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“I finally understand, Viola. Your secret.”

Hickson said.

“My secret?”

Han arin was taken aback.

A secret?

It’s not like he figured out she was possessed or something.

“You came here as a mercenary.”

Hickson nodded to himself.

“Well, with that level of insight, you must have considerable skill in manipulating people’s hearts.”

Perhaps that’s an innate talent.

Were all those who were born with the ancestral lineage like this?

“I don’t think so.”

Anyway, Viola was an unusual child.

“So, you approached me by hiding your true identity. You pretended to be a young child in need of help.”

“What is my true identity?”

“The appearance of the Iron-Blooded Lady that you showed at the Welcome Banquet?”

“Iron-Blooded Lady?”

Viola seemed to have heard such a story before.

There was a rumor that the adopted lady had blue iron blood running through her body.

A rumor that the adopted daughter, more beautiful than anyone else, was adopted into the family.

“It seems like the rumor is really going around.”

Viola wanted to correct the misunderstanding, but she couldn’t. After all, it was not a mere rumor, but a fact.

“Yeah, the Iron-Blooded Lady. She’s small but very brave.”

Viola brazenly asked, “So, you don’t like it?”

“No, it’s not that, who said I don’t like it? I just think it’s cute, very cute.”

At those words, Xenon flinched.

‘Did Hickson also… notice?’

Xenon felt like someone had revealed a secret that he wanted to keep to himself, but he didn’t show it.

Meanwhile, Tundra lifted his head.

‘I wish she would look at me.’

Viola didn’t even glance at him. Viola had her own circumstances, but Tundra didn’t know that.

Look at me, please.

He stared at her with desperation.

The owner’s gaze was drawn to him.

Even Viola read Tundra’s gaze.

“Stop staring at me!”

‘Please look at me. Please!’

He looked like a little puppy.

But she couldn’t look at him.

She didn’t want the real Viola to suddenly appear.

Vichen sensed something strange.

Viola did not even make eye contact with Tundra.

For some reason, he felt a little better.


He couldn’t hide his emotions.

While gently scratching his cheek, he smiled.

Then, while driving, Viola spoke up.

“Brother, can we talk for a moment?”

Me and you? Just us two?

“Without him?”


Beichen felt a little overwhelmed by Viola’s gaze.

“Let’s go talk! Just us two!”

Viola walked ahead without seeing Beichen’s surprised expression.

He was very aware of Tundra.

Beichen’s laughter echoed, but Viola did not see it.


Viola’s room.

Beichen sat on a chair.

He put his arms between his thighs and leaned forward.

He looked like he was eagerly anticipating Viola’s words.

“What’s the matter?”

“I saw you exchanging glances with my dog earlier.”

To put it in a novel,

“Sometime, I’ll kill you.”

“I’ll be the one to kill you.”

She read that kind of gaze being exchanged.

From Viola’s perspective, it was awkward.

Fortunately, Viola had learned how to deal with Beichen.

“I know why you lost to my brother earlier in the match.”

“I didn’t lose. It was a tie!”

“You lost.”

Without any special variables, Beichen should have won without a doubt.

But it was a tie.

That meant he lost.

He had lost his outstanding skills.

“No way! It was definitely a tie!”

Viola sighed. She knew that she needed to explain it clearly.

“My brother is much more skilled than you, right?”

“Of course! I’m three years younger than him.”

Vincent straightened his shoulders and raised his nose.

“No, that’s not a compliment!”

“But if it’s a tie, then it’s a loss for you. The stronger person tied with the weaker person.”

“But anyway, it’s a tie.”

Viola grimaced.

“It’s not cool.”


Vincent’s body jerked.

It was as if a masterful killer tree had almost fallen off the chair due to the shock.

Vincent made a reasonable inference in his own way.

“Is it because I lost?”


Actually, it didn’t matter to viola who won.

She wouldn’t think the winner was any cooler either.

In fact, from Viola’s point of view, it was better to have a non-dangerous character who didn’t win.

Viola said, “If it were Bellato, wouldn’t she think about developing herself based on the results rather than forcing her argument about what happened to her? That would be rational.”

“Well, that’s…”

“Brother lost his composure in that moment and his movements became too big. That’s why he allowed Tundra, who was much weaker than him, to attack. Weak Tundra hit Brother’s only weak spot well, and Brother did wrong while Tundra did well.”

Hana-rin, who was a true reader, saw right through Bichen’s psyche.

I’m as strong as Brother!

I am strong!

It seemed that he wanted to strongly argue for this kind of thing.

“And even when the duel ended, Brother was eyeing Tundra.”

“Yeah, it was a tie. But only to Tundra…?”

“Never mind, I don’t want to talk about it.”

It’s because it was a tie, but you only complimented the dog and didn’t compliment me. And you’re only worried about him.

Eight-year-old Bichen got sulky for no reason.

“That’s not cool.”


“Brother is Bellatrix.”

Viola had learned how to deal with Bichen a lot.

“And Tundra is just my dog, right?”


“Bellatrix always has to be strong, right? Am I wrong?”

“You’re not wrong.”

“While looking at my father during the welcome dinner, I felt something. My father was relaxed. When I saw him, I felt that it was the calmness of a strong person.

Beichen lost his words.

Everything Viola said was right.

“If you’re a strong person, you should be relaxed.

The fact that my brother acts so childish is proof that he’s not strong.”

“I wish my brother were strong.”

Beichen swallowed her saliva.

Somehow, it seemed like Viola was right about everything.

“So please don’t show off how you live to my puppy.”

Tundra must grow up safely.

In the meantime, Beichen must not hurt or kill Tundra.

So, please!

Help male lead grow up healthy!

“That’s how you become like Bellato. Be a strong brother to me.”

Beichen raised her head with excitement.

But she felt good.

Beichen couldn’t hide her emotions.

He looked back at Viola.

“So, he’s just a dog, and I’m your brother.”

It feels like the point is somehow off.

I agreed since it wasn’t wrong.


“I mean, it’s a little weird to seriously deal with a dog-like guy like me, right? I’m even from Bellato.”

Viola nodded her head.

“You’ll maintain your dignity and have the calmness of a strong person, won’t you?”

“Wouldn’t that be cool?”

There was a strange expectation in Vincent’s eyes.

There was no such content in the original work.

Vincent and Viola grew as rivals at an equal pace in the early part of the story.

Viola could feel it.

Like a rival to me

‘It’s strange…

No, it’s not?’

It was a strange feeling.

For some reason, Becken kept insisting on being “cool.”

It was content that was not in the original work, but anyway, it was a good thing for Viola.

Having wielded the whip a lot, it was time to give the carrot now.

“It will be cool.”

“Hehe. Viola wants Vincent to be cool?”

Cool and composed,

I wish he would chase after me with a sword.

But I couldn’t say that.

I just nodded my head helplessly.

Then Vincent smiled even brighter.

“I have to be cooler.

To do that, I need to find composure.”

There was nothing wrong with Viola’s words.

“I really shouldn’t kill dogs myself.”

I decided not to kill the dog.

Vincent went back to his room feeling somewhat pleased.

Lulu’s humming could be heard from outside Viola’s room.

Viola sat in her chair and looked up.

“Is this going well?”

Overall, it seemed to be going well as intended, but there was a strange feeling that something was amiss.

“Maybe it’s just my mood?”

A few days have passed since that day.

Viola waited for someone every day.

In the novel, it was mentioned as “a few days later,” but the exact date was not mentioned.

“It’s about time….”

When Hera comes, the next episode, “Meeting with Hera” will continue, just as she properly buttoned up her shirt during her first meeting with Duke Heron.

Even at the first meeting with Hera, you have to button up properly.

I want to live a life different from Viola in the original work.

“It’s going to be a really important meeting.”

A few more days passed.

“What’s going on?”

Two whole weeks have passed, but Hera hasn’t shown up.

“Why isn’t she showing up?”

Something seemed to have changed. Time was passing by. I suddenly became anxious.

“Time shouldn’t pass too much.”

The original content shouldn’t change too much.

Knowledge is power. You have to know to change it.

So, I decided.

“Zeno, send this note to Hera.”

Thirsty people dig their wells.

If Hera doesn’t come first, I’ll throw the fishing hook first.

It was too obvious to pretend not to know.

“What’s in it?”

“Just to get along well.”

Zeno accepted the note.

“Should I deliver it now?”

“Yes,” she replied.

And a day passed.

Knock knock.

I heard her knocking outside the door.

“She’s here!” she thought.

A man, who seemed to be Hera’s butler, spoke.

“Your Highness Hera is waiting. canI come in?”

Xenon asked, “Should I open it?”

“Yes,” she replied.

The door opened.

“Come in, sister,” she said.

Violeta felt like she was hearing voices in her head.

Bzzzt! A rich kid has arrived.

Violeta smiled brightly.

It was the brightest smile she had shown since she was reincarnated.

“She’s here.”

The butler pushed Hera’s wheelchair.

Hera was wearing a light blue dress that gave off a gentle feeling.

Her silver hair shimmered, matching perfectly with her pale skin.

She arrived in front of Violeta in her wheelchair.

“The butler is out.”


Violeta quickly responded.

She was more observant than ever.

“Xenon is also out. You can talk to her alone.”

“Okay. Should I prepare some refreshments?”

“I want strawberry ade!” Violeta almost said but held back.

“I’m good. What about you, sister? Would you like some refreshments?”

“I’m fine,” Hera replied.

“I’m good too,” Violeta said.

She decided not to provoke Hera, unlike her interactions with the killer tree dream boy.

Hera and Viola.

Only the two of them remained in the room.

A strange silence hung between them.

Hera was the first to speak.

“Why did you insult me?”


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