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IFTDMH – Ch 51


“By the way, I envy you.”

“What for?”

Aiden looked at Frederick with a smirk as he muttered.

“Both you and the Duke of Lienster who can demand a title.”

“Frederick shrugged his shoulders and spoke.

“It would be considered rebellion the moment I say those words.”

“Half-jokingly. Half-seriously.

“…even though I don’t hate the Emperor.”

“Well, he is my father after all. We may have differences of opinion, but our relationship isn’t that bad, is it?”

Aiden let out a hollow laugh at Frederick’s nonchalant response.Frederick chuckled and spoke again.

“Congratulations. Soon, you’ll be the Duke of Aiden Lienster.”Frederick reached out his hand.”

Let’s do better from now on, Your Highness.

“The expressions of both of them as they held hands and looked at each other were full of meaning.

Frederick continued to chat with Aiden and Erin before returning before breakfast.


“However, the time felt too short.”

But that’s all the more reason to cherish it, And to be more careful.

“Aiden had to hold onto Erin’s rationality to make sure they didn’t get too caught up in each other while not wasting a single day.”

Erin, what are you thinking?

“Aiden often sharply noticed when Erin was thinking about something else.”

I was just thinking that Aiden is doing so well right now, and if we go to the banquet like this, everyone will naturally be nervous.

“Erin said as she lightly hugged Aiden and slowly stepped away to stand next to him.

Until the day when it was natural to stand side by side like this, they had to hold hands tightly.

With that thought, the two of them left the room together


It was when Erin and Aiden finished their preparations and headed towards the banquet hall.

All of the employees, including the knights and aides, were gathered in the lobby on the first floor.

Moreover, Logan and Isabella were also there.

“Is there something going on?” Erin asked in confusion as she approached with Aiden.

They all stood in a row, dividing to the left and right.

“Your Lordship, Your Ladyship, we entrust everything to you from now on,” they said.

The most immediate change was in their titles. Aiden was now truly the Duke of Lianster.

Erin was no longer just a small noble, but a real presence responsible for the family.

But it wasn’t too heavy or burdensome.

“We were able to do well thanks to everyone who was there for us. So please support us from now on,” Erin’s sincerity reached the employees enough.

Joyful determination was evident on everyone’s faces.

Logan and Isabella approached the two, watching them.

“You’ll be Lienster soon. Do well from now on,” they said.

It meant the estate representing the name of Lienster.

Until now it was Logan’s, and from now on it would be Aiden’s burden to bear.

“But it’s good,” Logan murmured, looking at Aiden.

“I’ll pass it on to you while I’m still healthy. This time, I can really be of help to you.”

The difficult situations that would arise as Aiden became the Duke.

Logan never forgot that he couldn’t protect him properly when he was young.

He was glad that he had a chance to repay him now.

Isabella, who was next to him, smiled at Aiden and Erin, seeming to have the same thought.

Aiden slowly opened his mouth towards Logan.

Then I’ll ask you for the most difficult and tricky things.”

Aiden said, raising one corner of his mouth cheekily.

“Haha, do whatever you want.”

Logan laughed out loud.

It was their way of joking with each other.

And both of them were sincere.

Aiden now trusted Logan and Isabella.

If there was something he couldn’t handle, he would definitely seek their advice.

Likewise, Logan would do anything for Aiden, even if it meant putting everything on the line, if he asked for help.

That’s how they became a family that supported each other.

“Shall we go then?” Erin said, linking her arm with Aiden’s.

The four of them walked towards the banquet hall together.


The banquet continued for three days.

People came and went day and night, but the drinking and music never stopped.

Many nobles from both the capital and the provinces attended the event.

As everyone was looking for Aiden and Erin, the two of them had a busy and hectic time.

Moreover, unlike the partygoers who drank to their hearts’ content, Aiden and Erin didn’t drink a drop of alcohol during the three-day event.

Although they were the main guests of the banquet, they could not afford to lose their composure.

They guarded the party until the very end.

Erin thought to herself, “I wish I could quietly drink wine with Aiden.”

The Empire did not have any specific regulations on alcohol.

It was common for most teenagers to have a glass of wine lightly when they reached their teens.

However, it was usually considered customary to start drinking in public places after making their debut in social circle.

Aiden and Erin’s formal social debut was last year.

However, since they had been involved in their father’s diplomatic activities since childhood, it was just a symbolic debut, and they passed the debut period without much fanfare.

“I haven’t had a proper glass of wine in a year,” Erin realized during the three-day banquet.

She thought of taking a bottle of wine and visiting Aiden’s room later.

On the third day, Isabella approached Eilin separately.

Isabella and Logan were planning to leave for their province when the party was ending.

Although Erin and Aiden would have been happy if they could stay a few more days, they had to leave as they had to show the symbol of Aiden’s new title.

Erin greeted Isabella warmly.

Isabella had something in her hand.

“Erin, I purposely brought this from the province,” she said.

Erin was surprised when she saw what Isabella was offering.

It was as if Isabella had read her mind and brought wine as a gift.

“I thought a lot about what to give the two of you.

But since you both have everything, I decided to give you something that would help you enjoy some time together after all the succession ceremony madness is over.”

“I thought this would be nice to have then,” she added.


“Finally, the party ended.Logan and Isabella left a little while ago.As people left, the noisy space became quiet.”

It’s finally over.

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for,” Erin’s mouth twitched up slightly.”

For Erin, drinking wine properly with Aiden had a different sense of anticipation than the succession ceremony and the party.

Erin headed to Aiden’s room.The moment after the succession ceremony and party ended was a turning point for Aiden.

“Shall we have a drink each?”Erin held up the bottle she brought in her hand and said.

It was the wine Isabella gave to Erin before leaving.

It was given as a gift to celebrate the succession ceremony.”Sounds good.

Aiden nodded with a smile.

“I’m a little tired from the succession ceremony.”

“Not at all. I’m fine. I feel like I can do something proper with Erin now.”

Erin was someone who enjoyed drinking quite a bit in her past life.

They chatted and drank a glass each.

“Aiden will do well from now on.”

Erin was excited as she watched Aiden become a duke.

She even felt a bit teary-eyed.

She felt like she had come this far.

Suddenly, Erin’s face was beaming with laughter.

But it didn’t seem like she was just happy.

Before she knew it, the wine bottle was empty.

“Huh, I think I’m drunk.”

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