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ISTHHG Chapter 119


Adelia burst out laughing at Princess Evelyn, who uttered words that were no different from a curse.


Princess Evelyn’s red lips gently curled. It was not a face that could be associated with someone who predicted the destruction of others.

“I think the witch is you, not me.”

Evelyn didn’t respond. Adelia, too, didn’t want an answer, so she simply clicked her tongue briefly.

‘I believe you came to shake me.’

She was confident that he would come see her, make such a scene, and even say odd things. She couldn’t help but notice.

‘I expected it, but I had no idea that priests in black would delve this far into the continent like this,’

Adelia noticed that Evelyn was also part of them. Otherwise, it would be difficult to comprehend her actions.

Her outward display of identity suggests that she must have confidence in herself; or she might be assuming that Adelia’s fate has already been decided and that her efforts will be ineffective.

She doesn’t like either of them. Still, she found a clue little by little.

This incident has made it even clearer. Being the real saint, she is also being targeted in addition to the relics.

“May I add something? Whatever your plan is, you won’t be able to exploit me as easily as the Duke of Valkyr and Hestine.”

Evelyn’s eyes shifted oddly in response to Adelia’s words.

“The greater the confidence, the better. Be more arrogant…”

Evelyn, who had been speaking without pausing, suddenly stopped mid-sentence. She soon smiled brightly as she greeted her.

“It was a good time in its own right, and I hope to see you again next time.”

Evelyn uttered these words before turning abruptly and leaving Selence Palace. The man she called the foreign minister who came in with her seemed concerned.

“Um…? Princess?”

After Princess Evelyn left, things quickly went back to how they had been. After exhaling a sigh of relief, Adelia stepped off the balcony.

The perplexed voice of Macbeth’s foreign minister and the stern voice of the Imperial Knights could be heard from beyond the balcony.

“You are a state guest at the Imperial Palace, but given the gravity of the situation, we will not let it go.”

“No, it’s…… This is….”

“Of course, we will report to His Majesty on today’s events, and please be aware that we may hold the Kingdom of Macbeth accountable in the future.”


Adelia checked the man who was about to be taken away by imperial knights and closed the curtains once more.

She recounted what had just happened again as if I were the one organizing it.

“Evelyn Macbeth…….”

What a bizarre individual she was. Before the other side begins to actively move, she must act quickly.

Adelia decided to move her departure date forward. She had a bad feeling, for some reason.


After the lunch disturbance and just as the sun was setting, people started to gather at Selence Palace one by one.

The first person to arrive was Ivan.

“Are you ready?”

“It’s almost over. It’ll be completely over by tomorrow.”

“That’s good news; we should get started sooner.”

Ivan was momentarily silent in response to Adelia’s words before carefully posing the question.

“Is it because of what happened today?”

He really had a good sense. Indeed, there was no way for it to escape Ivan’s ears.

Adelia sighed and nodded.

“I believe they are also the starting point for this work.”

“If it were them…”

“Yes, the priests in black; Princess Evelyn Macbeth also seems to be in league with them, and she didn’t seem to have any intention of concealing it.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s it, or she’s hiding something else.”

“That’s possible, I think it’s better to reduce the variables as much as possible in this case, so let’s get started quickly before things worsen, but where are Bishop Berg and Demalo…”

The three men were supposed to show up together at the appointed time. Ivan, however, arrived at Selence Palace by himself. Adelia questioned if something had occurred once more.


Ivan then let out a long, annoyance-filled sigh. Adelia stared at Ivan with her eyes wide open. He rarely sighed like this in front of her; it was unusual.

Did something really happen?

“It will take some time for Bishop Berg and Demalo.”

“What the hell happened?”

Adelia inquired once more hastily. In response, Ivan shrugged his shoulders and briefly dismissed them.

“Bishop Berg fainted for a moment because he was on the rampage.”


For some reason, she could clearly imagine Bishop Berg running wild, so Adelia sighed sadly.

“He’s awake, right?”

The situation seemed to indicate that Ivan knocked him out himself. She was worried he would be okay. Fortunately, Ivan nodded immediately.

“Of course. He came to his senses after just three hours.”

Three hours doesn’t seem right away, but it was a relief anyway.

“Then why haven’t they shown up yet? I’d like to leave in three days if possible.”

“You don’t have to be concerned about them being late after requesting assistance from the Cardinal; fortunately, the Cardinal’s Paladin appears to be moving.”

In this plan, the forces of the Empire and the Duchy would be minimized. The assistance of the temple would be a good card in that circumstance.

“It says it will arrive in two days, so we can leave in time.”

“That’s good.”

Adelia sighed lightly while nodding her head. Before she knew it, the red sky-colored sunset had vanished and was replaced by thick darkness.

“They seemed to be more powerful than I thought. Will His Majesty be able to handle it?…”

Ivan, who silently listened to Adelia’s worries, replied with a small smile. 

“I think worrying about my brother is a waste of time.”

“That’s…… yes.”

That’s right. She was in no position to worry about the emperor. Preparing for the confrontation is what she needs to concentrate on right now. There is nothing else.

After correcting herself, Adelia patiently awaited Bishop Berg and Demalo’s arrival. The two didn’t arrive until after nine.

Adelia stuck her tongue out in Berg’s exhausted body. What sort of scene have you been creating to appear so disheveled?

After nearly four days, Berg finally caught sight of Adelia. As soon as he did, he walked like he was running and seized her hand. He spoke with a serious voice and a determined expression.

“I will make sure to remove the stigma.”

“Get away.”

Ivan grabbed Berg by the left shoulder and shoved him aside. Berg’s body, reeling like an empty doll, was simply pushed out.

Adelia, who had been staring at the scene blankly, smiled awkwardly and opened her mouth.

“Haha…. Thank you. It will not be an easy journey for Bishop Berg, but you have to take an active role.”

“I’m just walking the path I believe is right.”

Bishop Berg said so and raised his hand over his heart. It was as if the figure was worshiping God. From that, Adelia realized that he was like a priest of Vishna.

Adelia turned her attention away from Bishop Berg and fixed it on Demalo, who was manning the entrance.


“Yes, Viscount.”

He remained the same. He continued to be fearless and straightforward. His face lacked any sign of anxiety or fear.

“This will be dangerous; it’s unimaginable in comparison to when you escorted me as a child; you’ve seen me so far, so you can predict it to some extent.”

Adelia told the whole truth without wrapping it up.

“I’ve already decided to protect you.”

So his eyes were fixed on the ground as if he were saying, “It doesn’t matter how dangerous it is.”

One part of her chest was strangely heavy. She didn’t understand why he would make such a great sacrifice for her, however she also felt fortunate.

About him…… Let’s think about it after this.

Adelia turned away from her complicated thoughts. Demalo no longer spoke.

Ivan naturally changed the subject after reading that the atmosphere had somewhat calmed down.

“It will be hard to rest properly after we leave the empire, so let’s all rest for the moment.”

Berg and Adelia nodded. In fact, Berg exerted a great deal of divine power by dispatching a holy being from the Empire to the Holy Land to speak with Cardinal Eustaf. This quickly led to exhaustion.

“Then I’ll be out.”

“If you go out, a middle-aged maid will guide you.”

“Thank you for letting me know.”

Berg bowed with his hands clasped together and left the room. Adelia went on to look at Demalo.

“Take a rest, Demalo.”

“I’ve already rested enough.”

Adelia stared at Demalo. But Demalo was adamant. She thought it would be tiring for both of them even if she forced him to rest even more.

“……do as you please.”

“If you like it, I’ll be guarding you outside.”

Adelia swallowed a sigh and nodded her head softly.


Only Ivan and Adelia remained in the room after Demalo left. Adelia was unexpectedly lifted by Ivan.


Adelia, startled, hastily encircled Ivan’s neck with her arms. Ivan’s shoulders trembled slightly. She didn’t even need to look at his face to understand. He was laughing. Naturally, Adelia’s eyes grew piercing.

Ivan walked lightly toward the bed.


Adelia burst out laughing as Ivan gently placed her on the bed.

“What are you doing?”

“We should rest now.”

Ivan said as he relaxedly unbuttoned his buttons. Even though Adelia thought Ivan’s arrogant attitude was ridiculous, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

Ivan’s hand soon touched Adelia’s face. Adelia spoke while using her tongue to moisten her parched lips.

“You’re really…… like a beast.”

Ivan, who misunderstood what Adelia said, opened his eyes wide for a brief period of time before smiling. Adelia had always wondered where his unusual stamina came from.

“Well, I’m not a decent gentleman.”

Adelia had no choice but to panic for a moment. However, a cheerful laugh flowed through her lips.

The two spent the rest of the night together.


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