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The flower hand moved arbitrarily.

When I saw the luxury egg tart with my own eyes, I could somehow endure it.

However, the problem was the spring breeze that flew over the window.

The sweet smell of fluffy egg tarts permeated the spring breeze.

I picked up the egg tart.



I put another whole thing in my mouth.

‘Ugh. This is the taste…!’

And 1 second later, I experienced hell.

Even Carlton, the general butler, was staring at Viola in dismay.

Even Zenon looked at Viola with a slightly worried expression.

Once this fluffy egg tart was in my mouth, I was able to come to my senses.

‘This isn’t it.’

I didn’t expect my body to move like this.

Viola picked up the egg tart with two fingers, hiding her dismay.

It happened, and it had to be dealt with.

“I’ll give you one.”

I handed it over to the Duke of Heron.

“It is very delicious.”

“Are you giving me?”

“Yes, in particular.”

“It looks like a waste”.

“It’s a pity.”

“Then why give me?”

“But you’re my dad.”

Heron Bellato raised his hand.

Viola flinched in an instant.

I felt like I would have a poisoned dagger in his hand.

Heron’s index finger touched Viola’s cheek.


He wiped the viola’s cheek with a nonchalant hand, as if wiping off the dust.

“Zenon, make sure to teach etiquette. I’ve never seen Bellato eat with something in her mouth like this.”

Heron raised his hand. It covered his fingers with yellow cream.

Heron wiped off the cream with a napkin. 

Then stood up from his seat.

“Just one question, Viola.”


“Everybody in Winter Castle pays homage to me when they see me. With your right hand on your chest and your head down. Why didn’t you do that?”

Viola sat and looked up at Duke Heron.

I couldn’t swallow the egg tart completely.

Thanks to that, my mouth was still busy.


The luxurious egg tart melted in your mouth.

It would be regrettable that it was gone, so I ate it gently with my tongue.

Viola, who came to her senses to some extent, said.

The male lead, Tundra, has a Tundra-tailored conversation, and Heron has a Heron-tailored conversation. 

“Is that what you want?”


“If it’s what Dad wants, I’ll do it too.”

In fact, Heron, Duke of Bellato, never had him do anything like that.

As a child, Heron Bellato dreamed of a beautiful world.

There was a time when I dreamed of becoming a hero.

However, the walls of reality were harsh.

It was not possible to become the lord of the winter castle, only beautifully and cleanly.

He had to kill countless people and monsters to get to where he is now, and he earned the title of Duke of Thousand Kills.

And in the end, I raised Winter Castle this much.

He has become the continent’s strongest shield to protect mankind from the ‘place where the snow blows in the north’.

People respected Heron, but at the same time, they were afraid.

Rael was the only one who wasn’t afraid of Heron.

She treated the heron not as a heron of a thousand kills, but as a human heron.

Rael always asked.

‘Is that what you want?’

“No, I didn’t.’

‘What you don’t want, I won’t do it.’

In front of Rael, Heron could be the only human Heron.

“But I don’t think my father wants that.”

“Does it look like that to you?”

“Yes, if it’s something my father doesn’t want, I won’t do it.”

I swallowed the last egg tart that was left.

The Duke looked at the viola for a long time before speaking again.

“Is all this a mask?”

At the moment, Viola did not understand.

I don’t know what a mask is, but I understood.

No. not a mask,

It’s just my body moving on its own.

If I answer like that, I’ll be in big trouble, right?’

An empty woman who can’t keep her own body

It would be unacceptable to the Duke of Heron.

Then I might as well say yes.

For the time being, she remained silent.

Like a silent affirmation.

“Zenon told me she’s a seven-year-old girl who wears a mask and knows how to control her opponent.”

“You gave me a generous score.”

“Wearing a mask was a good choice. To become a ruler, you must know how to wear a lot of masks. Besides, you are not pureblood.”

“Good teaching. Thank you.”

“But the mask now is wrong.”


“Bellato should be like Bellato. Do you understand?”

It’s not Bellato’s way to play cute.

You shouldn’t be cute. You can’t get Bellato’s last name with that.

Heron was going to say that, but he didn’t.

Viola stared at Heron and opened her mouth.


“Say it”

“I want you to be a real father.”

“I’m not lying.”

 Han Ahrin was a person who understood the character Heron well.

He is a very different person than he appears on the outside.

The current Heron Duke is a Heron Duke created and refined by the environment.

He wasn’t like that from the beginning.

“So please cherish me.”

Carlton, who had been listening quietly, almost collapsed for a moment as his body gave out.

After decades of serving the Duke, he has never heard such complaints.

How can you ask him to cherish you? It doesn’t suit Bellato.

What kind of Bellato would say something like that?

But I started in the future.

 Horrible rumors circulated in the Duke’s residence that the princess was killed or cut.

“It’s not like Bellato, princess. Be careful what you say and do.”

You’re going to die.

Carlton was genuinely a little worried about Viola. 

However, Han Ahrin thought differently.

He secretly raises a cute hedgehog in “Our fearsome favorite character is the crown of the beast with the magic of a seven-fold hierarchy”. You don’t know anyone!”

T/N: Don’t understand what it means

It was a setting that the characters did not know and only the readers knew.

Even in the novel, this content does not appear.

‘Our Duke is weak to cuteness.

However, the author had released a setting book before, and there was definitely something like this.

So, this content could only be known by genuine readers who searched the author’s blog and went through the novel’s setting collection about 17 times.

Of course… I won’t be able to ‘Viola had no intention of acting cute. In the first place, this body was far from cute.

According to the setting, a heavenly gifted killer was born with the ‘killing star’.

It’s a body that can’t be cute even if it’s cute. I decided to give up on the cuteness.

‘I can never be cute. So instead of pretending to be cute, I approach it with an emotional approach.’

She had to be good at walking a tightrope.

You can’t go too far or not enough.

There’s that subtle line.

‘Because there’s that subtle baseline that only serious readers can know!’

It was a bit sad.

It would have been better if the character Viola was cute. 

‘Let’s stop thinking about it.’

Duke Heron stared blankly at Viola, then turned his back.

“See you at the welcome dinner.”

Viola grabbed the hem of her skirt and bowed.


The meeting between the father and daughter ended like that.


In the carriage returning to the duke’s residence.

The Duke looked out through the carriage window.

Outside the window, children were playing, bouncing marbles.

Today, strangely, that image stuck in my mind.


“Yes, Duke.”

“Are young children’s cheeks originally that soft?”

“It tends to cut easily even with dull blades because of the light skin. Instead, recovery is fast.”

Why? Are you going to cut it?

Carlton’s heart sank a little. 

Since she’s still young, why don’t you give her a little more chance?

Carlton is the closest aide to Duke Heron.

He thought he had read Duke Heron’s heart with confidence.

But it was a relief.

‘The Duke never kills children under the age of ten. You’ll be safe for the time being, Princess Six. So please come to your senses.’

You will have to show a more Bellato-like appearance.

A messy look today. The Duke hates it.

Carlton was so sure.

The duke asked again.

“Do young children eat with food in their mouths like that?”

Carlton got a little serious.

It seems that the Duke was greatly disappointed.

It seems that she was very different from the five children who were born in the prestigious, aristocratic Bellato family and received regular etiquette education.

‘I’m going to have to defend you.’

So the arrow of responsibility was put on Zenon.

“It seems that Zenon hasn’t started teaching etiquette yet. As the general butler, I will advise Zenon well.”


The Duke was silent for another while.

Carlton was sure it was because the Duke was upset. 

After a while, the Duke asked again.

“Do they look cute in the eyes of the butler?”

Of course.

As expected, you’re in a bad mood.

Carlton sighed inwardly.

What do you mean cute?

That can’t happen.

No, it shouldn’t be.

The words Bellato and Cute are more contradictory than the words water and oil.

‘Zennon, you’re going to get in trouble.’

Zenon praised her as a great princess, but looking at it now, it seems that the duke was very disappointed.

“It doesn’t matter.”


“She was just clumsy in manners.”

Still, he is a child who came to the Duke’s house only a few days ago.

There was already a feeling that it was a waste to throw her away.

Once again, he spoke carefully, with a sincere heart.

“However, since she is very young and has only been in the winter castle for a few days, I think it would be good to give her a little more time. The 10 days that the duke permitted have not yet passed.”

The Duke lowered his gaze.

The conversation with Carlton is over.

Carlton is right. It’s just that she’s clumsy in manners.

That’s exactly what it is.

The Duke’s eyes contained fingers that touched her chubby cheeks earlier.

The touch came to mind.

I wiped the cream with this hand.

There was yellow cream on it.

I also remembered her persistent gaze at Egg Tart.

Viola was amazing.

I’ll give you one.

“Yes, in particular.”

Is that what you want?’

Is it all a mask?

“Please be a real dad. I’m not lying. So treat me dearly.”

Heron laughed involuntarily.


… huh?

Carlton, who watched this, was puzzled.

But he thought she was lucky. He didn’t seem to have any intention of throwing away or slashing the princess.

“You don’t seem to be in a bad mood, Duke.”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a child playing tricks on me wearing a mask.”

The Duke of Heron reasoned and thought rationally.

Now the kid is wearing a mask.

He trusted Zenon’s report.

She completely concealed her madness, and she put on a mask that looked like ‘I’m an ignorant child’.

Heron smirked.

“That’s smart.”

But Carlton began to feel strange little by little from there.


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