ISTHHG Chapter 102


After completing all the preparations, Adelia was spending her time waiting at a room called ‘Purification room’. 

I’m free, but it’s not bad.

She recalled the times she was busy being called by the priests here and there. She shook her head thinking she can’t do this again. 

Adelia checked the clock, which was the only decoration in the white room. Except for the clock, nothing else could be put in the room. Thinking about it, clocks can be found everywhere in the Holy Land.

Perhaps because Vishna is a time-related god, the church’s affection for clocks was overflowing. The relics are also in the form of watches.

20 minutes to go.

She just needs to endure a little more, after that she can say goodbye to the holy land and return to the empire to wait for Berg and retrieve the relics.

I have to collect the rest, but I still have a long way to go.

Adelia sighed quietly and made plans for the future.

Then, a small disturbance came over the door.

“What is it?”

There isn’t anyone who would visit her now. Ivan was away, so it’s not him. At best, maybe it’s Bishop Leia.

Adelia approached the door and asked.

“What’s going on?”

“It’s……, the saint has come.”


Adelia opened the door with a slight wrinkle in her brows. Then she saw Hestine, who was unable to do this or that.


“Oh! You can’t come out!”

“It’s all right. We can stand and talk like this.”

“……that’s true.”

The paladin, who was guarding the front door, stepped aside with an awkward face. He looked as if he was saying, “Is this really okay?”

Adelia smiled quietly and turned her head to look at Hestine.

“What brings you to me? You looked like you were in a hurry.”

“Ah… Well, first of all, I’m sorry! I think I can tell you later if it’s not now.”

“Do you have anything to give me?”

“Yes…! Please accept it!”

Hestine closed her eyes tightly and held out a precious box with both hands. Adelia was stunned. Hestine looked like she was confessing.

“May I ask what this is?”

“I think I just apologized before without giving you anything.”


So this is an extension of the apology?

Adelia agonized. Would it be better to receive this gift or refuse it?

“To be honest, it’s a little burdensome.”

“Ah…yeah, as expected, right? But it’s not that great. I just bought it because it was pretty.….”

Hestine’s eyes moistened. Adelia was startled for a moment. For her, Hestine’s tears were a kind of jinx. Things never worked out for her whenever she saw those tears.


“Sorry, I’m sorry……. I was so selfish…… Ugh.”

Oh, then I can’t say no.

Of course, there was no eye to see, but if Hestine goes back crying like this, someone will definitely see her, and if it is known that Hestine went to see her, words will come out among the priests. The temple may become a force she needs in the future. So she wanted to avoid such a difficult situation as much as possible.

First of all, she needs to stop Hestine’s tears. Adelia spoke in a sighing voice.

“Like always, Hestine has a lot of tears.”

“I’m sorry…”

“Don’t cry. The tears of a saint will make the believers sad. And I’ll take that gift.”

When Adelia said she would accept the gift, Hestine’s tears disappeared like a lie.

“R, really?”

“Yes. I don’t know what you’re trying to give me, but I can’t ignore the sincerity of the person who came running to me.”

“T, thank you! Thank you so much!”

Hestine rejoiced as if she had won the world. To the point where she thinks it’s fortunate that she didn’t reject the gift.

“Then go back now. Bishop Leia will be here soon. Hestine might get in trouble if she comes.”

Actually, she just said that. Even if it’s a bishop, scolding the saint Hestine is not possible. But Hestine seemed strangely afraid of Bishop Leia, who was blunt and sharp. So this was a great threat to send Hestine back.

“Ah…! That’s right! I’ll hurry up and go! See you next time!”

Hestine was really scared of Bishop Leia, so she left as if she were running away. It felt like a storm passed.

“May I close the door again……?”

The Knight, who was standing aside and watching the conversation between Adelia and Hestine, asked cautiously.

“Yes, please close it.”

The door closed and Adelia stared at the box. What did she give me? she thought. 

A simple gift.

When she opened the box, she saw a bracelet wrapped in a red cloth. A blue sapphire stuck in the middle of the bracelet sparkled with a mysterious glow. One thing is for sure, it doesn’t look cheap.

You said it was a simple gift.

Adelia lifted the bracelet with a deflated laugh.

It was that moment. A familiar energy flowed out of the sapphire, which was shining under the light.

Is this…?

An energy opposite to divine power, magic power. It was a pure mana of a man with great ability.

– how vicious.

Vishna, who had been quiet, responded to the mana.

– They dare stand in the way of my child.

There was anger in Vishna’s voice. Soon after, a powerful energy wrapped around Adelia’s whole body. It was suffocating. Adelia bent down in pain that even made her cry. However, the energy that had only been overwhelming soon gently wrapped Adelia. 

“What is this….”

Adelia opened her eyes wide and saw a beautiful woman who suddenly appeared in front of her. There was only one word to describe this situation.


Adelia faced Vishna for the first time. Blonde hair flowing down in waves, eyes that contain the truth of the world. It was a typical image of a goddess that people thought.

– It’s still early, but……. I’m glad to see you like this. I hope you like how I look.

Vishna, who smiled at Adelia, beckoned for her peculiar magic. It was like kicking out an annoying bug. Then the magic that wrapped Adelia disappeared like it never existed.

– Sometimes there are stupid beings. Like that magic that covets something that shouldn’t be coveted.

Adelia, staring blankly at Vishna, moved her lips as if possessed.


– You called my name.

She only called her name once, but Vishna was delighted with a big smile like a child. But the joy soon turned into frustration.

– Unfortunately, you can’t stand it yet. I should have taken a little more time, but I have no choice but to overdo it because of that foolish human trick.

“Do you know what that was?”

– I know. That’s a curse.

A curse?

Adelia frowned at the eerie word alone. Don’t tell me there was a curse on the bracelet Hestine gave me. So it’s Hestine who put the curse on her?

No. Hestine has no such malice or courage to that. It’s probably one of those who moves Hestine like a puppet.

– It’s a medium connected to the demon realm. 

“……it would be terrible if it actually happened.” 

Looking at the time when Hestine presented the bracelet, maybe the curse will be triggered the moment the torch burns.

Things really don’t work out well when I see Hestine’s tears.

Adelia, the guardian of the torch, will not be able to avoid taking responsibility if Selcred is ruined. She would be labeled as a demon worshiper. 

Adelia sighed and stared at Vishna, who was looking at her. There were so many questions she wanted to ask. But the thing she’s most curious about is…….

“Why did you choose me as your representative? And why did I come into Adelia’s body?”

When asked by Adelia, Vishna showed no signs of anxiousness. She smiled with her eyes as if she had already expected it

– Sometimes, a strong presence will be powerless in the face of fate. Yes, fate sometimes squeezes our throats.

A bitter smile hung around Vishna’s mouth saying so. At this moment, Adelia realized that even God has regrets.

-You’ll realize one day, but not yet. Walk your own way then you will naturally reach the right answer. But one thing is for sure. I can’t tolerate two tragedies.

Vishna’s image, which left incomprehensible words, slowly became blurred. Adelia could tell intuitively. She can’t catch the vanishing Vishna.

– It’ll take some time to meet you again. But don’t forget that I’m always by your side.

Just like how she appeared, she disappeared in her own will. Vishna vanished into a cluster of light.

Adelia was lost in deep thought alone in the room.


Are you talking about the previous saint? Or a disaster like this has happened before?

Her mind was in a mess. Unanswered questions came one after another.

Will time really solve it?

Adelia looked at the bracelet sprawling on the floor, reflecting on Vishna’s words that she would naturally reach the right answer. The mysterious color of the sapphire had disappeared like a lie.

Adelia carefully picked up the bracelet and exerted force. The bracelet began to crack and soon became powder and scattered in the air.

Was his name Peloche? Being next to Hestine makes him the most suspicious.

They are not after her life. If so, they would have used a more covert and efficient way, not a show like this. They must be aiming for an external status. 

The more you try to bring it down, the more splendid it will shine.

Adelia stretched out her palm. A sphere of light flashed over her slender palms. The sphere gradually grew in size and conventionally became large enough to swallow Adelia.

Divine power

It was a gift from Vishna.



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