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Chapter 10 – Difficult Younger Sister

With the afternoon classes over smoothly, Bianca headed for the carriage stop to board the carriage for the ride home. She called out to the waiting coachman.

“Where is Brother?”

“Master Julian has already left.”

“No, I’m talking about Brother Satias.”

The coachman flashed a startled look subsequently. Bianca tilted her head, perplexed as to why everyone had assumed it was about Julian.

“Master Satias will probably be a little delayed since he went to the library after the student council meeting.”

“I see. Well then, I will be dropping by the library since I wish to return with him.”

The coachman replied, “Very well,” with a stunned expression.


Bianca made her way to the library, where Regina had shown her around earlier in the day. Accordingly, the library was a majestic four-story stone temple-like structure with a treasure room underneath. While pondering about having her eldest brother take the time to guide her around the library next time, she spent a while looking through the collections of books.

Stopping at a bookshelf lined with storybooks, she wondered what sort of books she had read in the past. She picked up a random book and flipped through the pages.

“Bianca, what are you doing?”

A voice called out from behind her, frightening her enough that she jumped. It was Satias.

“Brother! I’ve been waiting for you.”

The coincidence of running into him in a library like this filled her with joy.

“Is something wrong?”

The older brother creased his brow lightly and adopted a complicated expression. In this way, he became even more unapproachable.

“I am waiting for you. Let’s go home together.”

Without care or concern, Bianca grinned at him. This must be the kind of face her brother had.

“Huh, is that why you’re here?”


“Why again… Do you enjoy hanging out with me?” the older brother asked incredulity.

“Well, who knows? At the very least, being with Brother makes me feel most at ease. Besides, being home alone is somewhat tough for me.”

“Then just wait a little longer.”

Having said that, Satias disappeared behind the bookshelf.


Afterward, she left with her eldest brother and returned to her room for a change of clothes. When she descended to the dining room, Julian and their mother, Irene, were eating ahead of her.

“Where is Brother Satias?”

The eldest brother was not present. Was he taking a long time to prepare?

“Satias often takes his dinner in his room. Seeing that he hasn’t come down, it looks like it might be the same today,” said Irene, seemingly unconcerned.

That convinced her, given that they did not see each other during meals.

Unless their father said to have dinner together, the family members would not be gathered at the dining table. Bianca wondered whether aristocratic households were like this everywhere.


“Satias, can I have a moment?”

As Satias was grabbing a late lunch on the café’s terrace, Lyle, the son of Marquis Aswan, came over to him.

“Not really, but is there something you want to talk about?” Satias responded bluntly. Lyle didn’t let that bother him.

“Well, your sister has started attending the academy again, hasn’t she? I simply want to send her my greetings. Can you introduce her to me?”

A grin crossed Lyle’s face.

“No need to show up. Keep your distance from my sister,” he remarked casually.

“Hey, come on, you’re unapproachable.” 

Lyle shrugged exaggeratedly as if amused. He was a sucker for good-looking girls.

“Didn’t you once remark that you didn’t like my sister because she’s fat and not cute?”

Since this was a waste of time, Satias didn’t pause from eating.

“Nope, that was a misunderstanding. I didn’t mention that I didn’t like her. Right now, she’s slimmed down; she’s a beauty, and as long as she looks good, I’m OK with it. Plus, her next fiancé has yet to be decided, right?”

The Bianca of the past was exceedingly overweight. In childhood, she was slender and had reasonably attractive features, but around the time of her admission to the academy, she started binge eating, which caused her adorable face to progressively expand with more flesh.

Three months after falling off the balcony into the sea and disappearing, Bianca has returned to the academy, looking charming and slimmer than ever.

On top of that, Bianca did not have a fiancé. Perhaps this was why so many people were asking to be introduced to her. While being occupied with his studies and student council meetings, Satias had to deal with these individuals.

Up until now, he and Bianca had barely interacted with each other, despite being in the same academy. His father told him, “Siblings should not get along with each other. They should compete with each other.”

As if his hand was now flipped over, he stated, “Until I find her next fiancé, keep men away from Bianca and drive away anyone who approaches her.”

With her fiancé out of the picture, there was no lack of boys who wanted to talk to her.

Having lost her memory, Bianca was not just a little bit out of character, but significantly so. She seemed to have swept a lot of things into the sea, though her father did not say so.

She is fluffy and lacks any sense of caution. Can I back her up? 

With such a dim-witted younger sister, his confidence occasionally faltered.

“Good grief, it’s like everyone’s attitude has changed 180 degrees,” said Satias in a cold tone.

“Hey, hey, you didn’t even speak to your sister before, remember? Hasn’t your attitude changed 180 degrees as well?”

“It’s my father’s order. Now my sister is flooded with marriage proposals. I was told to steer clear of wicked insects.”

With an over-the-top shrug, Lyle departed. This kind of person truly made Satias fed up.

It was a self-interest thing, and once Bianca came back looking stunning, the men at the academy were eager to talk to her.

Bianca’s engagement was broken off during the period of her disappearance. Initially, after she was discovered, rumors abounded that no further marriage proposals would be coming.

Nevertheless, Bianca had no questionable dealings and was sheltered in a monastery, and later emerged stunningly transformed.

Then, even the individuals who had ridiculed Bianca for being obese and unattractive began to have their eyes set on her. Bianca’s attractiveness was undoubtedly the subject of their liking, but a bulk of them sought a relationship with the Duke and his family.

Since it was inevitable, Satias was forced to stick with Bianca to a certain extent. Even on the café terrace, he watched her from the shadows. Although reluctant to do so, such an action seemed to exert a deterrent effect.

After school, he wished Bianca would leave early, yet she waited for him, saying things like, “I feel lonely being at home.”

I have told her to stay in the library as much as possible, but is she okay?

The firm girl, Bianca, who had no interaction with him, has drastically shifted to being a difficult sister to deal with.

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