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Zenon delivered the absurd news with a bright face.

“I put in my resignation, Princess.”

Zenon grinned.

“Now I’m not going to be a butler.”

He fell on one knee.

In one hand, he held a strawberry ade with ice floating on it.

“Do you mind if I am your good adult? I’ll be a better adult than Hickson.”

Viola’s head became complicated.

In the novel “Shadow of Belatu,” Viola and Zenon are colleagues who work together until the second half.

What do you mean, resign all of a sudden?

Is it a huge factor that it’s changing?

“What do you mean resignation?”

My head was very complicated, but I took the strawberry ade first.

And the day has passed again.

As a result, Zenon’s acceptance of his resignation was denied.

It has been organized under the supervision of Butler Carlton.

‘You haven’t fulfilled the mandatory 7-year period.’

‘Nevertheless, if you want to submit a resignation, you must follow the contract.’

‘The penalty is 10 billion dallia.’

Viola, sitting in the chair, laughed in disbelief and said.

“100 billion dallia?”

The “dallia” was a unit of currency similar to the Korean won.

So 100 billion dallia was similar to 100 billion won in Korean money.

“Did you make such an absurd contract?”

The novel didn’t describe the details of the contract.

So I learned about this for the first time.

When I asked for the reason,

“I didn’t read the termination clause because I didn’t think I would need to resign.”

“It’s about the Lady’s dog.”


“Yes. They say it gets beaten every day, but its temperament never changes. There are even rumors that the dog is going to die.”

“he’s not going to kill him.”

“I saw it myself, he was getting hit right before he was about to die.”

Even Zeno seemed a little worried.

Murder is strictly prohibited within Winter Castle.

No matter how high-ranking Hickson maybe, if he commits murder in Winter Castle, he will be punished by hanging.

“No, he won’t kill him. He’ll just hit him until he’s about to die.”

It was the same in the novel.

It may look like a simple beating on the surface, but it wasn’t.

Through that beating, Tundra will grow wonderfully.

I already knew all of this from the novel. Viola was relaxed.

Zeno’s eyes narrowed.

“Do you completely trust Hickson?”

“Trust me. He won’t kill him. It’s mine.”


To Zenon, Viola seemed to completely trust Hickson.

Zenon was momentarily surprised by his own emotions.

“It seems like I have developed emotions. And the name of this emotion is… ‘Jealousy’ that I’ve only heard of in words?”

He couldn’t understand why Viola only believed in Hickson so much.

Although he was a hero of the past, didn’t he live like a beggar for three years?

And why do they only trust Hickson so much?

“Do I feel…jealousy towards Hickson?” 

“The other conditions were too good.”

Viola heaved a sigh of relief.

“There shouldn’t be too many variables.”

It’s true that you need to twist the story a bit.

But you can’t create too many variables.

One wrong move and everything could collapse like a house of cards! It’s a world where everything can fall apart at any moment.

You have to be careful and change things little by little.

Zenon entered the room.

He had strawberry ade in his hand today as well.

“That’s too bad.”


What a pity!

It was even mentioned directly in the novel that there were few butlers as capable as Zenon.

“That competent butler couldn’t have seen the contract.”

He must have known the contents of the contract.

That’s why it seemed like they had intentionally hired an ultra-competent butler who would submit a resignation.

Butler wouldn’t accept the resignation and even if he did, they wouldn’t be able to pay the penalty.

It seemed like they were subtly testing the waters without drawing attention to themselves.

“As expected, he’s an outstanding character.”

I almost fell for a trick again.

I need to gather myself.

Even if I’m cornered, I can survive as long as I keep my wits about me, like Zenon in a pinch.

“Why is he such a good actor?”

And also,

“I guess you could call him a master of making strawberry ade.”

Violet sucked on the straw.

The strawberry ade was delicious.

She had never tasted such delicious strawberry ade even on Earth in the 21st century. Moreover, with her taste buds weakened by the change in atmosphere, the strawberry ade made by Xenon was simply amazing.

She spoke with sincerity.

“you can’t be liberated from being a butler.”

“I think so.”

“So stay by my side as a capable butler.”

“Of course.”

Zenon took out a notebook from his pocket.

“But there’s something I want to report.”

“A report?”

“That’s… “

Zenon scratched the back of his head, looking a bit hesitant to speak.

“It’s okay, just tell me,” Viola urged.

Zenon tried to maintain a calm expression.

He recalled Viola’s words.

‘So, you’re supposed to be by my side as a butler. That’s what Viola Bellato wants – a capable butler like you, Zenon.’

If that’s the case, you just need to become the butler Zenon.

I’ve got my mind together.

Viola Bellatu is very Bellatu-like.

Belatu had to be the butler he wanted.

Jealousy is a completely unnecessary feeling as a butler.

I decided to cut out the feeling myself.

“But why don’t we stop by the gym once?”


“Lord Hickson, it would be good to see how he treats the princess’s things.”

Viola tilted her head.

For some reason.

I feel like I’m telling you something.

I have a feeling that he dislikes Hickson a bit.

…maybe it’s just my imagination?

I’ve been acting a little weird lately, but it was definitely a test,

‘Zenon is a character who doesn’t have many emotions.’

It’s probably just my imagination, Viola thought.


In the end, Viola agreed.

She was a little curious.

How is Tundra doing in his training?

Was she growing up well?

‘It would be sad to see if it didn’t work out in reality.’

It’s a tundra with Kang Han-joon’s face.

Viola was a little scared.

Finally, they arrived at the training ground.

Viola looked around the training ground with a bewildered look.

“Huh? Why?”

Vicen and Tundra were wielding their respective weapons at each other, spewing bloody death.

“Why are you here?”

Viola looked around with a bewildered look.

She felt sharp energy around her.

It felt like being pierced by a sharp needle that would end.

“Why are they so fierce again? What’s going on?”

Hickson, who was sitting on a bench on one side, approached her.

“Oh, you’re here?”

“Why are they fighting?”

“It’s a sparring match, a sparring match.”

“That’s a sparring match?”

Even though they’re emitting such tremendous energy?

“Oh, it’s a sparring match. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Hickson chuckled and put his hand on his hip.

“Look, did I lose weight? Did I get cooler?”

While a fierce sword dance was taking place over there, Hickson seemed to be in a different world.

‘Is he… okay?’

For now, Huxley seems to have regained his senses. Viola judged that she could trust him.

She decided to answer his question about whether she got cooler.

“Mister. I’m sorry, but I went to the welcome dinner yesterday.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Unfortunately, our father was there at the welcoming banquet yesterday, sir.”

Compared to Duke Heron, most people in the world would become squids.

Although it was somewhat exaggerated due to her bias, it was mostly true.

Duke Heron’s beauty had a strange ability to make those around him, regardless of gender or age, feel inferior.

“Compared to my dad, it’s an old man squid.”

“It’s a novel expression that I’ve never heard before, but it’s surprisingly bad. I don’t like it when it’s perfectly understood.”

He frowned heavily.

“And you know.”

Hickson’s eyebrows wiggled.

I pointed to another part.

“Did you say, my dad?”

“Yes, Duke Heron Bellatu.”

“Since when are you, my dad? Did you get that close?

“Is your dad the type of person you can get close to?”

“I knew it was, right?”


“You’re not close, are you?”

“It’s hard to say we’re close.”

“Yes, yes. He’s a tough guy to get close to.”

Hickson looked somewhat satisfied.

“But why are they fighting?”

“It’s a duel”

Vicen and Tundra were in the middle of a duel.

It was too intense to be called a simple duel.

Vicen held a wooden dagger while Tundra held a long sword.

If those weapons weren’t made of wood, it wouldn’t have been surprising if one of them had died.

Hickson made a funny face.

He lowered his voice and asked playfully.

“Who do you think will win if you two fight?”

“Put the question straight.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Who would win if the two of them usually fight, or who would win in that situation?”

Hickson’s eyes narrowed.

“Look at this kid!”

I already knew she was an extraordinary girl.

However, I didn’t know that I would point out the key point like this.

That situation right now.

1. So all the space is open,

2. They are aware that my opponent is attacking me.

3. The situation unfolds with a wooden knife that is not life-threatening.


4. A situation where Tundra has just learned swordplay.

I meant this situation.

If things change, the results will be different.

Viola picked it up.

Han Arin recited what she saw as a novel reader.

“Vichen will win today.”

“Why do you think so?”

“That’s because Vichen is stronger.”

Male Lead Tundra was born with great qualities and talents.

He is a genius in a novel.

But does Vichen lag far behind Tundra, talented?

It wasn’t even that.

“Vichen was trained from birth. It’s Bellatu’s pure blood, and isn’t it weirder to lose?”

“Then why did you point out ‘that situation right now’?”

The playfulness disappeared from Hickson’s expression.

I waited for Viola’s answer.

“That’s because Vichen and Tundra have different swordsmanship.”

Hickson’s heart began to pound.

Rumors are circulating in the Duke’s residence about the “insight of the adopted youngest daughter.”

It was rumored that she was a more insightful child than other abilities.

“How are they different?”


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