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“Do you want to know who killed your daughter?”


Hickson’s body trembled. No matter how drunk he was, his ears lit up when the word ‘daughter’ came up.

“What are you?”

It seemed that all the drunkenness had disappeared before I knew it.

Viola swallowed her saliva.

There is something called mana in this world, and it’s said that if he wanted to, he could blow away all the drunkenness in his body.

That seems to be the case. The eyes, which were like rotten fish eyes, which were dying and losing vitality, returned to life.

“I saw the uncle’s daughter.”


Hickson’s eyes flashed with life. The word ‘daughter’ was Hickson’s crossword.

A human being who plays with that word, no matter how young a child is, will be spared.

For Hickson, ‘daughter’ was like that.”

“Svenue Favela 11th Street. Under the sewers at the horrific site.”

All of this is what Hickson, who came to his senses a few years later, finds out himself.

Hickson becomes more relaxed as he teaches Tundra. Go back to the beginning and look for traces of his daughter.

Eventually, he will find the enemy.

Viola spoke calmly.

“Bright red hair, as if it were burning. Freckles that were densely clustered on the cheeks. She was wearing a small cross-shaped earring in her ear.”


Hickson’s body hardened.

‘Is this Bellato?’

I don’t know who this girl is. But it’s spouting Bellato’s energy.

The atmosphere was like that.

‘There can be no Bellato I don’t know.’

Judging from her clothes, she seemed to be a young girl from a high-ranking family.

But Hickson didn’t fully believe it. Over the past three years, there have been a lot of people who have approached Hickson this way. All to use Hickson’s swordsmanship.

Hickson’s personal misfortune was lucky for many powerful people who needed Hickson.

So Hickson no longer believes in people.

“Even at the moment of dying, the child firmly believed that her father would come to rescue her, she being Hickson’s daughter.”

How she died has not been described in detail. She seems to have been through such a terrible thing that it was reluctant to be described.

“Anyway, she’s definitely dead. I saw it with my own eyes.”

“With your eyes?”

“I told you, I was under the sewer.”

Hickson clenched his fist. Hickson was also expecting it.

That my daughter is dead. So far, however, it has not been admitted. Even now, I don’t want to admit it.

When he was about to shout no, Viola spoke quickly. 

“The uncle was a hero, and he was called the Black Mirror (黑鯨: Black Whale), right?”

“… what the hell do you want to say, kid?”

The tone of speech has become much softer. He seemed to have judged that she was not talking nonsense.

“And the Lord of the Winter Castle, friend to my great father.”

Only then did Hickson know who this girl was.

The winter castle has been buzzing lately. The Duke of Heron said he brought in an adopted daughter from the slum.

Then it made sense. She must have seen my daughter in the slum. Doubts have faded a little.

“Are you viola?”

“That’s right. Anyway, Uncle has excellent skills comparable to my father. But think about it. You’re a hero. Kill and kidnap the hero’s wife and daughter. Then it’s either of them.”

Viola grinned.

“He’s either a crazy guy who lost his nerve without knowing the world.”

If that’s not.

“It’s either a thoroughly planned crime.”

Viola twisted her purple hair gently with her index finger.

“What do you think, sir? Was that the crazy guy who lost his nerve? Or was it some force that was planned and moved thoroughly?”


“If you are a madman who has not lost his cowardly head, you would have found it right away. Because Uncle is a talented man right.”

“But you couldn’t find it. Besides, the timing was exquisite. Right?”

My daughter was kidnapped.

While I was out looking for my daughter, my wife died.

“As if someone’s calculated it finely.”

When I lost my wife and daughter, I was too crazy to look back on the situation.

After that, I became a drunkard and didn’t see the situation exactly.

“And why didn’t you know that a kid like me could figure it out?? Could this be all a coincidence?”

Viola reminded me of that.

Viola felt a little guilty.

This is all you deduce yourself.

Hickson, who came to his senses, reasoned about all of this on his own.

You will find the enemy.

The enemy was also closely related to the final boss of this novel.

“Think about it, old man. Who benefited the most from you going crazy?”

Meanwhile, Zenon looked up at the sky.

The sun was setting. The sky was red. As if it were blood.

The red sunset smeared Viola’s face. Viola’s face seemed to burn.

It’s a beautiful sunset. It’s a good day to wake up the black whale.”

* * *

The conversation ended well.

Quite unusually, Hickson invited Zenon and Viola to the room where he was staying and made tea himself.

Zenon grinned.

“I can’t believe Lord Hickson invited you first. It’s an unprecedented event at the Duke’s residence.”


“Yes, it was a headache because he assaulted innocent guests in the annex, let alone invited them. I heard that the Duke was also in a difficult situation.”

“Are you in trouble too?”

When Hickson raised his head, Zenon coughed in vain.

He sidestepped his gaze and said to Viola.

“Anyway, for three years, Lord Hickson would not allow anyone to break into this space.”

“What about my father?”

“The Duke gave Lord Hickson a room and never came here.”

Viola nodded.

“If it’s my favorite, it’s more than enough.”

I don’t know if he comes to his senses, but he’s not the type to step up first and cheer up and comfort others.

If Hickson came to his senses, he would be friends again as if he had done so, or else he would have killed him himself.

That must have been Heron’s last consideration for a friend.

Viola took a sip of warm apple tea. A fresh scent spread through her mouth.

I didn’t change the story a lot.

Hickson was about to come to his senses anyway.

The novel didn’t change much. Hickson sat in front of the viola.

“My friend, you have an interesting daughter.”

“Everyone says so.”

“So. What do you want?”

“What do you want?”

Hickson smirked.

“I’ve seen a lot of people with eyes like you, kid.”

“What’s with eyes like mine?”

“Heron-like eyes.”

“Do I look like my father? I’m an adopted daughter.”

“I mean, it’s like you’ll never lose a damn thing.”


Viola waited for the moxibustion to ripen.

Why? This is what people do in novels.

I followed the novel. Unfortunately, or fortunately, she was born with an arrogant look.

Thanks to it, she looked like an experienced negotiator.

Hickson said.

“Don’t take a moment, just tell me what you want.”

“I have a dog”.


“It’s a dog, but it’s a person. It’s big. It bites.”

“I see.”

Hickson was strangely easily convinced.

Viola was annoyed by it, but also comfortable.

“Please tame him. 


“Teach him swordsmanship.”

“I don’t want to.”

“I’m going to find your daughter’s killer”.

“I can find him on my own. 

Viola almost lost her words. That story is true. He finds only good things in novels.

It’s because I’m drunk now, but if I get my act together, I’m a hero comparable to the Duke of Heron.

“Why do you hate it?”

“It’s annoying.”

“Just meet him.”

Once they meet, the story changes.

Hickson falls in love as soon as he sees Tundra.

He noticed at once that he was born with a body for swordsmanship.

Hickson said with a tantrum.

“I don’t want to.”

Viola decided to change her strategy a little.



“I thought you would be really cool. Because a dying kid called you so desperately. To me hiding in the sewer, the word “my dad” came like a very sacred language.”

Hickson closed his eyes for a moment.

My heart ached when I thought of my daughter.

“But looking at it now, it’s not cool at all.”


“Do I have to say this?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m, I’m asking the man to help me.”

For a moment, Zenon’s ears twitched.

It came out.

Virtue as a ruler; mercenary skills that can handle people by changing masks freely.

It seemed to stick out. I focused more on Viola’s words.

“I want to live.”

“Who told you would be killed?”

“I studied a lot about this place.”

It was true. I studied a lot about the worldview of novels and became a fan of the characters.

“This place is wild. Here is my mother, who is whipping my brothers they want to kill me. And there’s just a violent father.”

Hickson was particularly sensitive to one word.

“A violent father?”

“My father is indifferent to me. It’s kind of violent to throw me in this wilderness and be so indifferent.”

“You said you were smart. You know why I’m here. You know it, but you’re pretending you don’t.”

Viola held out her hand.

“Please stay on my side.”


“I need an adult to lean on.”

I nailed Hickson to his chest.

“I’m alone.”

Hickson saw Viola’s hand.

Viola’s hands looked particularly pale and small.

Hickson’s eyes began to shake vividly.

He knows because he has raised a daughter.

This child was much younger than her age of seven.

I could believe she was five years old.

A girl of such a small size reached out his hand.

“Hold my hand.”

The last word touched Hickson’s heart.


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