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“The trial ground of Bellato led by a thousand-year-old duke.”

If you fail this test, you will be discarded without fail.


While I was breathing deeply, a large door opened, and I began to see the inside.

Viola walked lightly with Xenon.

“The Seventh Princess of Bellato. Viola Bellato enters.”

She was called the seventh princess, not the sixth princess.

It was just like a novel.

Viola walked a few steps in. And look to the right.

In fact, the heir’s examination began here.

Whether to correct something wrong on the spot or not.

If you correct it, how much do you correct it, like Bellatu?

“I can’t really do the same thing as Viola.”

In the original story, the viola moves quickly and stabs the butler’s neck.

I can’t make the same move.

If you followed it for nothing, you could only expose loopholes.

Instead, Viola chose a different method.

In a better way.

Viola’s footsteps rang out in the space where the silence fell.

Slowly he approached the butler.

According to the original story, we have to kill that butler.

But Viola twisted the original a little.

‘That’s not a real butler.’

It’s not a person.

It is a doll handled by a puppeteer.

<The butler’s fourth finger of his left hand was connected with a thin thread.>

I could see a very fine twinkling thread.

Viola stood in front of him in silence.

She slowly took out the dagger in her arms and swung it very leisurely.

A stroke!

It was a very insincere attitude.

The dagger given to Viola was a special dagger made in Bellato’s workshop.

A brand name with a grim outlook.

Although it was a roughly wielded dagger, it was not enough to break the thread.


The thread broke.

The butler’s doll lost its strength and collapsed.

I wasn’t too surprised to know it was a doll.

‘Now you can step on that head.’

It’s hard to crush people, but it wasn’t that hard to crush dolls.

Press it down!

Viola deliberately put one foot on the butler’s head. I stepped on it gently.

I practiced so hard last night in the mirror.

He laughed.

“What a joke, that’s not funny.”

He rolled up his lips and laughed.

I looked at the man behind me, hiding my tension with a smile.

“Sebastian Marcos.”

<It was the puppeteer Sebastian Marcos who controlled the doll, >

I could feel the gaze.

All the family members except Viola are sitting at the long table in front of me.

The Duke Heron Bellato.

Duchess Isabella.

Today’s episode is thoroughly about the Duke and Duchess Isabella.

And the viola. The three of us made up a story.

I decided to choose and concentrate.

Then Sebastian came near.

“Oh, my.”

Sebastian walked a few steps and covered his mouth with his hands and laughed.

Sebastian, who approached in front of the viola, bent down.

“You have made a mistake, Princess.”

“I guess they think it’s impolite.”

“I’m sorry.”

“If you’re sorry, will you kill yourself?”

Viola pretended to hand over the dagger.

Sebastian waved his hand.

“I don’t think it’s a serious crime. Ho ho ho, please look here.”

Sebastian pointed to his neck.

There were minor cuts in sight.

There were wounds suffered by scissors wielded by Viola in her sleep.

“Why don’t you pretend you’ve paid for the crime?” I really almost died.”

Sebastian Marcos looked at the duke.

Viola followed his gaze unconsciously.

I took a glance at the Duke.

The man who adopted Viola himself and the owner of the winter castle.

That handsome man with impressive black bangs and eyes is really handsome.

Viola’s gaze at her favorite character was deeply liked.

“Even if it’s novel, isn’t that appearance a fraud?”’

The immunity to forgive all the mistakes is that face.

Han Arin herself felt that her father’s appearance was more improbable than that of the novel. There’s no father like that in the world.

‘You’re really handsome, Mr. Favorite.’

Heron read Viola’s good feelings through the novel’s setting, Jinan.

I tried to ignore the favor.

such fondness.

It doesn’t suit Bellato.

said in a calm voice.

“Viola, stop and sit down.”

The viola turned around. Lightly and gently.

I walked with care.

I put the dagger back in my arms and grabbed the sides of the dress.

I could feel the eyes of the brothers.

There was also a look of excitement from Bizen.

I just decided to ignore it, as it has been.

Zenon pulled up the chair.

“You can sit here.”

Viola’s seat was facing the Duke of Heron and Duchess Isabella.

A rectangular edge.

It was the seat of the main character.

The Duchess of Isabella was wearing white cotton, so her face was not properly visible.

Viola knew how it went in the novel. Isabella first asks a test disguised as a question.

“Six Princesses. I ask you two questions.”

So Viola played first.

I had to get the momentum first. As long as it was not a real viola, Arin Viola had to do her best to survive.

He said with a relaxed smile.

“I don’t think it’s just an atmosphere to welcome me.”

I purposely glanced around.

“It was my father’s arbitrariness that brought me here, one-sided.”


“To verify my qualifications as a Bellato.”

Viola looked into Isabella’s eyes, which were covered by cotton yarn.

“Two other owners of this family will have to verify.”

Two other owners.

It means two duchess and the Duke.

I can’t kill anyone, I don’t want to die.

That’s why I chose it.

“If you don’t think you can prove yourself with your body, you have to prove yourself with your head.” If you don’t prove your qualification, you’ll die.

Fortunately, Han Arin knew the contents of the novel “Shadow of Bellato.”

Duchess Isabella’s red lips moved.

“That’s right. You’re brilliant, Princess Six.”

‘Is that it?’ He seemed sarcastic.

The Duchess Isabella was embarrassed for a moment by Viola’s attitude.

What did you say?”

The family’s eyes poured out all at once.

I’m scared!’

Viola deliberately looked only at the Duchess Isabella.

Duchess Isabella’s face was a little better because she was covered in cotton and her eyes were not completely visible.

‘Yes. Let’s just look at Isabella.’

“You mean kill him, right?”

He smiled strangely on purpose.

“But this is a place where the absolute law of winter sex applies, so you shouldn’t kill it, and if so, there is one answer. It would have been a “doll” to kill. Is that right, Mother?”

“Keep talking.”

“The one who is not the closest person was strangely stuck in it, so he must be the one who controls the doll, and after all, Seivan Marcos, the puppeteer of Winter Castle, will be the culprit.”

Viola continued as if she had looked down at everything from above.

“But there’s no way that Sebastian Marcos would have acted arbitrarily here without his father’s permission, right? In other words, Sebastian Marcos’s actions would have been to fulfill the orders of his father and mother.”

I looked at Sebastian Marcos.

“So I didn’t kill him. Does that explain it, Mother?”

There was a moment of silence.



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