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The butler brought two dresses. One suit was white and one suit was blue. Both beautiful jewelry and trinkets. And they were dresses covered in dazzling lace. But of course, it wasn’t Viola’s taste.

“They’re both bad.”

“I’ve been struggling to get the clothes seven-year-old girls love the most, princess.”

So that was the problem. Her body was seven years old, but her mind is a modern 21-year-old adult. There was no way that princess clothes like that would fit in the castle.

“I think you’ll look cute wearing it.”

“No way.”

What kind of test was this again?

‘It would have been nice if Viola was a cute character.’

Then she would spray on her dad or older brother or older sister! Wow! Beep! Point! While doing it, she wondered if the sweet romance world that was love would have unfolded.

‘It’s ruined. The cuteness is over.’

Viola looked at her own face several times in the mirror. She pretended to be a villainess, and she had no one to match. She subtly thought that her body, which radiated the aura of a murderer, could not be cute.

“Not good.”

“My mistake.”

Zenon took out his notebook and took notes.

“What are you writing?”

“The kind of dresses the Princess hates.”

After all, this was a fantasy world, and it was natural for the young lady to wear a dress. Still, there were dresses that were comfortable to work in.

“This will do.”

Among the dresses full of wardrobe, she chose simple clothes with less ornaments. In the meantime, Viola was constantly suspicious and vigilant. Dating suddenly?

Zenon asked her out on a date.

There was a place inside the Winter Castle that selled very tasty ‘egg tarts,’ he said. There is only one menu. People came there from the southern end to eat egg tarts. In fact, Viola knew. This egg tart was also a specialty of Winter Castle.

‘There must be a plan?’

Obviously there would be one but she didn’t know what it was.

So she didn’t relax.

‘I still want to eat.’

Viola’s seven-year-old body found it difficult to overcome the gluttony of 21-year-old Han Arin. Twenty-one-year-old Han Arin originally had a strong appetite for food. As a child, not being able to eat delicious food was a kind of trauma for her. After she turned 20, she ate as much as she wanted. She had an upset stomach and even when she took digestive medicine she was even.

But the body of a seven-year-old could not withstand the appetite of a twenty-one-year-old. And egg tartlets! There was a gap between the body and the mind, and the body strongly indulged in egg tarts.

Her appetite wriggled.

‘It’s a date proposal I can’t refuse!’

Towards Viola, who was wearing a white dress, Zenon held out her hand in the white glove.

“I will escort you, princess.”


Viola was expecting. In the novel, it was expressed as a heavenly taste. Freshly baked yellow egg tart sprinkled with cinnamon.

A rough description was: In an instant, a warm and fluffy texture fills the mouth, and that fluffy sweetness travels through the body’s blood vessels and reaches the toes…”

Egg tart restaurant with Zenon. She headed to Azulesia.

* * *

As a result, the egg tart was a success.

‘It’s really delicious!’

A deep sense of happiness welled up in her heart. At this moment, it seemed that there would be no regrets even if she died after eating this. The expression that the sweet smell was transmitted from the mouth to the toes was not a lie.

‘Okay! This is life.’

It was the first happiness she felt after the possession. She did a good job pretending. S felt that way for the first time. However, all the bakers stood up from their seats.


She suddenly became sober. People were putting their right hand on their chest. It looked like a salute to pay respect.

With a title thousand years old. Heron Bellato walked in. Everyone in the bakery put down the egg tarts they were eating and carefully bowed their heads. People in the Winter Castle revered Heron Bellato. It was awe. Not with dread and horror, but the holy fear of those who recognized the glorified. Or it meant pious reverence. The people of Winter Castle were like that.

There was awe in their eyes. Both fear and respect for the great lord of the Winter Castle were buried. They raised their right hand on their chest in awe and held that position with their heads bowed. towards the owner of Winter Castle.

The surroundings became quiet. No one dared to eat an egg tart in front of the thousand-year-old Duke. It was the minimum courtesy and respect that the residents gave to the monarch. However, there was the only person who did not show that courtesy and respect.


Someone ate an egg tart. The surroundings were so quiet that even the sound could be heard loudly.

* * *

Viola was taken aback.

‘Uh… ?’

She had to get up, but her body didn’t move. The only thing that moved was the hand and mouth towards the egg tart.

‘Should I move?’


Viola’s body was also in a hurry, so she put the whole tart in her mouth.

The cheeks were puffed up. Yellowish cream, like egg cream, smeared around her lips. It was a little messy.

She was tasting sweet happiness. For about two seconds, Viola experienced heaven.

‘Ah… Taste so good…’

And that heaven was short-lived. It was heaven with a validity period of 2 seconds. A desolate atmosphere caught her eye.

‘It was a big deal.’

Her body stiffened. Everyone else was getting up and bowing, but she was the only one eating the egg tart. The sound was also very loud.

She could feel the eyes of Duke Heron and the people in the crowd.

‘ Ah, this is my body’s fault. It’s not that I’m being rude…’

Viola wanted to cry. Everyone was looking her way. Some of them even rolled their eyes in her direction. Some of the faces even showed shock.

A child sitting calmly and savoring an egg tart at the place where the Lord of the Winter Castle appeared. How did she get etiquette education? That was what their eyes were saying.

Viola wanted to cry.

‘This is because my body didn’t listen to me…’

The body of this seven-year-old was very vulnerable to sleep, appetite, and bowel movements. So, it was even more so when there was a huge gap between the spirit of 21-year-old Han Ah-rin and the body of 7-year-old Viola. Growing up in her orphanage, Han Arin had an extraordinary appetite for ‘sweet desserts’.

She knew how delicious an egg tart like this was. Her mind craved the egg tart. The body of the 7-year-old Viola could not overcome the strong desire of the 21-year-old spirit. Viola’s body was endowed with the gift of a powerful killer, but she had no tolerance for sweet desserts.


She didn’t know why Duke Heron appeared there. It’s kind of like a date. It couldn’t be… She felt cheated by Zenon.

He’s so handsome!

Her favorite was the one she knew best! She ate with peace of mind.

She caught her breath.

‘Let’s pretend not to panic! I have to be resolute!’

Duke Heron moved on. He raised his hand slightly and then people sat down. They kept their voices as low as possible and carefully continued their story.

Duke Heron sat down in front of Viola, and she bowed her head slightly.


Duke Heron’s expressionless face caught her eye. Again, a huge gap arose between the spirit of 21-year-old Han Arin and the body of 7-year-old Viola.

‘He’s really handsome.’

The first day in that book was hectic. She couldn’t afford to appreciate that handsomeness properly. But now she could see it again. There was nothing wrong with the content of the novel.

⌠Number of young ladies dressed up to win Heron’s heart. In the social world, the popularity of the absurd book “101 Ways to Catch the Heart of Heron Bellatu” was skyrocketing.⌡

21-year-old Han Arin had met many people, and she had seen proud and beautiful faces on TV and on her cell phone. So she could feel more desperate.

‘You are insanely beautiful.’

Black bangs that flowed randomly. Sharp eyes peeking out from under the flowing bangs. For some reason, the black eyes, which contained the aura of reciprocity, seemed to flow beyond the sexual energy. His sharp nose and even sharper jawline seemed to reveal this man’s fine sharpness to the fullest. Was this what a lily flower with poisonous thorns feels like?

Even though she knew that if she reached out and touched him she would die, but in the end, she felt like she would stretch out her hand intoxicated by his beauty.

‘How did a person look like that?’

Viola pinched her thigh slightly. She knew her father was handsome, but she had to keep her straight. The opponent was the Duke of Thousand Years, Heron Bellato.

She almost looked at him like a fan in reality.

“Why are you staring at me like that?”

She must have stared at him too much.

“Is it rude to look into the face of my father-to-be?”

Honorifics and flatulence. She thought about what to do, but since there were a lot of people watching, she decided to say something respectful.

“That’s wrong.”


“Not the one who will be your father, because I am already your father.”

Butler Carlton, who was standing behind Duke Heron, handed over a document.

Heron showed the papers.

“As of yesterday, you are my daughter, perfect on paper.”

“Should I thank you?”

Heron Bellato didn’t like children who were obedient and kind. He liked beasts of prey that could find and eat their prey on their own. He prefered a charging cat to a cowering lion.

‘Let’s never be scared.’

She made a promise in his heart, and she made a promise again.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to express your gratitude?”


For a moment, Heron Bellato slightly frowned.

“Why are you often asking why?”

“I did it twice.”

Duke Heron shut his mouth.

Viola managed to grab hold of her trembling legs. It was an expressionless face, but she felt a great sense of intimidation.

He suddenly rose from his seat and swung his sword at her throat! It felt like he was going to cut it off.

“Twice is often enough.”

Those words sounded like, ‘Two blades are enough to sever the throat’.

As a reader, Viola, like Han Arin, who fanned Heron Bellato, tried to overcome this situation. With a more relaxed, cool-headed, and arrogant expression, ‘You brought me because my father wanted something from me too. As if he had married her mothers of convenience,’ she was about to reply.

But her body hardly listened.

Today, Han Arin’s appetite beat Viola’s body.

‘Stop it, hand! Bad hand!’

Her hands started to move wildly.


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