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IGLBB Chapter 51

“Your Highness. The Duchess of Yuter has arrived. She is asking to see you. What should I do?”

As Elysia looks at Eleon nervously, Eleon simply stokes her hair.

“I will go right now.”

The Duke of Yuter sent someone to inquire about Elysia’s whereabouts, so he consistently sent them back saying he didn’t know anything. 

Still, he couldn’t ignore the fact that the Duchess herself came personally as if she knew something.

“My mother….”

Her lovely face darkened. But Eleon leaned down and kissed her on the cheek.

“I’m going to see her. Don’t worry.”

“It’s going to be okay? She must be very angry.”

“It’s something I have to fix. It’s my fault.”

Eleon closed his eyes and leaned his face closer.

“Cheer me up.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t be scared in front of the terrifying Duchess, and don’t run away.”

“Cheer up.”

Elysia grabbed the blanket and moved away from Eleon.

“You’re so cold.”

Eleon stood up sadly.

“I’ll be right back.”

When he left the bedroom, Elysia ran to the door and locked the bedroom door.


She was in such a mess that she couldn’t even take a single step out of the room.

“I don’t think Eleon can defeat Mariela.”

She was impatient. She didn’t want to let Eleon go alone, but she looked so bad that she had no choice but to. 

If Mariela had seen her in this state, she would have turned very pale to the point of fainting, since she was very sensitive to her daughter’s behavior.

“This is really crazy.”

It was a complete disaster. 

Her eyes were red and puffy. 

Also, her whole face was disheveled. 

Elysia looked at herself in the mirror and tugged at a dark red carpet thread that was tangled in her golden hair. 

It was a trophy from last night when they kissed lying on the floor. 

Besides, this is the Grand Duchy.  

     If someone sees me now…… Ugh, I can’t even imagine.

“I need to wash up quickly.”

Elysia headed to Eleon’s bathroom with determination. 

* * * * *

In the drawing-room of the Grand Duke. 

Mariela couldn’t hide her nervousness. 

The timing to escape the original novel was extremely rare.

     This is the last chance.

Priestess Elysia disappeared on her way to Grerosa. 

However, it was an accident, and the tragedy of all the deaths was so serious that the situation had to be resolved quietly.

She almost fainted when she heard that her daughter had disappeared and she could not find her after searching for her for a long time.

Elysia was Mariela’s proof of life. 

Mariela found this world unrealistic after discovering that she transmigrated into the novel ‘The Flower of the Blind Beast’.

She wondered if by blinking her eyes she would find herself back in her world.

If I die, can I go back to where I used to live? 

When the hell does the original ending start so I can go back to my world, when not even the main characters are born yet? 

It was very strange. 

It was such an enjoyable romantic fantasy novel that it helped her forget about competition and the cold reality.

Every night before going to bed, she used to lie in bed and read her favorite novels, forgetting the hardships of the day. 

It was her only way to escape reality.

However, after transmigrating here, she just wanted to return to her world. 

Where she used to live, she was part of that place.

She didn’t see any sense in this world.

She felt like a fragment that had been thrown in the wrong place by mistake. 

The moment when Mariela felt alive was when she became pregnant with Elysia. 

The seed of life that had grown in her body made her vividly feel that this place is also her home. 

And from then on, she was able to truly live here. 

She did everything she could to protect her child, but she wondered why all her efforts turned out this way.

“Your Highness the Grand Duke.”

Soon after, Eleon appeared. 

A tall and sturdy body that overwhelms the average, black hair and red eyes, proof that he inherited the power of Oder. 

He had a handsome and elegant face. 

It was the first time Mariela had seen Eleon so closely. 

She looked at him from an observer’s point of view. 

He was a wonderful man. 

But he can’t be with Elysia. 

That’s what storytelling is like. 

Even more so when there is an intervention that must unfold what is set.

Eleon fixed his gaze on the teacup without saying a word for Mariela to look at him enough.

Was he acting courteous and considerate of Elysia’s mother? 

He was truly an impeccably perfect man. 

Mariela was somehow dumbfounded and laughed without realizing it.

“I’m going to take Elysia.”

“Why do you think she is here?”

“Of course, she…..”

     Of course? 

Mariela found herself caught off guard.

“Of course. You thought she would be here.”

Eleon smiled at Mariela.

“Then, if she stays here in the future, wouldn’t it be natural?”

Don’t get ahead of yourself, Your Highness. She is not married yet. My husband is the one who decides if our daughter is going to marry or not.”

“But why did the Duchess come and not the Duke of Yuter?”


Her husband, Gillian, knows that Mariela is a transmigrator.

And she succeeded in convincing him that the ‘prophecy’ would cause their daughter to die. 

But he also belongs to this world. 

She couldn’t even tell him that Eleon is the main character. 

It’s not about who set the rules, but it was important to reduce variables.

“That’s right. Duchess. Elysia is here. But she will never go back.”

“What do you mean? Perhaps you two……”

Mariela’s voice trembled, doubting that her daughter had gone astray.

“Nothing happened.”


Mariela breathed a sigh of relief out loud.

She won’t let her daughter, who is an extra, and the main lead, be together, even if dirt gets into her eyes. 

But she seemed to faint at Eleon’s next words.

“Actually, your daughter gave me permission.”

“I beg your pardon? Permission!”

In front of an outraged Mariela, Eleon only said what he had to say seriously.

“But I didn’t cross the line. Marriage is important to me, too. I will not do anything that will bring dishonor to my bride.”

“Unbelievable. What could be more disgraceful than this when my daughter, who just debuted, promises to stay with the Grand Duke without her parents’ permission! Do you think we will allow Your Highness and Elysia to marry as you please?”

“Please allow it.”

Then Eleon bowed his head to Mariela.

“I want to start a happy life with Elysia, with the blessing of her parents.”

Ah, maybe Eleon is such an earnest main character. 

He is truly a desirable example of a potential son-in-law. 

That made Mariela even more upset.

It was as if the sky was deceiving her. The fact that she has to reject this kind of son-in-law for the sheer absurd reason that it is not possible because of the original novel. 

Mariela was troubled in front of the immovable Eleon. 


The door opened, and Elysia entered. 

Mariela’s face distorted when she saw Elysia wearing a dress she had never seen before.

That is the reason why she took a bath and changed her clothes. 

Elysia walked in cautiously and sat down next to Eleon. 

Seeing that, Mariela’s face hardened.


“Do you still remember that I am your mother?”

Elysia flinched at Mariela’s cold tone for the first time.

“Let’s go back.”

“…… I’m sorry.”

Elysia avoided her gaze and looked at the teacup placed on the low table.

“I am not going back. I want to be here.”


Mariela raised her voice. 

Elysia’s shoulders shrugged and clung to Eleon’s side. At the same time, he stands in front of Elysia as if he was protecting her.

When Mariela saw it, she got dizzy and put her hand on her head.

“Just for a moment… Elysia, let’s both talk.”

Eleon looked at Elysia. 

She seemed a bit nervous, but when Elysia nodded, Eleon left the room. 


He went out and the door closed, but Mariela didn’t say anything right away. 

She cautiously approached the door and she gently opened the door to make sure nobody was eavesdropping. Then she returned.

“What are you doing?”

Mariela was anxious. 

She lowered her voice to a whisper for fear that someone might hear her.

“If this goes wrong… will die.”

“I am not going to die.”

“What does that mean?”

“I can change the original story.”

Mariela was about to collapse.

“It’s because you don’t know. The original novel can never be changed. Didn’t I tell you that before?”

The transmigrators claimed to be priests using the novel <Flower of the Blind Beast> as a weapon. 

The manuscripts left by the five main transmigrators, who were the first transmigrators, were meant to share the original novel as each remembered. 

It was publicly called ‘prophecy‘. It has become a great book with a set of futures written on it. 

It became the faith of the people of Constance over the years, and fake priests held prayer meetings every day in Hadunsha.

[Fate cannot be changed.]

[Do you want to know the mission given to you and the will of God? Please pray.]

No one in this world can go against the original plot that was disguised as God’s will.

[The reason that you were born and suffered is that you have the usefulness and mission as a tool that they have bestowed on you.]

[Believe me. If you walk on the set path, you will be led to God’s side.]

Everyone lives only today for an unchanging tomorrow.

“Mariela. You’re acting very strange.”

After she revealed that she is a transmigrator, her daughter does not call her mother unless necessary.

“You were also trying to change the original novel. You tried to make Elysia look like dead and make her flee abroad.”

Elysia said calmly.

“Your words and actions contradict each other. It doesn’t add up.”


“Do you have any other secrets?”

Mariela did not answer her question easily. 

     What should I say? What should I explain first? 

No matter what she says, will Elysia understand Mariela’s words? 

     …..Will she believe me? 

Elysia spoke first to the troubles Mariela could not find an answer to.

“It doesn’t matter if I don’t get an answer. I’m sorry, but I’m not your daughter.”

“E…. Elysia.”

“I can’t do what you tell me to do like a soulless puppet. I have feelings. I’m sorry I borrowed your daughter’s body.”

Mariela was frustrated by Elysia’s words.

“Eleon is the Grand Duke Clevent. His family and his people are perfect. It’s good to become in-laws with him.”

Elysia hesitated for a moment whether to speak or not, then said.

“I love Eleon.”


“I think I will be able to live in this world with these feelings.”

Elysia was shy.

“I haven’t even told Eleon this yet. So it’s awkward to say it out loud…..”

“E… Elysia.”

“It’s okay if you don’t allow it. Announce that I died as originally planned. Then I will live here as Rona. I think that would be better. I have no memory of Elysia anyway.”

Elysia did not hesitate to speak as she had thought about it for a long time.

“I’d rather live a new life than pretend to be Elysia.”

For a moment, Mariela’s face darkened.

“If…..If I can’t escape from the original plot, I’ll take my chances. That will be the price for my choices.”

“You will regret it.”

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