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After the discussion was over, Viola sat down on the sofa.

Tundra collapsed and exhaled a small breath. Just looking at his appearance, he seemed to be out of breath at any moment.

‘I have to use the setting in the novel well.’

Tundra has two forms. He felt a great liking for her appearance as a ruler. Tundra falls in love with Viola’s ruler form in the original work. However, he always feels a lack in one side of his heart. Tundra, who was abandoned by his mother, was in a state of lack of affection that he did not recognize himself. He longs for Viola to be warm and benevolent. However, in the original work, Viola did not have such an appearance. Later, Tundra was eventually stabbed to death by Viola. The novel went in a direction that was not beautiful to anyone.

Arin thought it would be nice if this novel went in a slightly more beautiful direction.

Tundra said quietly.



“…Is this?”

“What are you saying now?”

“Sincerity… Is it?”

‘It won’t be ok, but I’ll be by your side.’

He wanted to ask if she was serious.

Before Viola could answer, Tundra fainted. He only came to his senses after three hours.

“…What can I do now?”

He just had to grow up healthy and take her side. His very existence would be a great strength to her. If she introduced him to Sir Hickson later, he would become a sword master on his own.

Tundra concluded alone.

“Didn’t you say you need a dog that is loyal externally?”

“That’s right.”

“Should I call you Master?”

“Okay. That would be better.”

Tundra was lost in thought for a moment. Then he nodded his head.

“Okay. Then I will call you master.”

He called himself her dog. He was determined, but it was uncomfortable to hear such words.

‘This is a fantasy world.’

In the world view of Bellato that was cute. On the other hand, Tundra was very quick to adapt to the situation.

He spoke with an emotionless look and tone.

“If you want me to bark, I will bark, if you want me to lick your feet, I will lick you.”

No, wait. Hadn’t she ever said that? Why was he licking her feet? That was dirty!

“So keep your promise.”

“What promise?”

“To be by my side even if it was not okay.”

Viola glanced at Tundra. She hadn’t looked at him directly for a long time because her heart ached so much. It was like looking at Kang Joon in a messy state.

“Promise… keep it.”

Tundra’s eyes were red.

Whoever it was good, because she just wanted someone to be by her side. Viola knew it too well. So she barely answered.

“Respect. Make sure to respect this house law. Because habits matter.”

Tundra nodded and responded like a male lead with insight.

“Yes. I will become the owner’s dog and help you swallow Bellato.”

“…tomorrow. Let’s go to your father.”

She told Zenon to prepare a single chrysanthemum flower.

* * *

In front of the messed up cabin. Tundra wielded a wooden bat, screeching her whale whale.

“Go away, you bastards!”

When he came to know about it, the bald eagle was digging up and eating the corpse of Tundra’s father. Tundra held onto his father’s corpse and cried for a long time.

“You said you stay by my side! Even if mother abandoned me, father promised not to abandon me!”

He cried for a long time.

Viola was not particularly comforting so she just let it go. She wouldn’t be able to console him anyway.

Kang Joon did just that. Instead of using comforting words, he just stayed by her side. Like that he became a support for young Arin.

Viola approached Tundra. And just stayed by her side.

Tundra sobbed for a long time on his knees before looking up at Viola. Seeing his tear-stained face, Viola averted her gaze in pain.



“Can I hug you?”

Viola’s body trembled.

‘With a face like that.’

With Kang Joon’s face. With Kang Joon’s body. She didn’t want to be so pathetic.

‘He is not Joon.’

But she couldn’t deny it.

She came closer to Tundra and hugged him slightly. She patted him on the back.

The twelve-year-old Tundra was much taller than the seven-year-old Viola. Viola felt like a young Arin pounding.


But it was far from her rational feelings.


Again, her consciousness was clouded. It seemed like this would happen if she looked into Tundra’s eyes for a long time or had skinship with him.

‘ Uh… red… woah. ’ 

Zenon, who was quietly watching from behind, noticed it.

‘The real one again!’

Viola’s eyes turned red. Seeing that, Zenon got a little excited.

‘Now, you can kill a toy by stabbing it in the back of the neck at any time.’

It looked like Viola was practicing her play. The force in her eyes was proving it.

The red-eyed Viola and Zenon’s eyes met. And then Viola smiled. It was the subtle laugh of a blood-crazed murder ear that found a toy. Viola’s eyes were filled with deep force and curiosity. How to stab well, how to kill well, she was like a pupil contemplating with pleasure.

“You are really Bellato.”

She was extremely Bellato, and sometimes not Bellato at all.

‘If it’s an adopted daughter, it must be different. Because she’s not pureblood.’

Princess Viola’s future was expected. It was amazing how she naturally changed her mask like that. At that age, with that kind of mask and that kind of tricks.

Tundra dug the ground with his own hands. His hands were bleeding, but he didn’t care. He laid his father in the deep earth. He buried him deeply so that wild beasts would not eat it again.

Tundra bowed his head at his father’s grave.


Of course, no answer came.

“Thank you for being by my side all this time.”

Although he was a poor father, he was a proud father to Tundra.

“Don’t worry. Now someone else is by my side. It’s a princess.”

Viola held out a chrysanthemum. Tundra received the chrysanthemum and courageously wiped away his tears and laid down the flower in front of his father’s grave.

“I will go now. You’ve been through so much. Don’t suffer anymore; rest in peace in heaven.”

* * *

Viola and Tundra returned to the room.


Zenon opened the door and entered.

“Did you call, princess?”

“This dog. I don’t like it.”

She pointed her finger at Tundra. And he flinched.

“Then shall I kill him now?”

“Give him a room and feed him warm food.”

The condition of Tundra was not very good. Even considering that this place was a fantasy world that was less affluent than Earth.

Maybe Tundra didn’t eat properly when he grew up. Because he was the son of a poor hunter.


“If my dog is like this, my dignity will go down.”

Viola laughed lightly. There was elegance and grace in her expression. At least it was so in Zenon’s view.

“Everything I have must be beautiful. Even if it is a toy.”

‘So eat a lot of delicious food and cheer up.’

If she made Joon’s face look like that, she would get annoyed with him. It was strange. Had she become a tsundere?

“Zenon, do you understand?”

“Yes, that is a good word.”

Zenon was convinced. It was impressive.

The saying that everything she had must be beautiful was effective. Because that was so Bellato. So Zenon bowed deeply.

“I respect you, princess Viola Bellato.”

There seemed to be a strange emphasis on ‘Bellatu’, but Viola didn’t care much.

And hours passed.

‘It’s about time.”

Vixen would be beaten and moaning in the floor. She had to make Tundra her side, but she also had to make Vicen her side. It was a long way to go.

She headed to Vicen’s room. But there, an unexpected person was waiting for Viola. She left the bloodied and fallen Vicen at her feet.

‘Burning red hair and pale skin. A look like a viper.’

Bright red lips as if they had eaten a mouse. A mysterious atmosphere like a witch somewhere. She was a strangely beautiful woman nonetheless.

Viola immediately recognized who the woman was.

‘Duchess Isabella.’

The wealth of this family. She was a duchess with power and prestige next to Duke Heron. There was no love between the two, but it is a relationship that was faithful to each other.

“You are the princess Viola.”

“Hello, Duchess Isabella.”

“You recognized me right away. It looks like you studied hard.”

Viola involuntarily bit her lip. It felt like a huge venomous snake was glaring at her. It seemed that if she didn’t come to her senses, she would lose her mind and collapse right here. After all, this was a fantasy world. A place where you could stun a person with just a glance. A world where life, mana, and magic existed.

‘Never lose momentum.’

She hid her heart. If she looked down on them once here, it’s over.

“Yes, the Bellato duchy is bloody wild.”

“The level of understanding is high.”

Duchess Isabella’s lips drew an arc.

“Is it because you are from the slums? You seem to be quick-witted.”

She looked at Vicen, who fell to the ground, and sighed.

“My son is nice, but he has no venom. It must have been because he was born into a noble family and grew up like a flower in a thread.”

“So ‘You are from the slums. Don’t hang out with my noble son, when your lineage is unknown’. You say it quite noblely.”


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