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Viola answered sharply.

“Yes. Telf demence.”

He is speaking clearly, but the word “self-defense” was slightly pronounced.

It seemed a little difficult to pronounce for a seven-year-old with a growing state of almost five years old.

Suddenly, Carlton’s words came to mind.

‘Probably, the growth was very slow because she couldn’t eat properly.

Suddenly, I saw that small body and big eyes again.

For some reason, my heart ached.

Heron pronounced it once again.


“Yes.Telf demence.”


Viola noticed what was wrong with Heron.

I put my lips together.

I also tightened my tongue.

“Telf demence!”

I couldn’t overcome my physical limitations.

“Pronounce it properly. Self-defense.”

“Telf .De.mence.”

Damn it!

I couldn’t pronounce it properly.

Meanwhile, Zenon doubted his eyes.

The Duke is smiling faintly?

The Duke is smiling faintly?’

He was smiling, though faintly.

Zenon’s keen eye caught it. I didn’t know why he was laughing.

The Duke of Heron said again.


“Telf demence!”

Viola was annoyed.

I wanted to punch the Duke’s face, which seemed to be expressionless but pronounced in a nasty way, with a fist!

‘If I do, my neck will be blown off, right?’

In any case, the irritation soared.

The pronunciation leaks a little when saying something else, especially “self-defense.”

Heron’s eyes met with hers, saying, “You’re a poorly-developed body.”

His eyes were smiling a little.

At the subtle smile, 21-year-old Han Arin’s spirit felt a strange sense of defeat.

My face turned a little red without realizing it.

“Mr. Woo.”

I didn’t know the day would come when I would be teased for my pronunciation while living my entire life for 21 years.

An indescribable sense of shame rose from toe to head.

“You have no manners, and your pronunciation is bad. It smells like living there.”

In fact, Heron was not offended.

Rather, I was more satisfied with life.

Bellato should be like that.

When I felt like I was being teased, I would have been rather disappointed if I hadn’t let out a murderous blow.

But Viola was surprised.

This child’s body must have shed another life without even realizing it.

I came to my senses.

Then the flesh that had leaked without even realizing it disappeared by itself.

“You’re good at making ends meet.”

Heron misunderstood in a very common sense.

A child who controls her own life well, I recalled the words of Zenon and Hickson.

‘A child who is more Bellatu, but not Bellato.’

A child who can’t hide my terrible greed for cold ripe persimmons.

Even so, she had a heart that knew how to thoroughly hide her true life.

All of this would be a thoroughly calculated production.

a life that pops out for a very short time.

The eyes were full of tears.

an instinct for slaughter barely held back.

That’s what it really looks like.

I. That image. It’s something I like, Viola.’

But it was weird.

I kept seeing those chubby peachy cheeks.

‘It’s not your cuteness.’

Maybe it’s not enough etiquette education yet.

There was another orange persimmon near the lips.

I don’t know what you keep eating with that on.

‘Do you know?’

What are you going to eat so hard with that cute hand?

The posture of holding the fork tightly was very sloppy.

Rather than Bellato, such things kept catching my eye.

It was a really strange thing.


At dawn, the dawn broke, and the early birds began to sing.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

There came a loud knock, out of tune with the peaceful morning. Few people could knock so roughly on the princess’s door.

The door was smashed.

It was none other than Hickson, who knocked on the door.

“Mister, was that a knock?”

“That’s not it…”

Hickson smiled awkwardly.

“I couldn’t control my strength.”

“Power control?”

As the story goes, Hickson hasn’t practiced in the last three years. Didn’t even activate mana. He lived like that for 3 years and now he has started training again. Because of the sudden activation of mana, he can’t control my strength lately.

“Are you a war hero?”

Hickson patted himself on the stomach.

I drank too much, so I had severe abdominal obesity.

“Three years is enough time for a person to be ruined.”

“How about fixing it again?”

“A month is enough.”

Viola nodded.

“Fix it quickly.”

Hickson walked and sat down on the chair.

“Viola, I think I’ve got some clues thanks to you.”

“Yeah. That’s great.”

All you have to do is open the bucket.

That man was a hero comparable to the Duke of Heron in the past, and now he will do well on his own.

“By the way.”


“I heard you ate with Heron yesterday.”


“What did you say?”

The viola flinched.

‘The idealist who dreams beautifully. It’s really good to use, right?’

Don’t tell me you heard it? I felt uneasy for no reason.

Hickson’s attitude did not seem to be the case.

“It’s not polite, and the pronunciation is bad. I got in trouble for that.”



Hickson looked at Viola with interest.

“Even if he looks like that, Heron was originally a very affectionate fellow.”

“I know.”

“That guy… Huh? Do you know him?”

Hickson looked bewildered.

“You said he only got angry? There must have been no warm words at all?”


In Viola’s mind, her favorite pride rose unknowingly.

He’s my favorite character.

Even if it’s your favorite, I can’t reveal it.

Hickson continued to bewildered.

“That’s Heron Bellato.”

“I know.”

“But how do you know?”

“Just look at it and you know

Our favorite character is. I have a cute hedgehog.

He’s nicer than I thought. It’s a little scary, but Hickson is tongue-in-cheek with absurdity.

“Why are you so confident? Why are your eyes so confident? I don’t know why, but it’s annoying?”

“Why? Can’t you be confident?”

“Why are you serious?”

“That’s because I mean it.”

“Well, that’s true.”

Hickson scratched the back of his head.

“But you’re defending him because he’s your father.”

He looked upset, but he didn’t feel bad.

It was rather pleasant.

said Viola again.

“So, why are you talking about my father?”

“That fellow. I think he’s interested in you for some reason?”


“Huh? Is that the end of the reaction?”

“He must have adopted me because he was interested in me in the first place.”

She was adopted as the strongest contributor on the continent and received the attention of the great winter star monarch Heron Bellato. The reaction was too bland. It’s a bit. 

‘Huh?” Wow!’

‘It’s incredible! Like, I was expecting 

I’’ve been adopted by this aristocratic family! That famous king of winter castle is my father!” What is it? Is it weird to expect such a rich expression that will make you look 7 years old?

Viola frowned slightly.

I made eye contact with Hickson.

“I don’t like a violent father.”

Indifference is also violence.

Plus, in this wild ecosystem.

Hickson’s expression suddenly brightened.

“I knew it was, right?”

Hickson seemed somehow in a good mood.

I feel like I’ve won over Hickson.

“Well, yes. A violent father wouldn’t be nice.”

It’s been a long time.

How does it feel to beat Heron?

“I’ll protect you. I’ll stay with you. Until you’re an adult.”

“Lose your belly fat first.”

“… What?”

“You’re going to get caught in that stomach while wielding a knife.”

Hickson smiled awkwardly.

I couldn’t refute that statement because it was true.

I changed the subject.

“Where are your dogs I need to tame?”


Viola leaned against the door.

Tundra and Hickson’s first meeting.

If it’s the same as in the novel, the two will fight for momentum.

Tundra doesn’t want to lose to anyone, and Hickson hates such a kid.

I watched to see if it would lead to the novel.

Viola didn’t seem to be the only one who was excited.

Next to the viola, Xenon also watched the two with a very funny expression.

“I can’t believe the trainer is Lord Hickson. I didn’t even think of it.”

“It’s because of the belly, he’s a good trainer.”

A voice was heard.

Tundra didn’t seem to like Hickson.

“You’re my trainer?”

In fact, the tundra was not convinced.

She was said to be a great swordsmanship teacher, so he expected someone, not like him.

Then suddenly, a man with a big belly appeared.

He’s got a good build, but he’s not who Tundra thought he was.

The tundra looked at the viola.

“I told you to learn swordsmanship for the master.”

Tundra’s voice was full of anger.

Deep frustration was also underlying his anger.

I wanted to be a great adult dog and stand next to you.’

To do so, I tried to learn the art of swordsmanship.

I wanted to be next to that person who held out her hand.

I wanted to be a dog, so I tried.

But this kind of treatment…’

I felt like I was being trampled on by a new dream.

By all accounts, Hickson was not an excellent swordsman.

His face was not good, and his body smelled like alcohol.

He was ill-trained.

A broken body. It was as if a drunkard had been brought from somewhere.

“You said to sharp my teeth.”

The tundra bit his lips.

“You said I’m a toy. Is this how you insulted me? Was I just a toy?”

Was the dream of becoming a dog too luxurious for me?

The last few days, I’ve been really excited days.

I grated my teeth.

Hickson shook his head.

“You have a very bad attitude toward adults.”


“I need to learn conversations with adults from the beginning.”

Hickson grinned.

“I tend to teach my disciples very strictly.”

Hickson looked back.

“Little one. It’s time for dogs and trainers from now on. Would you mind leaving me out of the course?”


“It’s going to be a terrible time.”

“Mister, you look excited.”

“I like guys with these eyes.”

Heron used to look like this.

Now he is like a serpent and hides both the slyness of the serpent and the bravery of the tiger, but it was not so in the old days.

It was just like this boy.

“It reminds me of an old friend of mine.”

The viola hit the nail on the head.

“You don’t have any friends.”

“How do you know?”

“You look like you won’t have many friends.”

“That’s a heartbreaking remark. I’ve had a glorious past.”

“That past was kicked by an old man.”

“Anyway, he has the knack of hitting the bone with facts.”

Viola’s words were all right.

It hit the nail on the head unexpectedly.

Hickson, who was hit on the nail on the head, enjoyed this conversation.

“But I believe.”


“You’ll be a pretty decent adult.”

Hickson coughed a lot at that.

Viola’s words pierced his heart sharply.

If my daughter were alive, I would have been a very good father.

I would’ve made her a really decent adult.

‘It’s not too late now.’

Viola threw away a word of satisfaction.

I told him to lose his belly fat because of this.

“And I think it’ll be a little cool if you lose belly fat.”

Hickson decided for sure.

He decided to be a good adult for Viola.

The motivation flared up.

“It’ll give you a lot of coolness.”

Hickson turned his head.

Wood-deuk! There was a sound.

When I heard it, there was a dull wooden sword in my hand.

Hickson’s gaze at the tundra was quite different from that of the viola.

“Oui. Between men. Shall we have a hot body conversation?”


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