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“My name is Viola Bellato. I turned seven this year.”

This seemingly simple greeting contained a stern warning. First, she revealed she was a Bellato.


“Did you say Bellato?”

Viola laughed inwardly.

‘You mean you approached me without knowing I was Bellato?’

It was presumed that they were mercenaries hired by Hera. It seemed that they received the request without knowing who the other party was.

‘But. A mercenary in his right mind wouldn’t carry out a request like this.’

A mission to kidnap children. They wanted to kidnap the helpless young girl of a fallen nobleman and sell her as a slave. 

They couldn’t be a proper mercenary. They had probably done a lot of bad things. That’s why they accepted this mission without warning or worrying too much.

The masked people, who were embarrassed for a moment, burst into laughter as if they were absurd.

“Are you Bellato?”

“Bellato wandering around these remote places without an attendant? Ha ha ha!”

“Puck or Bellato!”

They didn’t believe Viola’s words.

“First, I revealed that I am Bellato, and second, that I am seven years old.”

“What on earth does this lady believe in and act so boldly?”

The masked people approached with a smile.

“Here, in Winter Castle, under the strict orders of Duke Heron, all children under the age of ten are to be protected. And yet, you threaten me with weapons.” she muttered softly.


She was sure they were trash, but she asked just in case.

“How many children have you kidnapped and sold into slavery?”

“At least twenty.”

They said it as if they were proud.

“No, brother. Wasn’t there a massive bout the other day? Over thirty.”

“Ah, it was.”

Kidnapping and selling slaves seemed to them a matter of pride.

They laughed after.

“Especially noble children like you are sold at high prices.”

Viola held out her hand.

“Zenon, clean water.”

Something wriggled up the Viola’s shadow and the masked people were startled.

A state where you could completely hide your presence in the shadows. It was an impossible stage for the masked people.

“Here it is.”

Taking a bottle of mineral water, Viola poured water into her palm and washed her ears.

“I heard too many dirty words.”

“You, you, what are you!”

The masked men pointed their weapons at Zenon.

Zenon chuckled.

The man who seemed to be the most captain among the four tilted his head.

“Uh… ?”

He couldn’t even see it coming.

She felt a bit dizzy.


His body collapsed and no one moved since everyone was poisoned. Their bodies didn’t move, and their mouths didn’t move either. They hardened like a stone statue.

“Those who have fallen are extremely poisoned. And the other three were paralyzed. I will give you a choice.”

Zenon smiled and continued.

“An hour later. That person will die anyway.”

“You guys kill one of your conmares here in the winter castle within an hour. Then I will save the other three.”

Murder in the Winter Castle was forbidden. That’s why killing people inside the Winter Castle complicated things.

“If you count to ten from now on, your poison will be released in 10, 9…”

When all the numbers were counted, Zenon snapped his fingers. And like a lie, the paralyzing poison was released.

“Choose. Do you want to die from poison together, or do you want to end it with one person dying?”

“I, I, I’m leaving.”

“It’s an hour.”

“Ah, I see.”

She picked up the fallen man and the other three started running.

Viola said with a relaxed laugh.

“Sister. If you don’t come out right now, I’ll kill everyone at the top of Terra.”

And she pondered for a while. But Viola had to adapt to this world where words of warning were powerless.

“And Zenon, kill them all the moment they leave the Winter Castle.”

* * *

The door of ‘Moonlit Night’ had opened again. She heard the wheels of my wheelchair rolling. In the wheelchair sat a silver-haired girl, her slender arms rolling her wheel as she approached.

“You promised not to bring the butler.”

“I don’t think there was any word about bringing these worms.”

“I didn’t bring them. I just leaked the information that the daughter of a fallen noble would come here.”

Viola chuckled.

Again she said she didn’t mean it.

“You should be glad I brought the butler, sister.”


Viola imitated the original Viola and looked towards Zenon.

“If I hadn’t brought the butler.” she grinned. “I would have killed them all.”

The case escalated when Bellato’s pureblood committed a murder within Winter Castle. Inspectors from the Duke’s castle would come out and figure out the truth of the incident.

“I announced in advance that I am Bellato, and that I am seven years old. Nevertheless, they threatened me, and I must have killed them all. It must have been a party room.”

Viola wanted to cry.

‘Shit! Also, my pronunciation is bitter!’

Fortunately, Hera didn’t notice it.

“I have to take some responsibility, but who will suffer the most? Unbefitting Bellato, the person who committed such a dirty and nasty thing would suffer the most, right? Wouldn’t my sister’s position be narrower? Rather, I think I should be praised.”

Hera was speechless for a moment. Viola stood in front of Hera and she met Hera’s eyes with hers.

“I liked my sister. She still looks good.”

Viola in the original work hated such a back of the head. She considered stratagem and resourcefulness to be petty and cowardly tricks. But Han Arin wasn’t like that.

Hera was doing the best Hera could do, and Han Arin was one of the readers who supported Hera.

“That’s why I keep you alive.”

Hera’s body, the mask that met Viola’s eyes, flinched. She didn’t know what kind of 7-year-old’s eyes are so bloody. Those eyes were definitely the ones that killed people. It was like a race that was born differently. She was young now, but she felt like she would become a killer if she grew up a little more.

“Sister. Why did you lie to me?”

“Since you brought the butler, how about pushing me?”

Viola chuckled.

“Okay, let’s go with that.”

Her mind was a little relieved.

‘Thank god. Because I was a reader.’

If she had come here without knowing anything, she would have been greatly embarrassed.

“I will push you.”

Viola walked behind Hera.

Zenon came closer.

“I will push, princess.”

“It’s fine, she is my sister.”

Hera’s body trembled.

‘are you okay. She’s my sister.’

That word sounded strangely not bad. It seemed that the appearance of Viola up until now was different from the appearance of Viola now.

‘No, it’s not different.

What if Viola was flustered or looked foolish? If so, it’s okay. The words “You’re my older sister” wouldn’t have warmed her up.

‘It must have been rather pathetic.’

Because of what Viola showed her. Because she has already proven her talent as the absolute. That’s why she sounded warm. Even if it’s the same thing, it sounded completely different depending on who’s saying it.

Viola pushed her wheelchair.

“So. Where is the real Terra Merchant?”

* * *

Hera had a conversation with Viola. There was a particularly interesting part during their conversation.

Viola said.

“Of course money is the best.”


“People have to have money. If it’s money, even a ghost will work.”

“It’s unstoppable.”

Hera laughed and laughed.

“Viola. You have become the princess of a duchy.”

“I know.”

“But can you use such vulgar words? Like money is the best.”

“Does my sister hate money?”

She couldn’t hate it. Later, Hera would become a formidable colossus. Based on her resourcefulness and resourcefulness, she succeeded very greatly.

Viola knew Hera well.

⌠“I’ve been thinking since I was little. Why can’t we nobles say that money is good? What about face and appearance?”⌡

Hera answered honestly.

“No good.”

“So my sister is shallow too?”


A soft smile formed on Hera’s lips.

“You are very special.”

“I know.”

There was no doubt that there were many people who were crazy about this world view. However, there was probably no one as unique as the possessor. or at least, Viola thought so.

“Do you know why nobles don’t say they like money?”


“It’s because they are full-bodied pigs. They have never been hungry, so they are pretending to be classy.”

In an instant, Hera kicked! She burst out laughing.

Viola felt as if a ray of light had dwelt in her heart for a moment. This setting existed in the original work.

⌠“When Hera talks to someone she really likes, she makes a ‘kick!’ sound and she laughs.⌡

Her mind eased a little. Hera had now opened the door to her heart and Viola grinned without anyone noticing. She thought her sister would be on her side now. So, she decided to make a carpet bombing for Hera by adapting the words Hera said in the original work.

‘I’m going, rich dream tree sister!’

There was something like this in the novel.

⌠“It is an outdated way of thinking that wanting to make money is shallow. So if you say you want to make money, you’ll hear nonsense about being vulgar. Don’t you think that’s vulgar? Money is precious.”⌡

Arin, who has lived in capitalist Korean society, knew better. Money was important.

“Aren’t you happy with money?”

“That’s right.”

It was the same for Viola. She became the adopted daughter of the second child in the world, she would be sad, but she couldn’t be happy. Weren’t they fighting to the death with her real brother? Didn’t she kidnap the male lead? Wasn’t she threatened by masked assailants?

“Even if you have money, you can be unhappy. But do you know what it’s life without money?”

“How is it?”

“Everyone is unhappy, even the lack of money is unfortunate. If anything, being rich and unhappy is better than having no money and being unhappy.”

Hera kicked again! She burst out laughing.

“It’s not something a noble lady would say. Traditionally, a noble lady should be able to endure even misfortune and feel the sweetness of suffering.”

“Suffering is hardship, how can hardship be sweet?”

“It’s made like that through mental training and training.”

“Who is it?”

“Everybody does.”

“You’re out of your mind.”

“Also, poverty is not a measure of happiness.”

Viola grinned.

“Have you ever starved?”

“Because you’re a noble, you didn’t starve, right?”

A smile bloomed on Hera’s face. She enjoyed talking to Viola. There was no aristocratic feel to it, and to Hera, it was very fresh.

Viola continued without hesitation.

“What do you say about that?”

“What do you say?”

“Dog sound.”

Viola’s face was haunted. She didn’t mean to either.

Viola was the essential energy of her character. Murdered energy that eats up the vitality.

“I will kill all dogs like that, sister.”

Just then, Zenon posted a report.

“I killed them all.”

Viola did not answer. She was embarrassed and afraid, but she couldn’t express it.

To Hera, it seemed as if her murder had been nothing. She looked like the princess of Bellato, accustomed to murder.

A little time passed.

She arrived in front of a building. It was a large building located at the corner of Seasons Crossroads. Viola was startled inwardly.

‘It’s not a rich dream tree…’

It wasn’t like a dream tree.

Hera was already rich.

“This… Is this my sister’s building?”


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