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Duchess Isabella bit her lips slightly.

It was too far from my expectation.

How should I put it?

I felt like I was beaten.

‘In that short time, you heard the word ‘Seven Princesses’ and noticed everything?’

In fact, Isabella had expected Viola’s reaction to some extent.

Maybe stab the butler doll.

But Viola’s response far exceeded that expectation.

‘I didn’t stab the doll, I cut the thread. It’s as if everyone knows.’

That wasn’t the end. She even guessed the identity of the person who controls the doll at once.

I figured it all out so precisely.

‘She’s got some crazy insight… she was born with it.’

It was shocking.

Moreover, Viola is now seven years old.

‘The child is dangerous.’

How can a seven-year-old look like that?

The Duke Heron praised it as ‘excellent’.

In fact, this was the most shocking.

Duchess Isabella looked at the duke.

“I can’t believe you compliment me.”

“Because you did something to be praised.”

There was another silence.

Of the Duke’s five children, only one princess heard his praise from time to time.

The Duke was stingy with praise.

But he complimented me.

That’s also where all the other families are.

The implications were great.

She would be the last to enter the competition for succession, but she started with an advantageous position.

The Duchess asked again.

“Isn’t the second question meaningless?”

“Do as you, please. The two questions are the right of the lady.”

“You’ve already complimented me, so I don’t think it’ll be meaningful.”


It can’t end like this.

So Viola took the lead.

“The second question is obvious.”

It’s a story that everyone knows because it’

“Isn’t it a question of how dare you, why, wielding a weapon in front of the duke and duchess?”

Viola did her best every moment.

At that moment, silence fell again at the dinner table.

Viola’s words were correct.

Isabella was at a loss for words.

I didn’t expect that young princess to come that far.

‘What’s your answer to that question?’

It’s okay.

The thought of not wanting to ask a question crept up.



Said, Heron. Heron’s eyes did not fall from the viola.

That’s who I am now.

It’s really Bellato-like.

Not once did I avoid Isabella’s gaze.

It’s showing Isabella not being pushed back at all, but rather being ahead.

He was more Bellato than anyone else, and he had a commendable attitude and appearance.

“But why me?”

I didn’t feel very good.

Viola is now looking at Bellatu, who is more Bellatu than anyone else.

As Zenon says, maybe that kid will show ‘progressive Bellato’.

It’s good to work.

But strangely, I felt bad.

“Of course!”

The child, who was saying ‘Sparely!’, came to mind again.

The hand that was sticking out the egg tart came to mind.

The little boy with the hand looked at him with his fond eyes again today.

‘Unprovoked likability. Blind goodwill towards me.’

It can be read in the Duke’s true eye.

“That’s also a good feeling that I’ve had for a long time.”

Bellato-like Bellato.

I still don’t know why that thoroughly calculating child has such an illogical affinity.

‘And the strangest thing.’

That blind and strange favor was not offensive.

In my life as Duke of Bellatu, I have never been liked so much without reason.

Everyone who showed favor to the Duke had a reason.

Whatever it has become. But that kid didn’t have a reason.

‘You are afraid of me, but you like me.’

I didn’t hate it.

It was an unfamiliar feeling that I felt for the first time while reigning as Lord of Winter Castle and Duke of Bellatu.

‘Why do I feel… Isn’t it bad?’

The Duke changed his mind while maintaining his expressionless face.

‘No. It’s Bellatu’s slope. So I’m just in a good mood. regardless of my child’s mysterious affinity.’

Since he adopted a Bellatu-like child more than anyone else, wouldn’t it be Bellato’s celebration?

The Duke thought so for a reason.

The Duke’s eyes sank deeply.

Isabella read the deep look.

Misunderstood the Duke’s state of mind.

‘I didn’t expect you to be so deeply satisfied.’

If Viola was seventeen, not seven, it would have caused a tremendous stir in the succession structure.

It was fortunate that he was seven years old.

In time Heron opened his mouth.

“Bring me a welcome gift.”

knock, knock.

I heard a knock.

A man with gray hair and full of scars on his face.

It was Carlton, the butler.

He bent down.

“Greetings, Butler Carlton.”

There was a tray in his right hand.

There was a potion bottle with different colors of liquid.

There are five potions in total.

The contents of the novel came to mind.

‘Duke’s last test was “the ability to doubt and wick not to obey authority.’

All five are poisonous.

That’s poison, too. You’ll die if you drink it.

In other words, you shouldn’t drink anything.

As it is.

The Duchess of Isabella said.

“Come on, Viola. For you who will be my youngest daughter, I prepared a present.”

“Those liquids?”

“They all have different effects, but they are potions made up of elixir that are very good for Viola’s body.”

<Why should I drink these things?>

The viola in the original story drops the tray itself to the ground.

And she brutally says this.

<” Why do I feel like I’m being tested?”>

<” It must be the Duke who brought me here without even asking my intention.”>

In the original work, Viola spews a ruthless killing spree toward the Duke.

Then she makes a big accident like a heroine.

Then she makes a big accident like a heroine.

“If I were stronger than you, I would have cut you down on this spot.”

I’m glad I’m the main character, but if I wasn’t, I would have been in trouble.

Viola decided to go a little differently.

To fit Han Arin more.

“It’s a gift for me. Thank you very much for that.”

Closer to Carlton, the butler.

Carlton bent his back and knees to match the viola with the height of the viola.

“What color of glaze would the princess take?”

Carlton grinned.

He looked like a nice old man.

But Viola knows.

Carlton, the butler, used to be a very famous sprayer.

A character who tried to kill Duke Heron but failed, but rather became his subordinate.

It is now Duke Heron’s most trusted loyalist.

Viola is his father sitting so far away.

Said Duke Heron.

It was quite far away, so I had to speak up.

‘From the time she called me the 7 Princess. This wasn’t a welcome dinner, it was a place to test Viola Bellatu’s credentials.’

Viola in the original story turned this place upside down. In other words, it causes a big accident and leaves a strong impression.

Han Arin decided to take a wiser approach.

He smirked on purpose.

“I think I know what you expect from Viola Bellatu.”

Viola lifted a bottle of red liquid.

And dropped it to the ground as if to see.


The potion bottle broke with a loud noise.

All violas in the original work are rich, but Han Arin’s viola broke only one.

“Do you want this look?”

Red liquid splashed everywhere.

A few drops splashed on Viola’s feet.

Oh, it’s hot! Oh, it’s hot!

Oh, my. I thought my feet were all burnt.

Viola managed to maintain a calm look.

“He who has Bellato’s surname is said to be suspicious of everyone except himself.”

Duchess Isabella nodded.

“That’s good advice. Who said that?”

“My butler.”

“You have a good butler.”

Zenon, not very agitated, sat down beside the viola, wiping off the broken potion pieces and potions.

I was lowering my face and cleaning up the glass fragments, but I couldn’t see the expression.

In the meantime, I took out an ointment from my arms and applied it slightly to the shin of the viola.

The touch of applying the ointment was very delicate.

Viola lifted a bottle of purple liquid.

“But for some reason, this smells nostalgic. It’s like I have a special story. 

Viola could be found.

The Duke of Heron flinched very slightly.

Viola knew why.

This is because this purple potion is related to her only beloved wife, “Rael.”

“Shall we open it?”

To survive in the jungle, Viola decided to throw a gambler.


<The Duke of Heron had become so cold and mechanical since he lost his only beloved wife 15 years ago.>

The Duke of Heron had a beloved woman.

He died 15 years ago.

Although it did not appear in the works, the Duke of Heron would sit in a study covered in blue moonlight and mutter her name to himself.

<Her name is Rael.>

She was a very good alchemist and potion maker.

He had a good opinion of tea.

That’s why he was also called a water magician.

The day she died. Rael smiled faintly and murmured.

<” My lonely man, I want to be with you forever.”>

She fell ill and died. It was described as having a rare disease.

<‘So I made a purple potion ‘Viola’>

The character ‘Viola’ is named after this potion.

Just before she died. The potion ‘Viola’ was handed to the duke.

“If you drink this, you’ll die, too.”

<My lonely man. Come with me to a warm place.>

<It hurts less if you die together.>

The Duke of Heron, who loved his wife Rael so much, almost committed suicide after drinking the poison.

It was that butler Carlton over there who stopped it.

‘Anyway, it’s a worldview without a sane person.’

A woman who gives her husband poison to kill himself together, or a husband who accepts it.

The husband even named his adopted daughter after the poison.

Nothing seems normal.

It has become clear once again that it is a sane worldview.

Asked the Duke of Heron.

“What are you doing?”

“I know it’s poison.”

I shook the glass bottle.

The juice of grapes fluttered.

“I want to try this for some reason.”

Zenon whispered in his ear.

“Princess? That’s the most toxic of the five potions.”

“I know.”

Viola grinned.

Of course, I felt like I was going to die inside.

I decided to throw a gambler, but it didn’t make me feel comfortable.

“This calls me. It’s as if there’s a certain woman’s voice in it.”


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