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“Hehe. A sword. A sword.”

Sweat trickled down behind Viola’s back.

“If it’s the Vichen, I know…”

Alright. Let’s have a sword fight together!

I’m getting excited!

With that, the character drew his short sword and swung it wildly.


But that didn’t happen.

“Aren’t you going to do anything?”

It seemed like nothing happened when he swung his sword toward himself.

I’m not sure if it’s a fitting word for Vichen, but she felt slightly irritated today.

Vichen, who seemed a bit irritable today, just smiled brightly and asked.

“What were you doing?”

“I was looking in the mirror.”

“Why? Did you catch Princess syndrome?”

It seemed like Vichen thought that whenever she looked in the mirror, she caught Princess syndrome.

Viola’s expression twisted slightly.

“Why are you here?”

“I’m here. Are you hurt?”

Vichen pointed to her knee.


There was a wound on her knee.

It wasn’t a big wound.


“Does it hurt a lot?”

She wondered what could be so painful, even though she had been hit by a sword.

Vichen said confidently, even if she had a tough exterior.

“I have to put some ointment on it.”


“Because you put ointment on me.”

“Put it on yourself.”

“I’ve never put it on myself. I don’t know how to do it.”

“Then ask the maid to do it.”

“I don’t want to.”


“I just don’t want to!”

Vichen boldly held out the ointment.

If she wasn’t so scary, it would have been a lie, but there was still a cute side to her.

As she begged for the ointment to be put on, just by looking at her, she seemed like an eight-year-old child.

But she was still a young child.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world.

If you do everything they ask, they’ll get into a bad habit.

Viola asked.

“What will you do for me?”

“I have to do something for you?”

“Of course.”

“If you don’t do it?”

“I won’t put it on.”

Vichen pouted her lips.

Hmph, I’ll do it alone, she said and turned around in two seconds.

“What should I do for you?”

“Grant me one wish later.”

“A wish?”

Vichen scratched her head.

She thought for a moment. A wish. It seemed like a pretty big deal.

Viola opened the ointment lid without missing the timing.

She spread the ointment with her fingers.

To the left,

to the right,

Vichen’s pupils moved with the ointment.

It was like a puppy following a snack.

If you just attach a tail, it would have swayed back and forth.

“Um. Alright.”

Viola handed her a piece of paper.

“Here. Sign this.”


“Oh, if you sign, I’ll apply the medicine for you.”

The contract is very important. If I sign and apply for the medicine once and get the wish ticket, it would be a very profitable business.

“Here’s the pen…”

I tried to give her the pen, but Vichen didn’t wait. She bit her index finger and signed with the blood.


She’s clearly not in her right mind. I hurriedly lowered my head to hide my surprised expression.

While hiding my trembling heart, I applied ointment to Vichen’s knee.

“Ow, it, it, it stings! Be gentle!”

Vichen exaggeratedly complained. I applied for all the medicine.

However, Vichen staggered and crouched down.

“What’s wrong? You’re not leaving?”


She stretched out her index finger.

“I have to apply for it here too, I have a bleeding wound.”

She tore it with her teeth instead of using a perfectly good pen. Her obsession with ointment was much stronger than I thought.

“You know, Viola.”

Vichen thought hard about something.

For some reason, she felt a strange desire to not leave this room.

So she thought about it.

The reason I must be here.

But no matter how much she thought, she couldn’t find a reason.

So she just blurted out whatever was on her mind.

“Vichen, are you jealous of Viola?”


“For the welcome dinner.”

“Why should I be jealous?”

“I don’t have anything like that.”

Of course. Vichen was born as Baltou. She was never adopted, so she never had a welcome dinner.

“I don’t want to say anything. I just want to eat.”

Viola also knew that.

At the welcome dinner, the siblings don’t say anything to each other. They just eat quietly like guests.

The main characters of the welcome dinner are Duke Heron, Lady Isabella, and Viola. There are only three of them.

Because it’s not a simple welcome dinner.

If it were a real ‘welcome dinner,’ family members would greet each other, get to know each other’s faces, and have a pleasant time. But they know it’s not like that.

The welcome dinner.

The actual subtitle of the novel is ‘The Duke’s Cruel Test.’

It’s a place to evaluate and test Viola’s qualities as a Baltou.

“Brother, just eat.”

“… Okay.”

Vichen looked gloomy.

“Let’s have fun next time.”


Vichen perked up a bit.

“You promised to have fun together, right?”

“I did.”

“Okay. You have to keep your promises. Got it?”

“I got it.”

She was such an easy child to handle in some ways.

And so, a day passed.

“What kind of flesh is this, that you call a flesh that was born?”

If you stare at Tundra’s eyes for more than 5 seconds, you’ll go crazy! And if you hug Tundra, you’ll go crazy again! In front of Egg Tart, she loses her senses, and her physical development is poor enough that she can’t even pronounce self-defense properly. In addition, she’s a body that wields scissors while half-asleep!

“Damn it!”

Violet looked at the scissors she was holding.

It was clearly a luxury item.

Its cutting power must be excellent.

If she had cut properly, blood would have poured out, right?

Seyba wiped Violet’s purple hair.

“The sight of you closing your eyes and instinctively wielding scissors to find the opponent’s weak spot and stab it was truly fascinating.”


“I’m serious.”


“You don’t have to be serious.”

It’s been happening a lot lately, and today my breath was stuck in my throat and my chest was tight.

Knock, knock.

Then came the sound of knocking.

It was Zenon. He appeared in the full-length mirror, opening the door and coming in.

Zenon, as always, was wearing a black suit.

Seyba passed by Xenon.

Seyban’s fingertips touched Xenon’s shoulder. His fingers moved like a monster.

“Zenon is sexy again today.”

“You flatter me.”

Zenon bowed his head and greeted Seyba, then approached Violet.

Zenon grinned.

“You are beautiful.”

In fact, even a seven-year-old could be beautiful.

That was Violet’s original thought.

Until she saw herself in the full-length mirror.

“I’m too young…”

She realized.

Even a seven-year-old could be beautiful.

The girl with purple hair exuded a strange atmosphere and aura that didn’t fit her age.

But there was also a certain dignity that couldn’t be done recklessly.

“If the makeup technique is the best on the continent…”

She raised her finger and touched the mirror.

The girl in the mirror moved the same way.

“Is this me?”

Seyba’s makeup technique amplified that mysterious atmosphere even more.

It wasn’t just a technique that made her appearance beautiful.

Seyba’s makeup technique created that mysterious aura that only an absolute being could possess.

Zenon bowed his waist.

“I’ll guide you to where today’s protagonist should be.”

“… Sure.”

“Today, you’ll shine more brilliantly than anyone else.”

T/N: The name of the side characters may vary in each chapter


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