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ISTHHG Chapter 112


It was impossible to see the surroundings due to the persistent rain. A carriage with Chihen’s pattern pulled up in front of the imperial castle through the pouring rain. The horses exhaled heavily and stamped their feet.

After examining the Chihen family’s pattern, the soldiers manning the royal palace immediately made way.

The carriage soon arrived at the front of the detached palace where the Huizeniac Empire delegation was staying.

“Bishop Berg!”

When the servants of the detached palace checked the passenger who got out of the carriage, they were taken aback.

It’s also surprising that he came through the rain, despite the danger. Berg resembled a drowned mouse after being caught in the rain.

First and foremost, it was impossible to move in this pouring rain.

“I came to see the delegates.”

Although there was a formality to meeting the delegates, the servants chose to allow him in for the time being. The Chihen family was the second most important family in the Kingdom of Sadin, after the royal family. In this torrential downpour, they couldn’t abandon a Chihen family member.

“Let’s go inside for now.”

Then Berg was brought inside the detached palace by the attendant, who also brought towels and blankets.

The servant handed Berg a towel, which he used to quickly dry himself off. He then stated the reason for his visit once more.

“I need to speak with Viscount Yurpheon.”

The employee sighed inwardly. If he was so desperate to locate a delegation member, it must be for something very important.

The servants’ chief decided that it was not a matter for him to decide, so he directed another servant to inform the delegation of his visit.

“Bishop of Berg?”

Fortunately, Adelia, who Berg had been looking for, appeared shortly afterwards.

Adelia stared at Bishop Berg, who was in a state of disarray.

‘What happened? Did you fight with the Marquis of Chihen?’

“I have something to tell you. I think it’s better to talk somewhere else.” 

“……Okay. I think you need to change first.”

“I’m fine……”


Berg realized what he was doing at the last minute. The blue Sudan he likes to wear got soaked in the heavy rain and was rendered useless as a garment.

‘I’m like a rag.’

He reasoned that he shouldn’t be standing in front of God’s representative in this manner, so he nodded. The head servant, who was observing them, guided Berg.

“I’ll take you to the bathroom.”

Berg followed the head servant to the bathroom. He changed his clothes and warmed up his wet, cold body as soon as he arrived.


“You’ve waited a long time.”

Bishop Berg returned in neat clothes with a small box in his arms. Adelia had a feeling. That thing in the box has to be Chihen’s relic. Adelia was correct in her prediction.

“It’s the relic.”

Berg handed Adelia the box while attempting to conceal his complicated expression. Adelia gratefully accepted the box he had given her. When she opened the box, she discovered a pocket watch small enough to fit in one hand.

This is the relic.

It was truly a relic. She felt a great deal of divine power as soon as she opened the box. Adelia slowly closed the box, feeling the divine power that touched her skin.

“Thank you; without Bishop Berg, we would not have been able to obtain this relic; you’ve been through a lot.”

Adelia thanked Berg from the bottom of her heart. Did Adelia’s sincerity reach him? Berg’s previously slightly rigid mouth now had a proud smile on it.

“No, my role wasn’t that important; if Adelia-nin hadn’t told him properly, he wouldn’t have given me the relics.”

Berg spoke in an unassuming tone. Adelia smiled awkwardly and accepted Berg’s gaze, which was full of trust in her.

“And…… I’d like to ask you a favor.”

“Don’t feel pressured and tell me. I’ll do whatever I can.”

Adelia wanted to compensate him for recovering the relic. Berg started to speak slowly while grinning bitterly in response to Adelia’s affirmative response.

“About our work…… Please make Chihen unrelated to it.”

Adelia was stunned for a brief moment by the unexpected request. She thought about Bishop Berg’s request quietly. His request was not to involve Chihen in their work. He’s hoping Chihen doesn’t become a victim of this intangible conflict.

‘It doesn’t look like it, but his affection is quite deep.’

Adelia smiled. If it was a request like this, she could easily fulfill it. She didn’t want to involve Chihen in the first place, so it goes without saying that she agreed.

“That’s not difficult; let’s do what Bishop Berg says; Chihen is now a family that has nothing to do with us.”

Berg swept his chest with a relieved expression in response to Adelia’s determined remarks. Berg, who had struggled in his own way, felt he had relieved some of his burden. Of course, there is still a long way to go.

“Thank you, Adelia-nim.”

“I should rather thank you. You did a great job.”

Berg asked Adelia with a relaxed smile.

“May I ask what you’re going to do from now on?”

“Well, we should go back to the Empire first. We need to find out where the rest of the relics are. “

“I see. I’ll do my best.”

“Oh, and I think it’s best to step out from under the Duke of Valkyr right now because Bishop Berg might be under suspicion now that Sadin’s relic has been given to us.”

“I see. I’ll try to keep my step as quietly as possible.”

“But I’m worried. Now that this has happened, Chihen will have to reject Duke Valkyr’s request. Will you be able to avoid his anger?”

With Adelia’s concern, Berg shook his head with a laugh, as if her worries were of no use.

“You don’t have to worry. Even if the Sardin Kingdom falls, Chihen can save it.”

Berg knew his brother well. He wasn’t someone who could easily be crushed or shaken by this.

“As expected, you get along well.”

Adelia finally said what she had been thinking. Bishop Berg then looked at Adelia, perplexed.

Adelia added with a smirk.

“I meant as brothers.”

Berg’s brow furrowed, as if he had heard something he shouldn’t have. He might have gotten angry if it hadn’t been Adelia who said those words. But Berg simply shut his mouth because the person in front of him was Adelia.

“… it’s not so good.”

“Well, let’s leave it like that.”

Ivan clicked his tongue briefly and issued an order between Adelia and Berg, who shared a friendly atmosphere.

“It’s late at night, and you must be tired from the rain, so I think you should get some rest.”

“I don’t deserve to hold a sword if I get sick after getting wet in the rain like that.”

“Carelessness can cause fatal injuries.”

“How can you think of this as being careless? You’re softer than I thought.”

With a cold sneer, Ivan looked at Berg. Berg opened his eyes wide and refused to back down.

Ivan and Berg’s eyes locked, and at the same instant, the warm atmosphere vanished, the air turned chilly. Adelia shook her head in disapproval at the childish stare-off between the two childish individuals. Adelia, on the other hand, did not refute Ivan’s words. Berg was exhausted.

“But I think it’s better for you to rest today; there’s a saying, “one in a million.” I hope you don’t catch a cold, so rest, because we have to leave soon.”

“……you’re right.”

Unlike when Ivan spoke, Berg nodded gently. Ivan was amused by the scene.

But given the heavy downpour, I worry about whether we’ll be able to move to the teleport hall.

At Berg’s remarks, the three pairs of eyes shifted to the window. The rain continued to fall, making visibility impossible. At that moment, Berg and Ivan noticed something white. It was headed in their direction.

“Something is coming.”

“I think it’s a bird…”

Adelia’s eyes widened as she cast a wide-eyed glance around, but she was unable to spot any flying objects. What did you see despite the drizzle? But soon Adelia was able to see what the two men were seeing.


Adelia stood up when she heard the familiar cry and went to the window. The white figure, which had been obscured by the heavy rain, finally came into full view.

“It’s Cardinal Eustaf’s holy bird.”

Bishop Berg’s expression was gloomy as he described the bird’s identity.

“Did you just fly through the rain?”


The collar, which was long and white and flaunted its splendor, was wet and drooping. It must have been challenging to fly through the rain, but because it is a holy bird, it was able to make it all the way here.

“This is…”

The bird turned the tiny bag he always carried in the direction of Adelia. She quickly checked the contents of the bag even though she wanted to take her time to really enjoy how oddly adorable it was.

“It’s a letter.”

“I think Cardinal Eustaf has something urgent to say.”

Adelia nodded as she slowly opened the letter. Her expression hardened as she concentrated on reading the letter.

“What’s going on?”

Adelia pondered Ivan’s query for a moment. Soon after, she carefully popped open her mouth.

“I believe Cardinal Eustaf guessed as to the location of His Holiness the Pope.”

Berg and Ivan were both taken aback by Adelia’s response.

“And I believe he knows where the remaining relics are.”


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