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ISTHHG Chapter 118


You can’t do that.

As kindly as he could, Rodrigo grinned and spoke in a way that seemed to reassure the king.

“I know how you feel; in fact, I feel the same way as your highness.”

The king’s eyes and mouth both opened wide in response to Rodrigo’s empathy, showing that he was moved. He certainly didn’t appear to be a respectable king. However, what can they do? There is only one royal left.


“Of course, if the rumors are true, I believe we should hold them accountable.”

“Then why……?”

“Because we don’t have to take risks.”

It was entirely false. If the rumor that Viscount Adelia Yurpheon was a witch who caused the disaster is true, joining the protest was the right thing to do. In this manner, the Empire will be able to compensate them slightly more in the future.

However, the rumor was unfounded to begin with. He’s not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but Adelia Yurpheon was God’s “true” representative.


The king, clearly perplexed, tried to nod his head while rolling his eyes. When Rodrigo saw it, he immediately opened his mouth while suppressing a sigh that reached his chin.

“Think carefully. I have investigated, and there is too little evidence to support these rumors. All that came out was that an unidentified person said, “he saw it.” If the empire is not to blame, the countries that have attacked it like a moth will suffer soon.”

The Kingdom of Sadin was never weak. Instead, it was one of the continent’s top five powers. It’s a different story if the opponent is the Huizeniac Empire because they were supreme rulers and continental giants.

The king’s face gradually became frozen in response to Rodrigo’s ominous warning.

“I’m sure it’s like that, right?”

Obviously, naturally. I can tell that you have been on edge the entire time.

Rodrigo refrained from speaking what was on his mind. He merely grinned.

“Yes, indeed.”

“Haha! As expected, Marquis Chihen is the only one! I feel at ease that you’re here! I can’t be this dependable.”

Rodrigo merely grinned and lowered his head before speaking modestly.

“I’m flattered.”

The king enjoyed the charade that Rodrigo pulled. Of course, the king was unaware that it was all a ruse.

In the end, the king replied to each nation in front of Rodrigo, grumbling that the Union’s name was trite, and that he would not join the “Union of condemnation.”

You act as though you have forgotten your prior concerns about joining the alliance.

When Rodrigo found himself in a familiar situation, he smiled a portrait-like static smile.

Suddenly, he remembered his ugly brother, who was in distress.

How do you intend to handle this situation? Viscount Yurpheon.

Rodrigo, who is perceptive of the circumstance, could not have been aware of Adelia’s predicament. But he was powerless to intervene. By giving them the relic, he had already taken a big risk.

I’m compelled to assume that you will figure it out on your own.

Leaving the royal castle in a hurry, Rodrigo left behind the king who had just called the concubine.


I have to stay out of sight as much as I can.

Adelia Yurpheon was currently the empire’s top concern.

No, it would be more accurate to say that one’s attention was drawn to a woman who appeared to be a “witch.”

Adelia was forced to stay at the Palace of Selence, which the emperor acquired for her before departing. Having a few servants made up of the emperor’s closest advisors made staying there not too difficult.

While Adelia was trapped in the palace, a man who had freedom of movement—like Ivan, Berg, or Demalo—made plans and preparations to travel to the sacred ground.

I’m certain Berg has heard it from Ivan.

Adelia was internally concerned. Berg has a short fuse.

It’s going to be crazy.

Adelia was merely wishing. May he not stir up any more trouble.

“I’ll prepare a meal.”

“Oh, it’s okay. Let’s just skip lunch.”

“Okay. Then should I tell them to prepare a snack in the afternoon?”

“Let’s do that.”

The maid, who appeared to be of age, took care of her needs and then left. Selence Palace was once again silent.

Now that I think about it, I remember feeling this calm when I first moved to Rohen.

There was a slight likeness between the Palace of Selence and the home Adelia had bought in Rohen. Even though the Palace of Selence was obviously much larger, the general atmosphere was the same.

She noticed a distinct difference from the calm she had been experiencing at the time.

It was like the calm before the storm.

“I can’t make a move right now. So it’s good to take a rest while I still can.”

Adelia let out a deep sigh and leaned back against the cozy rocking chair. Adelia raised her eyelids as she was about to fall asleep, frowning at the ominous energy.

“What is it?”

Adelia developed a new talent after awakening her divine power. There were times when Adelia felt a strange aura, similar to a sixth sense, but she is unable to explain in detail. Something occurs when she is in this state, though she is unable to describe it in a single word.

“Is there a law that states that knights from the Huizeniac Empire can touch royalty from other countries?”

“Contact with people in custody without authorization is forbidden.”

“In custody? Does the Sir consider this luxurious palace to be a prison?”

“Go back, please. That’s all”

“Oh, Princess, wouldn’t it be better to back off now?…. If we keep going like this, we’ll ruin Macbeth…”

“Foreign minister Durthio. If you don’t have the ability, stand back. You’re just a distraction.”

Sure enough. Adelia could see the disturbance approaching her more and more. Adelia got up slowly from her chair and went to the window. To see what was happening outside, she slightly opened the curtains.

The Princess of Macbeth.

Evelyn Macbeth, the first princess of Macbeth, appeared to be the focal point of the play, as the Emperor noted.

“You appear more trim than I anticipated.”

Adelia frowned at the emotion in the princess’s eyes, who had her hair pulled back neatly like a teacher.

That emotion was more akin to disgust than anger. In situations like this, don’t you typically become enraged? In any case, she believes that Adelia killed her brother and future king, the Crown Prince, and she has come all the way here to argue about it.

Evelyn’s eyes turned away from the imperial knight and toward the window where Adelia was standing at that precise moment. Since the royal window was particularly magical, no one could look in from the outside. Adelia had the impression that Evelyn’s eyes had locked with hers the moment she turned to face her.


Unfortunately, Adelia’s instincts were spot on.

“Have you been hiding there? Witch.”

With a quick click of her tongue, Adelia flung open the window.

“I didn’t expect that a princess would come to visit me in person. Should I say it’s a great honor?”

“Ha. You put oil on your tongue. That’s right. With this wicked tongue of yours, you brought the disaster. Are you even a human, and how could you abuse innocent people?”

An emotional voice poured out toward Adelia.

Adelia momentarily came close to laughing. She could tell by the way she looked at her. The princess of Macbeth does not regard her as a witch.

This was also a play. However, it was unknown why such a large play was being staged.

First off, rumors spread by the royal family of a small nation are insufficient to topple the empire. Is there anything else you need?

Do they share an objective? Perhaps they had been attempting to accomplish that by holding hands for some time.

Whatever it may be, Adelia was in trouble after all.

“What do you mean I’m not human? Would I be able to enter the Holy Land if I were a witch and not a human being? I didn’t think you were that stupid, it’s a shame.”

“How ridiculous!”

“I’m in a position to show you as much of my innocence as I can, and where on earth do you get the justification for what you’re saying comes from? Using sorcery to amplify divine power. There is no way such a method exists.”

It exists. It has already been established through past Vishna religious secrecy experiments. This fact, however, is not made public.

Common sense would dictate that using sorcery to control divine power, which is a manifestation of divinity, amounted to blasphemy.

“I wouldn’t be able to deal with divine power if I were a witch in the first place.”

Evelyn’s face had become expressionless. A person’s expression devoid of emotions made her feel strangely creepy. Immediately, Evelyn’s lips curled into a cool smile.

“You’re smarter than I thought.”

Despite the distance, Adelia could clearly hear what she had to say.

“You’re not wrong, but it’s too direct. Words like that often inspire doubt rather than trust.”

Evelyn made a sly, snake-like movement with her tongue. The figure resembled both an elderly man foretelling a gloomy future and a mother giving advice to a young child.

“No one will believe you, and you’ll be alone when you’re hit by a sharp stone.”

Adelia took a look around, sensing dysentery. It appeared that nobody else could hear Evelyn when she spoke.

“Because the outcome of your destiny is predetermined.”


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