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ISTHHG Chapter 109


When Vishna and the other high-ranking gods created the world, it was in turmoil. Many historians referred to the period as Setramang, when the last star was formed.

During the time of Setramang, various life forms emerged, and many species disappeared. The weak died, and only the strong could endure. Indeed, it was at this point that the law of the jungle was most clearly applied.

If it had a will, it would fight desperately to survive. Every day was a series of wars. Amid constant conflict, chaos arose.

Chaos encroached on the positions of the gods, some to survive, some for revenge, and some to serve chaos.

In time, Chaos took shape and had enough power to take away the name of God. However, the gods were not interested in it. They put all their remaining energy into the final work to stabilize the world.


When the last star of the stars, the Emuran, was completed, the chaos that dominated the world fell asleep. Everyone who survived until the end thought it was over. There will be no more bloodshed and no more fighting for survival. But it was their arrogant delusion.

As long as there is life with a will, the desire has not waned. After all, they’re made after God.

Chaos was indispensable.

Even though chaos disappeared, the world did not change. Rather, it has become a world full of false beliefs and hypocrisy.

Rassett, the masked man, smiled coldly, remembering a vivid face in his weathered memory.

‘Kid, from now on, your name is—May my blessing be a joy in your life.’

Oh… Her voice was so clear, but I can’t remember the name she gave me.

Rassett, the heir to chaos. Originally, his name wasn’t Rassett. It was something more ordinary and insignificant, but precious.

His head throbbed. Not only his head but also his entire chest hurt as if someone had ruthlessly stabbed it with something sharp. He has to see her again for the terrible pain to end.

The master of chaos abandoned him and fell into a deep sleep.

It’s weird. I miss her so much, but I can’t remember her name.

All he could think of was the fact that she was chaos itself. Therefore, to meet her again, chaos must be brought back to the world.

He’s lost track of it now. How can he define this profound emotion? In the distant past, it was love or affection. Yet, now, he wasn’t sure these words could explain all this emotion. However, one thing was certain: he would not give up this feeling until his tough breath was cut off or his soul was completely worn out and disappeared.

It’s not far off now.

This was a golden opportunity when the remaining disaster of the Setramang era emerged. He doesn’t know about anything else, but if he misses this time, chaos may disappear into darkness forever, as the gods wish.

“We need a comprehensive plan.”

Rassett recited slowly. Then Kale, who had been silent with a sulky expression, expressed his opinion because he thought it was time.

“Can’t we just kidnap her? No matter how solid the bodyguard is, if we aim for a chance, we can kidnap her without difficulty and bring her in front of Rassett.”

Kale’s voice was full of confidence. He had the ability to back it up. Of course, there was a bit of arrogance mixed in.

“Tsk. That’s always wrong about you. Didn’t your arrogance reveal our existence to the world more than a decade ago? We never know if that arrogance of yours will lead to failure again this time.”

The second brother, Montras Exies, whispered in a low voice that tugged at Kale’s past.

Kale’s eyes were filled with murderous intent, but unlike when dealing with Peloche, he failed to express his anger. It was the result of recognizing Montras as a predator higher than him.

Montras Exies. He was the second power of this nameless group. Where influence becomes power. Montras was the only one who could use the power of chaos except for Rassett.


Kale gritted his teeth and turned his head. He can’t beat Montras at the moment, so he had to spare himself.

As the atmosphere became harsh, the rest of them simply remained silent. Fearing that a spark might strike upon them.

“Hmm. Don’t you have any opinions?”


There was no one who could confidently speak out in the current atmosphere.

“Then……Brother Peloche.”

Peloche, who was still, looked at Rassett, swallowing his saliva when he was called.

“Yes, go ahead.”

“What kind of person is she?”

“……Are you asking me about her personality?”

“It could be a personality, it could be a value.”

It was an easy and difficult question. Rassett’s question was answered by Peloche after much consideration.

“Once, contrary to rumors, she was not a very violent, noble young lady. Rather, she was more of a wealthy merchant class with higher education than a noble class.”

“Well, carry on.”

“She didn’t seem to be the type that can be easily swayed by emotions, more than I thought. She seemed to be adept at calculating, like a person who was sure when to strike.”


Peloche recalled Adelia’s reaction to Hestine’s apology. Hestine, who apologized with tears in her eyes, sounded pitiful. If Hestine wasn’t a marionette for them, she could have given a more heartfelt apology.

Adelia accepted her apology but showed no emotion. As if she’s dealing with someone who has nothing to do with her.

“Listening to the words of Brother Peloche, she seems to be a straight-minded person.”

“Yes, she certainly does.”

“But the more hurt she gets, the less chance she has of recovering.”

Rassett shook his head sadly at the thought of her being ruined. It was a contradictory look, but none of them found it strange.

“Was she kicked out as if her family disowned her?”


“Even though she looks hard on the outside, she must be rotting somewhere inside. Maybe there’s something she can’t let go of.”

Peloche came up with one fact out of the blue.

“I think she’s sponsoring a girl from Rohen.”

The corners of Rassett’s mouth curved smoothly.

“Are they close?”

“As far as I know, yes.”

Rassett was lost in thought, stroking his chin. It was a long time ago, but he too had no family. Those who gave birth to him regarded him as a burden. Eventually, he was abandoned and plunged into chaos.

People like him were fed up with affection, but once he tasted it, he couldn’t let go of it. It was like an addiction. He’s bound to depend on it until the end.

“She also had a special relationship with Grand Duke Hamilton, right?”

Without saying a word, Peloche nodded in a positive manner. Only then did Rassett laugh happily as if he had finally figured it out.

“Maybe there’s a better approach. A more definite action to present despair.”

Simply getting the real thing won’t work. That alone was not sufficient to achieve the goal. Obviously, she needed to be afflicted with overwhelming despair before she could let go of herself because she couldn’t take it.


Adelia jumped up with a faint feeling. Her whole body was shaking.

It was a dreadful dream.

It was so unpleasant that she could hardly breathe. However, dreams quickly disappeared from her head. It was such a scary and dreadful dream, but all she could think of was one scene.

She is trapped somewhere, believed to be underground and crying, while many others watch without response.

No one reached out to her, even if she shouted for help and forgiveness. The despair she felt at that moment was so vivid that her eyelids trembled.


“…… Is it because the bed is unfamiliar?”

Adelia sighed deeply and came down from the bed and put on her gown. She immediately pulled back the curtain that was covering the window. Perhaps because of the strange bed, she wanted to get some sunlight right away.


As the cloth that used to cover the sun disappeared, an unfamiliar landscape came into view with warm sunlight.

The place where Adelia is staying is the royal castle of the Sadin kingdom. She had come as an envoy to the Kingdom of Sadin.

knock, knock~

“Can I come in?”

A familiar voice came at the same time as the knock. Adelia allowed in a happy voice, feeling her cluttered mind calm down a bit.

“Come in.”

When permission was given, Ivan, neatly dressed in a conquest, came inside. He usually enjoys wearing only achromatic clothes, and it felt new to see him wear such a red-colored uniform.

The corners of Ivan’s mouth rose faintly at Adelia’s persistent gaze.

“I should have worn something like this normally if I had known you would like it this much.”



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