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IFTDMH – Ch 53


As Erin turned 20, she bit her tongue while recalling the memories of that day.

“How did I end up like this?”

She was sure of herself…

What was so great that she ended up liking it even though she knew how it would end?

No. In fact, she knew it would end up like this.

Her anxiety had become a reality.

It had been 10 years since she had been with Aidan.

In the end, Erin had come to like him.

Her gaze went to Aidan, who was approaching from afar.

When their eyes met, Erin smiled brightly, as if the sun would be jealous.

How could she not fall in love?

She was screwed.

Erin had to admit that she was screwed, just like Erin Jahad in the original work, who ended up liking her husband.

As Erin stared at Aiden, he reached out his hand to her and gave her a picturesque smile.

“Erin, let’s dance together.”

The two of them were at a palace party, and several people were already dancing on the central stage.

Naturally, Erin lightly took Aiden’s outstretched hand and headed towards the stage.

As the two of them got on the stage, everyone moved aside, and a space naturally opened up in the center.

As the song changed, Aiden and Erin started dancing.

When Erin tilted her head slightly, she saw Aiden’s face.

The appropriate closeness allowed her to see every small part of his face clearly.

She carefully scrutinized his eyes, nose, and lips, as if she was dissecting his face.

“As expected, he’s handsome… maybe too much.”

Was it impossible not to fall for him while looking at this face and living with him?

He was already breathtakingly beautiful when he was young, but now he was a perfect man.

His eyes had deepened, his forehead and nose looked strong, and his lips were sexy.

If you see this face every day without any reaction, it would be strange to the point of being suspicious.

“Erin, what’s wrong with your face?”

Aiden looked at her with an expression that seemed like he was trying to read her mind.

He was sensitive to even the slightest changes in her face, and he searched for the cause.

It might have been awkward for anyone to have a face so close to theirs, but it was a familiar situation for Erin.

In fact, the other nobles who had been secretly watching the two were the ones who were surprised by their actions.

From a distance, it looked like the two were kissing on stage.

But Erin was surprised for a different reason as she slightly narrowed her eyes.

“Yeah, it must be because of this.”

Aiden always focused all his attention on Erin.

If something even small happened to her, he would rush to her as if it was a big deal.

The attention she had never received before undoubtedly shook her heart.

Before she knew it, Erin was glaring at Aiden.

He hadn’t done anything wrong, but she couldn’t help feeling irritated.

Aidan, who didn’t understand English, noticed a sudden sharp gaze.


As he checked her mood, Aidan’s arm gradually went deeper around Erin’s waist.

He couldn’t resent it, even for a moment.

Erin eventually let out a short sigh.

The more she tore it apart, the more it seemed there was nothing to dislike about Aidan.

Erin bit her lower lip.

It was she who made Aidan like this in the first place.

She approached him because she didn’t want to die, and they spent time together under the pretext of being friends.

There was nothing wrong with Aidan taking the bait she threw.

“How great it would be if I could completely turn him around like this.”

But that was impossible.

In the original work, the premise was clear that Aidan and Julia, the male and female protagonists, fell in love.

The moment Aidan and Julia meet, they instinctively realize that they are each other’s destiny.

Love is established solely by the existence of the two people.

“That was the foundation of this worldview, and it was as natural as breathing.

No matter how much Erin had changed, she couldn’t change even the fated relationships that led her at first glance.

In the end, any fondness that Aiden feels for her now will disappear with the appearance of Yulia.

Somehow feeling upset, Erin turned her head away, no longer wanting to see Aiden’s face. 

Then Aiden’s face followed her immediately. 

“Erin. Are you angry by any chance?” Unable to tolerate Elin’s head turning, Aiden’s gaze persistently followed her.

As if there were nothing else around, he filled his eyes only with Erin.

His persistent behavior was both good and frustrating.

Erin eventually faced Aiden and slowly spoke. 

“Aiden.” “Yeah, Erin.” Aiden faithfully replied, looking into Erin’s eyes.

“Is it okay now to get in touch with someone else?” Erin deliberately changed the subject.”

At her question, Aiden bowed his head and leaned his face against her shoulder.

“I can endure it because you compensate me like this, Erin.”

“It’s not completely okay yet, is it?”

Erin murmured quietly.

Aiden’s trauma had improved a lot during this time.

It seemed that there was no longer any aversion to contact with Aiden when he was with Erin.

But that was only an exception for Erin.

Training for contact with other people had been consistently maintained for 10 years.

He only lost excessive hypersensitivity, and still disliked contact with others.

It was something that he had not completely overcome.

Perhaps the existence of the original heroine, Yulia Charte, was needed to become completely okay.

“That’s Yulia’s role in the original work.”

Erin smiled a bitter smile secretly.

“Now there will be other people who are okay besides me.”


Aiden asked with his eyes what she meant, but Erin just smiled ambiguously.

There was no need to mention that her existence was that of Yulia Charte, so she didn’t say anything.

Aiden slightly narrowed his eyes at her vague words and spoke firmly, “There’s no one else who could be good enough. The only person I want to touch is Erin.”

Aiden’s whisper was sweet as he held Erin tightly by the waist.

The distance between the two disappeared completely.

The song had already ended, but Aiden didn’t let go of Erin.

They came down from the stage still embracing each other and took a seat on a sofa on one side.

“Aiden, let go now.”

“No, do you know how many handshakes I had to endure today with all those people? I endured it all by thinking of the moment I could get praised by Erin… and this is my reward.” 

When there was an event where he had to meet many people, Aiden couldn’t avoid greeting other nobles.

But except for necessary situations, he always tried to stay by Erin’s side.

Of course, he didn’t always hold her like this. 

Just being by his wife’s side at a gathering like this was enough to draw people’s attention.

However, Aiden acted as if he had no idea how their behavior looked to other people.

After glancing at Aiden and looking around, Erin slightly raised her eyes.

Everyone pretended not to notice as they looked at Erin and Aiden.

There were people whispering to each other while looking at the two, and there were also those who covered their mouths and laughed.

When in a crowded place, Aiden naturally stayed close to Erin’s side.

He started pretending not to notice because he believed and relied on her as the only person who would fully understand and protect him.

Erin glanced at Aiden again.

Does he really not know the gazes and countless speculations of people?

Aiden shrugged his shoulders, pretending not to know anything.

Erin’s eyes narrowed.

He definitely knew.

“Aiden. That’s enough compliments for now.”


“If you get up now, I’ll give you more compliments when we get back to the mansion.”


“Yes. Instead…if we keep doing this, there will be nothing left.”

At Erin’s firm declaration, Aiden stood up abruptly.

Like a faithful follower obeying her command, he walked towards the center of the reception hall.

Then, noble ladies who had been hesitating to approach from one side finally approached Erin.

“Madam Countess. You shine as always today.”

Erin responded with a moderate smile.

The word ‘shine’ they used could mean her appearance, but also meant that she was the center of attention in the reception hall because of Aiden’s presence.

“I wanted to come earlier, but I hesitated because I felt like I was being watched.”

“I wondered if I wouldn’t even be able to greet you today. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to do so now.”

“We must thank the Count’s consideration.”

They burst into a giggling laugh. 

They were talking about Aiden being glued to Erin’s side and unable to approach her.

In such cases, people usually reacted in two ways: one was to express discomfort while being jealous, and the other was to envy with interest, like the ladies now.

One of the differences from the original was that Erin had also established her position in high society.

In the original, Erin was a superficial presence in high society, but now everyone tried to make a good impression on her.

Without doing anything, people naturally gathered around her.

This was also a change that had occurred over the past ten years.

“Only the Countess can make the Count gentle.”

“It’s not for nothing that we say there’s a lady above the Count on the Empire’s hierarchy.”

They showered Erin with compliments.

Over the past ten years, Aiden had become stronger and had become a Count.

As in the original, he already had the power to shake and rule the Empire.

Everyone wanted to make a good impression on him, but it was impossible for Aiden, who disliked being with other people, to approach them.

Accordingly, Erin’s value naturally skyrocketed. 

In addition, due to Aiden’s public displays of affection, Erin received the evaluation of being the only person who could shake the powerful Aiden who ruled the Empire.

Naturally, people gathered to say that the real power of Leinster lay in Erin.

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