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ISTHHG Chapter 110


At Ivan’s voice, which was full of laughter, Adelia grinned.

She felt relaxed. It never occurred to her that his existence would give her peace. At the same time, a sense of security. 

What if he’s no longer around?

She never dared to imagine herself being so dependent on someone in her life. She had always been alone and had no one to lean on. 

Of course, I know it’s foolish to think like this but she couldn’t stop thinking about the ‘what ifs’.

Even if he doesn’t leave, won’t there be a situation where she has to leave him first?


Ivan’s eyebrows furrowed as he looked at Adelia, who looked tired today.

“You look tired. Did you stay up all night?”

“No, I slept. I just had some nightmares.”

Adelia’s shoulders trembled as the eerie feeling of the nightmare flooded her mind. Ivan clicked his tongue and tightened Adelia’s gown. Adelia burst out laughing at the feeling of tightness.

“I won’t be able to breathe at this rate.”

“You still have time to rest. But what was the dream that made you tremble like this?”

“I don’t remember what kind of dream it was. Only that I was very nervous..”

Adelia closed her mouth tight.

Why am I so nervous when it’s just a dream?

Adelia’s forehead was kissed gently by Ivan, and he spoke calmly and unwaveringly.

“If you want to forget, forget it. It’s okay to be nervous. I will always be by your side.”

Adelia smiled, leaning her forehead against Ivan’s chest. She felt better surprisingly quickly.

“I’m in trouble.”

Adelia, who said so, had a serious look on her face. Seeing this, Ivan made the same impression.

“What’s wrong?”

“Yes, I’m in big trouble. I don’t think I can ever let go of you.”

Ivan’s eyes widened to the point where they couldn’t get any wider. Soon, a bright smile was in full bloom on his face.

“Yeah. Don’t let go no matter what and if you let go of me first, I won’t let you go, so you don’t have to worry.”

Adelia felt Ivan’s warmth in silence. She felt fortunate to have accepted his offer at that time and hoped that this time would last forever. She initially found the sweetness repulsive, but as time passed, she became addicted beyond her ability to cope. She couldn’t be happier that she was his first. Naturally, she became greedy. Since she was his first, she also wanted to be his last. 

It might not be bad to stop the time at a moment like this.

But she shouldn’t. The ridiculous greed kept raising in her head, Adelia smiled bitterly and held onto her reason.

Adelia fell off Ivan. Ivan kept his hands on Adelia until she had completely moved away from him. The tips of his fingertips were tinged with regret.

“Was it today? The day of my visit to Chihen.”

“……Yes, today.”

“Hurry up and get ready. Bishop Berg already arrived, so let’s finish our work and go back.”

Ivan swallowed a sigh and nodded. As Adelia said, getting things done quickly was the quickest way to spend more time alone with her.


After passing through the high fence, a garden filled with flowers was revealed. Indeed, Chihen’s influence was great. It was more spectacular than the central garden of the Sadin Palace.

“We’re here.”

At last the carriage stopped. Adelia was escorted out of the carriage.

“You’ve had a hard time coming all the way.”

It was Berg who came into their view as soon as they got off the carriage. He was looking at Adelia like a dog waiting for his owner on a long trip.

Anxiety and nervousness passed over Berg’s face. Ivan and Adelia could easily guess why.

“Rodrigo Chihen didn’t come out.”

At Ivan’s low voice, Berg could hardly manage his expression. Adelia raised the corners of her mouth as she observed his rapidly deteriorating complexion.

You want to show us who has the upper hand.

Although they are brothers, he had a cunning side unlike Berg. Of course, she didn’t mean anything negative. Rather, Adelia’s evaluation of him was high at this point. Rodrigo Chihen was careful and calculating and didn’t show his cards easily.

He’s still annoying to deal with though.

Berg, who was hesitating with a complicated face, spoke carefully to Adelia in a sighing voice.

“I’m sorry. My brother suddenly said he was busy with work.”

Ivan’s eyebrows moved as he looked at Berg making excuses instead of Rodrigo. He opened his mouth, staring at Berg with cold eyes.

“I guess we’re not busy.”

Berg was surprised by Ivan’s words. He shook his hand at Adelia, restlessly.

“That’s not what I meant! Of course, Adelia-nim is much busier and more significant than him! However, my brother’s personality is not pleasant by nature…”


Adelia barely managed to hold back her laughter. People around her seemed to be more extreme than the person who was actually involved. Ivan, who openly expresses his dissatisfaction, and Berg, who is ashamed in front of Adelia, were not making excuses to Ivan.

It was a pretty funny skit, but Adelia didn’t want to waste her time.

“Bishop Berg. Calm down. I’m not really trying to blame you.”

“Is that so?”

“Of course. I want to meet the Lord of Chihen as soon as possible. Including the relics he might have.”

“Oh…! I’ll guide you right away. Please follow me.”

Only after Adelia intervened could they enter the mansion. The house was decorated with swords and shields. She never thought she’d see such a variety of armour in her life.

Did he say his family produced famous swordsmen from generations to generation?

Thinking about it, Berg always carried a large sword the size of his body.

“How strong do you have to be to wield a sword like that?”

Berg’s thick forearms looked terrifying.

“Adelia, is that your preference?”

Then, she heard a low voice right next to her face. Adelia’s shoulders shivered as she looked away. Ivan’s fierce eyes were staring at Berg’s forearm.

Adelia knew what the set answer was. Also what would happen if she deviated from this answer.

“No way. I don’t like anything wild…. Anything that’s appropriate is acceptable.”

It was apparent that Berg’s shoulder was falling down as he walked ahead of Adelia’s remarks.

“I see.”

After that, Ivan followed Berg with a satisfied look.

They probably walked for about a dozen minutes. They arrived in front of the small room on the top floor of the mansion.

With a tense face and voice, Berg looked back at Adelia. 

“That man… no, he’s in here.”

“Thank you for your guidance.”

Berg opened the door with his eyes shut. The door, which looks heavy at a glance, opened smoothly without any noise. And the owner of this mansion, Rodrigo Chihen, appeared.

“I’ve been waiting. Viscount Yurpheon” 

The first impression of Rodrigo Chihen was softer than she thought. When he smiled, the corners of his eyes bent smoothly, and his expression was natural without looking awkward. With his rugged body under his neck, he proved that he had been bred as a warrior.

“It’s my first time meeting you like this. Marquis Chihen.”

Adelia greeted Rodrigo, straightening her back. He was sitting in the top seat even before she entered the room. Even though she was a nobleman from another country, she had no regard for those with no manners.

Rodrigo’s eyes gleamed as if Adelia’s behavior was noteworthy. Berg, on the other hand, was dying.

“Oh, no. I’ve been keeping my guest for too long. I think it’s going to be a long story, so first… Have a seat.”

Rodrigo offered Ivan and Adelia a seat, pointing to an empty chair in front of him. They sat opposite Rodrigo without refusing. It was the beginning of a story.

“First of all, according to Berg, the true saint is not the princess of Valkyr, but Viscount Yurpheon….”

Rodrigo stretched the end of his speech and erased the smile hanging around his mouth. It was obviously a soft impression, but as the smile disappeared, the word “cold blooded” immediately came to her mind.

“I don’t believe it. I know that the Viscount Yurpheon had no divine power. You managed to finish the test with the help of the Cardinal.”

There was nothing wrong with Rodrigo’s words. Except that what he knows is a fake made up by Adelia.

“In addition, I hope you understand that I can’t help but be wary of those who are after the relic which is like the national treasure of the Kingdom of Sadin.”

Rodrigo looked at Adelia with a smileless face. Their eyes met sharply.

He was testing Adelia. What on earth is her purpose, why is she after something like the Duke of Valkyr? Adelia was not unaware of this either.

In a rigid atmosphere, Adelia burst into laughter. Rodrigo’s forehead furrowed at Adelia’s incomprehensible behavior.

“Well, the Marquis doesn’t know a thing.”

Rodrigo did not respond hastily, even though it could be interpreted as a disregard. Rather, he folded the corners of his eyes and pretended to be relaxed.

“My eyes and ears are limited, so I can’t know everything in the world.”

But for Adelia, that was a valid answer. He was at least not deeply involved with the Duke of Valkyr. That was enough

“Does Marquis Chihen know that divine power can be created?”


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