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It had nothing to do with Viola’s will.

“Come on… hey.”

Her body fell apart.

‘Sol… ryo.’

Her consciousness became hazy and she fell asleep.

3:45 in the morning.

The body of a seven-year-old could not handle it. The body of a seven-year-old was very vulnerable to basic human needs. Eat, cheap and sleep. In particular, these three were very weak. She couldn’t stand it when she was too sleepy, or too hungry. At that time, regardless of her will, her body moved on its own just like now.

Viola fell asleep. As her inhalation and exhalation alternated, Viola’s chest rose and fell slowly. Zenon stared blankly at it.

“This is true.”

He scratched the back of his head.

“Is it rude to say this?”

Zenon calmly bent over her and gently covered her with the blanket. A few strands of her purple hair were tucked into Viola’s mouth. As if she was dreaming, Viola chewed her hair.

Zenon pulled a little of her hair out. Her hair brushed her plump cheeks. Viola tossed and turned her body, as if something tickled her.

“You look cute when you sleep.”

She was a very Bellato princess, and when she was sleeping she seemed to have no excess of other children.

Zenon was serious.

‘She is earnestly cute.’

She was much smaller than her seven-year-old peers. It was hard to believe that she was five years old.

He looked up and saw that she was sleeping with her eyes very slightly open. Zenon closed Viola’s eyelids with a much gentler and more careful hand than when covering her with the blanket.

He raised his back.

“It’s okay.”

Looking at the sleeping Viola, he thought she was cute. But she wasn’t cute until that point. Because he was testing her.

‘Come on… hey.’

It was meant to be taken care of soon.

‘There’s no way someone who can handle mana like that can’t control her sleep, right?’

He saw mana being handled firsthand when she threw her quill at Vicen, when subduing Tundra in an instant and when she slapped him own cheek.

Mana was a product of this era that gave superhuman strength. There’s no way a person who handles mana that much couldn’t sleep… He misunderstood with common sense.

‘Is that on purpose?’

This was for the butler Zenon, a test to figure it out himself It was also a way of indirectly showing that reporting to the Duke was nothing special to her. She was extremely Bellato.

‘Looking… I’ll figure it out.’

Zenon chuckled.

He extinguished the light of the magic lamp. He came out slowly, not uttering his footsteps in case Viola would wake up. The smile on Zenon’s lips did not disappear.

Zenon quietly closed the door and spoke softly.

“I’ll try to pass the test, princess.”

It was a bizarre test in which no one gave problems, only those who solved them.

* * *

5 am.

It was the time when Duke Heron Bellato opened his eyes. As usual, Heron got up from the bed.

After losing his first wife, Rael, whom he truly loved, he always slept alone. He took two more wives to produce an heir, but he never slept with them except when necessary.

As always, it was the general butler, Carlton, who greeted the morning with Heron Bellato.

“I will prepare a bathrobe and hot tea.”

Duke Heron lived like a machine. He always wake up at 5 o’clock. At that time, Carlton visits the Duke’s bed and waits on him. Duke Heron took a shower for exactly 15 minutes and then walked out of the shower. He put on the white shower gown Carlton had given me.

Through the gaping shower gown, you could see the pectoral muscles that looked as if they had been carved with a carving knife, and the deeply pitted abs.

Butler Carlton approached Duke Heron. He opened the Duke Heron’s shower gown with his white gloved hand. He pulled the straps off his back and tied a ribbon around the front of his shower gown. The Duke’s sleek body was hidden by the shower gown.

“If Mrs. Rael was alive, she would have hated it.”

“She is dead.”

⌠’You always come out like this after taking a shower and request me to put it right. I’m always worried you would get stomach ache.’⌡

Duke Heron nodded his head with an expressionless face. Rael had always been like that.

⌠’Then you would get a stomach ache.’

‘I don’t get an upset stomach.’⌡

Duke Heron’s body contained powerful mana that protects itself. It is a body that did not have an upset stomach no matter what he ate or did. But Rael’s concern was good. He liked and appreciated Rael’s approach, so he deliberately untied his shower gown every time.

⌠‘I told you many times that you would ger a stomach ache, right? Will you not listen to me like this?’

‘Wouldn’t it be fine if you always did this?’⌡

Those words were actually Duke Heron’s wish. He wanted Rael to be by his side.

She was the only person in a lifetime he didn’t want to die. She was someone he loved with all his heart and soul. So he deliberately said this.

⌠‘It is your calling to take care of my health. Never forget your calling.’⌡

It meant, please don’t leave me and die. From the first time he met Rael, Rael was his terminally ill life. The priests of the temple were also afflicted with an incurable and incurable disease. Still, Heron loved Rael. She had been everything in his life.

‘I have to be able to do this on my own.’

“I am busy. I don’t have time to worry about these little things.”

He deliberately spread out his shower robe. It has become a habit now. But this habit was also the Duke’s way of remembering Rael.

“I will tell you about today’s schedule.”

But today, there was a special schedule.

“Twenty-five minutes ago, Zenon said he would report face-to-face. He is currently waiting outside. It is said to be a report related to the 6th princesses.”

* * *

Duke Heron listened to Zenon’s report while drinking tea. After hearing the report, Heron smiled faintly.

“An interesting report.”

Particularly interesting was the part where Isabella and Viola met.

“Isabella is on guard.”

The Duke did not love Duchess Isabella. However, he acknowledges her ability as a hostess. Duchess Isabella was essential to this duchy. That Isabella was wary of Viola, that was only seven years old.

Zenon said as if he was troubled.

“I didn’t even say that she was wary, Duke.”

“Isabella tells me most of the work in her household.”

The reverse was also true. Duke Heron discusses many things with Isabella. The two were in a political marriage relationship, helping each other according to their interests.

“But she didn’t talk about Viola.”

That meant that she didn’t want to talk about Viola with the Duke. It could be interpreted that she was on guard.

Carlton, who was standing next to him, asked cautiously.

“Isn’t it because she decided that it wasn’t even worth talking about?”

“Listening to Zenon’s report, it doesn’t seem like that.”

Carlton glanced at the Duke in his chair.

‘In a long while… There’s someone who the Duke is interested in.

Fifteen years have passed since the death of the Duchess Rael. Since then the Duke lost his emotions and just buried in work.

The Duke was just like a person who was chased by something. And at the same time he was the only Bellato who could be gentle. He was the great monarch of the Winter Castle after all.

Heron asked.

“When is the welcome dinner?”

“It is 3 days later.”

“What time do I have free before that?”

“The official schedule is empty from 3 pm to 5 pm tomorrow.”


The Duke of Heron decided to meet his adoptive daughter.

“It’s extremely Belatto, it’s like an advanced Bellato.”

Progressive Bellato. At first glance, it feels bad.

“She is a seven -year -old adoptive daughter who knows how to wear a thorough mask and use his opponent. If you meet, you won’t regret it.”

“My time is expensive, Zenon.”

“Of course.”

The time of the Duke was gold. If you take that time into meaningless things, it’s greater than that of robbed gold.

Zenon knew that.

“I was confident when I asked for a face -to -face report.”

“Yes, the poor girl has taken the test.”

“The poor girl is a test for you.”

Duke of Heron smiled faintly.

The Duke always suspected the qualities of the successor. If the successor did not grow properly, the butlers were culled. Therefore, always suspect and always test the successor. That was the way of survival of deacons. On the contrary, that little Bellatu appeared to test the butler.

Zenon laughed.

“If the meeting with the Duke is completed, I might be able to score some points with the princess. Of course, if the meeting is not very satisfactory…”

He scratched his head.

“Wouldn’t it be time for me to kill her?”

“I will visit you at 3 pm tomorrow.”

“All right.”

Zenon bowed and set up.

“Oh. I have one more thing. It’s not a formal report, but… This is not as the butler Zenon, but as a person who wants to speak personally. ”

“Say it.”

Carlton also listened.

Zenon was the person who Heron brought directly to it. He had never seen him add personal opinions.

“Viola is actually cute.”


He saw the appearance of the sleeping princess while chewing her hair. And it was cute.

“It’s cute. It is not Belatto, but it is more than anyone else. It’s really amazing. ”

“It’s useless.”

What Carlton listened to was a little disappointing.

‘Is she cute?’

Even if it’s heavily armed with the charisma of the monarch, a cute Bellatu?

‘It’s a useless virtue.’

That was why he didn’t add it as a formal report. Where could Bellato use that? Cuteness was not important to Bellato.

Heron thought the same.

“See you tomorrow at 3 o’clock.

One day has passed since then.


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