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IGLBB Chapter 65 (Part 2)


     I can’t believe how foolishly I acted in front of Sabiel.

Sabiel, who had shamelessly visited and drank tea with her, had ultimately betrayed her.

Elysia couldn’t believe that she hadn’t recognized her sworn enemy right in front of her and had let her guard down.

As she recalled that moment, her fingertips grew cold and the sound of her teeth grinding quietly echoed in the room.

Then there was Eleon.

Elysia didn’t know how to face him as herself, the real Elysia.

The girl he had liked was actually a woman named “Won Yoon-Ji,” whom Elysia had lied about and pretended was someone else, named Rona.

If it had been Rona in her place, she would have probably begged Eleon to hold her and comfort her while laughing.

But Elysia knew that she couldn’t behave like that, either as Won Yoon-Ji or Rona.

After going through a complicated thought process, Elysia realized that the version of herself that had lived the longest was the priestess Elysia, who could face Eleon as herself.

“There isn’t much time left.”

If things hadn’t gone wrong, if Eleon hadn’t summoned her to his residence under the guise of being blind, they would have already boarded a ship and left for a foreign country.

Elysia muttered as she caressed the compass.

“I’ll make sure to return it when I go.”

She regarded the compass as an extension of herself and put it back inside her clothes.

* * * * *

The atmosphere in Harrington’s household was like thin ice.

Count Harrington was initially surprised at the news of Karina’s pregnancy but calmed down somewhat upon hearing that it was Crown Prince Sabiel’s child from the Countess. 

However, despite numerous requests for an audience made to the Sun Palace and the Crystal Palace, there was no response from either side.

As time passed, even Count Harrington, who had liked the idea of becoming the father-in-law of the future Emperor, couldn’t hide his discomfort.

“Hey, Karina. Be honest.”

The Countess asked Karina inquisitively.

“Is the father really His Highness the Crown Prince?”

Karina nodded.

“But why isn’t he meeting us?”

“Um, I don’t know”

Karina found herself thinking of her deceased parents more often these days. 

She wasn’t sure if it was due to the emotional ups and downs she was experiencing from the pregnancy, or if her heart felt empty despite the hospitality she was receiving.

“I’ve heard rumors that Her Majesty the Empress is considering a lady as a partner for His Highness the Crown Prince”

The Countess asked with a disapproving expression.

“Is it possible that the child’s father is someone else?”


“I see. I don’t want to be so suspicious of your private life either. But I don’t know, so I just asked.”

If they were her own parents, they would have been more pleased with the fact that they had a grandchild rather than focusing on the benefits that come with this pregnancy and child.

They would have worried about Karina’s health, future, and happiness.

Hearing this kind of talk several times a day from the Countess made Karina feel suffocated and frustrated.

“I…I’m thinking of going for a walk in Trappel Park today.”

Karina finally spoke up, and the Countess nodded with a displeased face.

“Yes. Walking is good for pregnancy. The Count will probably visit the Sun Palace himself soon, so don’t worry too much. The Emperor is a fair and great person. He will surely resolve the issue in the right direction.”

“… Yes.”

Despite her words, the Countess sent three maids and five guards to accompany Karina, perhaps due to the large accident she caused.

Normally, a noblewoman would only be accompanied by one maid when going for a walk in a public place such as a park, or if she had arranged to meet a man separately, then one chaperone and one maid would follow her.

It was absurd that eight people trailed Karina in a straight line as they strolled through the park.

     I shouldn’t have come out needlessly.

Karina had sought refuge in the park to catch her breath and escape the constant troubles and scrutiny that the Countess had been imposing upon her.

However, the attention she garnered from the people around her only added to her burden.

But as she was about to leave and head back home, something caught her attention.


“…… Your Highness……”


A group of young men and women caught her eye. 

And among them was Crown Prince Sabiel, who had disregarded all of her and the Count’s letters.

Sabiel, whom she hadn’t seen in a long time, was still dazzling.

Despite the long period of separation, Sabiel was still as dazzling as ever, standing tall with deep blue, turquoise-like eyes set beneath his flowing black hair. His face seemed to shine more than ever as if he had experienced something truly extraordinary.

Yet, there were women around him, one under each arm, and one seated on his lap.

Karina’s heart ached like a fleeting memory as she felt her blood rushing in reverse.

“M-my Lady.”

Karina’s maids failed to stop her as she raced towards Sabiel, grasping the hem of her dress while panting heavily.

“Y-Your Highness…”

Karina called out, attempting to catch her breath. Sabiel lifted his head and smiled at her.

“What’s going on?”

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