feeling that fate had tricked her.

“Did you know we were going to come here?”

When Adelia asked, Severance turned his gaze to her. Eyes of a mysterious color, not sky blue or gold. Is this what the Pope is like? He was like a person from another world.

Adelia suddenly cracked a bitter smile.

‘A person from a different world. I didn’t know I’d think like that after seeing the Pope.’

Yeah. It appeared as though the Pope was looking elsewhere. Although they were undoubtedly in the same location, he appears to be somewhere else.

“You must have many questions.”

Adelia’s hand was gently encircled by the Pope, whose hand was so parched that it felt as though it would instantly break. At this moment, Adelia experienced an unfathomable sense of security.

“You did a fantastic job.”

“……Pope Severance? How come….”

Confounded Bishop Berg called Severance. Adelia looked at Berg, who was wondering what was going on.


Berg’s body fell helplessly to the ground at that precise moment. In a panic, Adelia drew her hand away from the Pope as she rushed toward him.

“Bishop Berg!”

“Don’t worry, he’s been put to sleep for a while.”

Adelia, who was desperately attempting to wake Berg up, was addressed by Severance in a calm voice, as if to calm her. Adelia scowled as she turned her head.

“What are you thinking? Why, Bishop Berg—”

“What I’m going to tell the saint from now on is related to the secrets of the world. There is something in the world that should not be heard because they’ll get caught up in it if they do.”

The words came from Severance in a very affectionate tone. Adelia could only feel relieved at that point. He put him to sleep in order to safeguard Bishop Berg.

Adelia’s eyes were filled with confusion as she looked at Severance. How much does he know? What else do you not know?

Severance’s mouth finally opened after a brief pause. And the words that came out of his mouth were quite shocking.

“Miss Adelia, you’ve already lived one life.”


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