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Following Viola’s orders, Tundra was also given a good room and food.

Zenon knocked and went into Tundra’s room.

A silver tray was held in Zenon’s right hand.

“Here’s your food, Toy Dog.”

“Call me Tundra.”

“I will.”

Zenon chuckled.

I found a note on the desk.

“What is this?”

Letters were visible.

It was the letter of rejection.

“My father always told me to dream… dreams come true.”

He always wrote it down in letters and told me to recite it.

Then you taught me that dreams come true.

“What does it have to do with a pet?”

“Do you know what they call their dogs in aristocratic families these days?”

“Hmm. I don’t.”

Through the slightly open window, the night breeze blew hard.

Whi-ing – the wind cried out.

The front of the tundra flashed in the wind.

The cold air sank to the floor and the atmosphere sank heavily.

Even though he was young, the atmosphere, and aura were like the main characters in this worldview.

“A pet dog.”

“A pet dog?”

Tundra’s eyes became serious. 

The male lead revealed his high aspirations.

“Yes, I’m going to be a dog. That’s my new dream.”

That’s what I decided.

If you learn the sword hard and get recognized as a man.

I think I can be a companion dog to my benefactor, Princess Viola.

She told me that she would be next to me, who lost everything.

She held his hand, patted his head, and held out her hand.

It felt like a small ray of light came into the darkness where everything had disappeared.

“Your dream is to be a pet dog?”

“That’s right.”


The word ‘companion’ set fire to Tundra’s heart. 

Zenon nodded.

“It’s the princess’s pet dog. That’s a pretty good ambition.”


“Congratulations on having a good dream, Tundra.”

“Thank you.”

Zenon celebrated sincerely, and Tundra was seriously congratulated.

at the same time

Viola pulled up the blanket.

“It’s cold.”


The next day, Viola headed with Zenon to the annex of the duke’s residence.

Zenon explained.

“There are a lot of guests living in the annex of the Duke house.”

“I know.”

Usually it is. There are always annexes in a mansion of this size, and there are many guests there.

Guests are divided according to the prestige of the mansion.

Those who can stay as guests of the Duke Bellato.

Most of them, too, are unusual.

A merchant, a descendant of a high family, an outstanding knight, an excellent wizard, and so on.

Among them, Hickson was an unusual figure.

Hickson, who is said to have been on the battlefield with the Duke of Bellatu as a child, was once a hero.

Now a drunkard.

If Hickson was not the Duke’s comrade, he would have been kicked out of the annex long ago.

Hickson stumbled upon Tundra and taught him his swordsmanship.

Hickson was also a character with such a narrative that was saved while teaching Tundra.

“Sir Hickson? The princess is looking for a great man who was once called a hero,”

“Which, I saw it in the annex appendix you gave me.”

“You are. But why Sir Hickson?”

Yeah, that’s because it’s like that in the original novel.

Because the tundra, learned from Hickson, grows rapidly into great genius?

‘I can’t say that.’

Viola curled up her lips and smiled.

“Until the dog ​​becomes a faithful hound. It can’t be restrained.”

“Ah. So, Lord Hickson.” 

Hickson is the man of the annex. An old hero, now a drunken drunkard. 

Nobody checks.

A dog of a princess who learns swordsmanship from a drunkard.

It would be nothing more than gossip.

“But the skills are real.”

“How do you know that?”

“I saw it before.”


  The novel

“In the slums”

“I see.”

Zenon knows it. A few years ago, Lord Hickson had been scouring the slums.

To find his lost daughter. Maybe I saw it then.

‘You mean you saw Lord Hickson’s swordsmanship at the time?’

If Viola had read Xenon’s innermost thoughts, she would have answered in her mind.


I saw it as a novel.

Anyway, Zenon thought.

“I saw Lord Hickson’s swordsmanship and remembered his face accurately.”

A few years ago, a princess would be about three or four years old.

It was a great memory and a keen eye. As expected, it was extraordinary.

Zenon began to guide with satisfaction.

“At this time, he will be drinking in the vacant lot near the annex. I’ll escort you. Princess.”


Viola recalled the story in the novel.

「Hickson was raised by a violent father. Hickson’s only hope was to rescue his mother from her father’s violence.」

at the age of fourteen

Hickson picked up a kitchen knife to save his mother.

「 Fourteen-year-old Hickson became a murderer.」

Then he ran away.

There were more men than my father.

I escaped from my father, and in a way, the world was more terrible than my father.

「Hickson made a promise.

I need to be strong.」

Hickson became stronger.

He learned swordsmanship by following wandering knights, and beat swordsmen by searching for each swordsmanship seal.

He became stronger. After becoming friends with Heron Bellato, he was reborn as a war hero by going on the battlefield.

Once, a young Heron asked Hickson.

「 Hickson, what is your dream?

Hickson replied

To be a warm husband and a great father.」

“Husband or father?”

“Yes. Living with the family that I love and love myself. That’s my dream.”

“It’s a pathetic dream that’s not simple.”

That day, Hickson and Heron fought for four hours.

In the fight, Hickson suffered a major stomach injury and Heron suffered a major arm injury.

After a few years. Heron had no choice but to admit.

“You’ve achieved your dream in the end.”


Hickson met his beloved wife, and gave birth to a daughter, who couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

“First of all, let’s celebrate.”

“Still in your eyes, am I pathetic?”

“It’s simple, but I don’t think it’s pathetic.”

The two fought numerous wars to understand each other more.

Hickson said.

“I’m out of the war now.”」

Heron agreed.

It is regrettable that a powerful comrade named Hickson would be excluded from the war, but Heron respected Hickson’s sincerity.

I’ve seen it for years.

Friend dreamed.

A safe haven called a fence called a family friend who has lived for it all his life.

I respected the dream.

And then, one day.

Hickson’s daughter has been kidnapped. While Hickson went looking for his daughter, his wife was found dead.

Hickson who lost his beloved wive and daughters in one day and became a drunkard.

That was already three years ago.


Xenon was right.

“Oh. Sir Hickson is sitting in the open space over there.”

He was drunk and screaming.

“Zenon wait here.”

“Drunk Lord Hickson is dangerous. Princess. They are called mad dogs because they can’t see anything.”

It’s not once or twice that I got into an accident while drunk.

Several people in the annex were also injured.

It was surprising that the Duke had kept Hickson alive all this time. 

“It’s fine.”

“It’s not that I’m worried that the princess will get seriously hurt.”

Zenon chuckled.

“If the princess is harmed, I’m going to cut off both of Lord Hickson’s legs.”

“But at one point. I had a lot of respect for Sir Hickson.”

Viola looked at Zenon.

She met Zenon’s eyes.


“I’m sorry.”

“You told me not to show it if I have to take a test, right?

Zenon scratched the back of his head.

“I’m trying not to make it obvious, but you’re so quick-witted.””

Oh, my.

I’m in trouble.

I swallowed the words

The test was ‘If you harm the princess’.

Belatu’s princess should not be afraid of it. But I don’t know, maybe there was another reason.

Fear cannot be the reason.

“This is the last warning.”

He acted like Bellato.

“If you repeat the same mistake one more time, I will doubt your qualifications as a butler.”

It was a scarier word than any warning to Zenon.

“Yes, I’ll keep that in mind.”

With Zenon at her back, Viola approached Hickson.

Hickson was throwing a bottle of wine and screaming loudly.

He made a straight shot.

“Mister, will your dead daughter come back?”

Hickson swerved his head. The eyes were blazing red.

His red eyes were as if he had been on drugs. My body was trembling.

“What, you crazy little Girl!”

He certainly didn’t seem sane.

The viola came closer. Henson picked up the bottle.

It felt like he drank a lot. Both cheeks and eyes were red. He acted as if he was going to hit a viola.

If it were an ordinary child, he would have been scared and ran away.

Said Hickson, who was tongue-tied.

“Get lost.”

The viola drew closer.

She became almost as close to Hickson’s body.


Viola looked up at Hickson.

“Your daughter is dead.”

“You crazy thing!”

Hickson raised his palm.

Viola didn’t blink an eye. But she was trembling to death.

You’re not really going to hit me, are you?’

Hickson never hits a child.

No matter how drunk or unconscious he is, he never touches a child. It’s his character, he kept it all his life.

However, when I took the eyes of Hickson, who was once a hero, I felt like my head was going crazy.

‘I believe in the setting!’

I was scared, but I held it in. I made eye contact and hid my fear.

Hickson’s arm in the air trembled and soon calmed down.

“I said get out of here.”

In the end, Hickson did not hit Viola.

Viola opened her mouth, looking at Hickson with an indifferent face, or with a look as if she were looking at something terrible.

““Do you want to know who killed your daughter?”


Just in time, there was a strangely bleak wind that was not like the spring wind.

“I saw it.”

Viola’s purple hair fluttered in the wind.

Just in time, Viola was smiling with the corners of her mouth rolled up. A grim look was made.

The expression and the lifeless beauty of the viola met and exuded a subtle atmosphere.

The atmosphere was just right for Bellato.

Of course, I didn’t mean this either.

However, the natural expression and atmosphere were like that.

My eyes met with Hickson. She said again.

“Do you want me to tell you who killed your daughter?”

Viola decided to write the novel in Ahrin’s way.


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