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ISTHHG Chapter 108


The imperial delegation represented the emperor. Touching the delegation signifies defying the emperor. This would create a problem which could lead to war with the Empire.

Whatever Rodrigo is up to, he wouldn’t want a war to occur.

“That’s not a shabby idea.”


“I’ll tell His Majesty and can I be the representative of the delegation?”

When Ivan asked, Adelia smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t have the right to refuse in the first place, do I?”

“That’s true.”

Ivan did not try to deny it.


Berg’s shoulders shrank as he listened to the friendly conversation between the two. He wanted Adelia’s attention. However, he returned empty-handed after failing to complete the mission she had given him. Instead, he created even more problems.

“Me too…!”

Afraid that it would end up like this, Berg opened his mouth courageously. Ivan and Adelia’s eyes turned towards him at his cry.

“I will also devote myself to recovering the relics!”

Adelia almost laughed for a moment. Berg’s personality was not, to say the least, pleasant. He was arrogant and self-centered in dealing with others.

To be honest, he had such a terrible personality that she wondered how he became a bishop, but Adelia didn’t take it very badly. She thought serving Vishna was one thing and his personality was another, and it was better than hiding his true nature and pretending to be sweet.

Adelia was ecstatic that Berg was so obedient in front of her because he perfectly embraced her. 

Seeing as you look so down, you must be blaming yourself inwardly.

It was good to blame himself. It meant he felt that much responsibility for this job. However, blaming himself too hard could lead to passive behavior. She didn’t know what butterfly effect it would have. Bishop Berg needed to return to his usual self.

“I know Bishop Berg’s heart well.”

Adelia gently placed her hand on Bishop Berg’s limp shoulder.

Then Ivan’s eyes instinctively turned to Berg’s shoulder. This was just a look without any energy, but it was a sharp one that seemed to rip off Berg’s shoulder immediately.

But neither Berg nor Adelia noticed Ivan’s gaze.

Berg asked, in an emotional voice. The anxiety that flashed across his eyes was pathetic and cautious.

“Adelia-nim……. Do you trust me?”

“Of course, Bishop Berg is irreplaceable and you’ve done enough already. You confirmed that there was a relic in Chihen.”

“Adelia-nim…! I..!”

A hot liquid filled Bishop Berg’s blue eyes. Adelia was embarrassed by Berg’s tears, but she did not show it and comforted him firmly.

It was an hour later that Berg stopped crying.

I’m losing all my energy.

Is this how it feels to raise a child? I don’t think I was this tired with Emily.

Adelia quietly looked at Ivan’s face and soothed her tired mind.

“Then we’ll leave now. It would be better if Bishop Berg and I moved separately. Bishop Berg should be ostensibly on the side of the Duke of Valkyr.”

“I see.”

Adelia looked at Ivan. Ivan, who was staring at Berg with his arms crossed and dissatisfied, loosened his expression as Adelia’s gaze turned to him.

“Let’s go.”

Ivan naturally left the room with Adelia in his arms, as if to show it to someone.

Sadly, Berg did not see the scene. He’s delighted to be recognized by Adelia.


The man’s footsteps were heavy as he pressed deeply into the ground. The expression on his face, hidden under the robe, was also very stern.

It’s a mess.

This was a golden opportunity that will never come again… A crowded festival inside the holy land symbolizes Vishna. If there had been mayhem caused by the guardian of the torch, she would have been completely isolated and destroyed.

It was the perfect scenario. But it ended up in a complete mess.

Did the plan leak in the middle?


Whatever it may be, it will be difficult to avoid responsibility. Maybe even their status could be compromised.

After walking for hours, the man ventured into the dark mountain.

There was a hidden cave in the huge mountain behind the Valkyr mansion. The front of the cave was blocked by a clunky iron gate. The man put his hand on the door. After that, the man’s hands were filled with blue energy. Then the door started to open on its own.

The man took off the robe he was wearing. Reddish hair appeared through the dim light.

Peloche slowly stepped into the cave. Compared to the outside appearance, the inside of the cave was huge. Not only that, but it was so well-decorated that it was reminiscent of a luxury mansion.

He walked along a convoluted aisle as if he were familiar with it. He went deeper underground. As he continued down the endless stairs, another door surrounded by spiked green branches appeared.


“I’ve been waiting. Brother Peloche.”

Many people had already arrived in the room. They were sitting down and looking at Peloche as if they were judging him.

Peloche was displeased, but he raised the corners of his mouth. There was nothing good about showing his feelings here.

“Twelfth brother, Peloche. First of all, I want to say that I’m glad you came back safely.”

A man, with his face covered with a mask, seated at the top of the table above the others, welcomed Peloche in a soft voice. Peloche bowed his head with courtesy.

“I don’t know what to do with your hospitality.”

“By the way… What was your impression of meeting ‘real’?”

Peloche swallowed a dry spit. The formal greeting is now over. Now it’s time to get to the point. Peloche couldn’t help but be nervous after failing their mission.

Peloche’s eyes trembled slightly.

He knew too well how cruel his master could be. As he gazed at his distant abyss, he felt both a sense of awe and an indescribable, vague feeling. It was an instinctive fear.

Peloche calmly answered the man’s question, controlling his cluttered mind.

“The last time I met her in person, her divine power had not blossomed yet.”


“But, it seemed that her divine power had blossomed immediately after that.”

“I see. I heard that the size of the flame was quite large.”

“Whatever you expect, it’ll be more than that.”

Peloche’s assessment stood out in the man’s mind. It was a deep sense of satisfaction.

“Brother Peloche is the most objective among our brothers. I can’t believe Brother Peloche has such a high opinion. It would have been better if I could have checked it with my own eyes…….”

In an instant, the air became heavy. There was no change in the man at the top, but the eyes of the other brothers surrounding him changed.

“I think I need an explanation. Why did it fail? The preparation would have been flawless.”

The woman with long silver hair down to one side looked at Peloche with reproachful eyes. She is the closest in age to him among the siblings, but she is higher in rank. Peloche was the twelfth, and she was the ninth.

Peloche had to put up with the gaze that was focused on him. His lips curved up obliquely, he tried to open his mouth with an awkward smile.

“I don’t know why.”

“What do you mean?”

The ninth sister, Evelyn, frowned and demanded a detailed explanation from Peloche. Peloche managed to swallow a sigh that was up to his chin in response to the unpleasantness and slowly continued the explanation.

“The preparation was thorough. I have confirmed there will be no problem until delivery. Even the moment she held the torch in her hand, she had the catalyst.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I think there’s a problem with the catalyst.”

Kale’s face, which had been yawning continuously without hiding his boredom, was distorted at once.

“Wait. Are you saying there’s a problem with my magic?”

He held back his anger. How angry he was that the polka dot pattern under his right eye was flinching.

“Ha, really. You must have already lived a long life. Of course, you said that because you wanted to die, right?”


The apparent murderous intent caught Peloche’s breath. Peloche gritted his teeth and held on. Among his brothers, he was a man of violent temper and was ranked five.

Fortunately, the pain didn’t last long. This is because the man on the platform, who was silently watching the situation, interfered.

“Stop it. I don’t want to see a quarrel between brothers who share one will.”

Although it was an ordinary voice, neither coercive nor powerful, the situation was settled at once. Kale, who seemed to be unable to calm down, also leaned back on the chair with his mouth closed. Thanks to this, Peloche was able to take a breather.

“The opportunity will come again. Just as there is a saying that the more you hurry things up, the more mistakes you make, so be careful not to be too impatient.”

“…I’m sorry.”

“I’ll be careful.”

Evelyn and Kale bowed to the man. The man looked at the two, once and then turned to Peloche.

“First of all, the Peloche performed their first mission well, so there’s nothing to be intimidated about.”

“No, I wasn’t good enough.”

“Haha. This is why I chose Peloche for the 12th seat”

The man looked pleased with Peloche’s humbling admission of wrongdoing. Of course, he couldn’t see it well because it was covered by a mask.

“The end is not far away. I just told you not to be impatient, but that doesn’t mean you should take it easy.”

The eyes of those sitting around the round table changed at the man’s words. Each had a different story, but in the end, it was one thing they wanted.

“We need to create more chaos. For the new world, we dream of… To make the right world.”

To restore justice to a world full of injustice.



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  1. They are sooo stupid, a world full of injustices that they themselves are causing? I’m pretty sure that “world” they are so concerned about would be in a much better state had it not been for their plans, well unless there is some kind of a plot twist and they somehow end up being good but definitely not now. They tried harming Adelia who (I’m assuming they know) is meant to and is protecting the continent, how dare they mention injustice? Anyways, thank you so much for translating, it always makes my day❤️

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