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IFTDMH – Ch 52


Erin had to focus hard to see Aiden’s face clearly.

‘It’s been 10 years.’

That was the time Erin had set to leave Lienster.

It seemed like a long time, but much of it had already passed.

Two years left, can I endure it well? 

Sometimes, I had the urge not to share Aiden with anyone.

Erin, lost in thought while staring at Aiden, suddenly moved her body.

‘Erin…?’ Aiden called Erin, surprised.

In an instant, Erin’s lips rushed towards Aiden. 

Aiden’s eyes closed on their own.

And he waited.

But nothing happened.

Instead, he felt Erin’s touch on his head.

As Aiden cautiously opened his eyes, Erin was staring at him right in front of his face.

They were almost close enough to kiss.

But Erin didn’t get any closer.

Erin’s lips slowly opened. ‘Aiden….’ Erin muttered.

‘I can’t see your face.’

Of course, if the face is too close, you can’t see it, just the eyes, nose, or lips.

‘Wow. There’s a freckle next to your ear, Aiden.’ 


Without stepping back, Erin got closer and examined Aiden’s face piece by piece.

Every time Erin opened her mouth, her breath touched Aiden’s face.

Erin’s forehead touched Aiden’s forehead lightly.

The warmth of the two people was transmitted to each other.

‘You were so cool today.’

Erin said, raising her thumb towards Aiden. 

‘Especially in that conquering outfit…’

Erin looked like she was imagining the outfit and suddenly opened her eyes wide, looking at Aiden.

‘Wow! I almost fell in love.’

Erin exclaimed, blushing and her tongue already twisted.

‘Even though you filled up every button, you’re the only one with so much charisma, Aiden.’ 

Erin’s words gradually became hazy.

Then, at the end, it was almost like a whisper. 

And right after that, Erin’s head fell on Aiden’s shoulder.

Erin’s eyes were already closed.


It felt like I blinked once.

But instinctively, I had a sense that something was wrong.


Erin’s eyes flew open, and she let out a silent scream.

‘What did I do wrong?’ Looking around, she realized that she wasn’t in her room. 

‘Wait…yesterday, I had wine…’

She tried to piece together her memories of her last moments.

She had drunk wine and ended up getting drunk.

Then she had grabbed Aiden’s face and said something to him.

After that, she couldn’t remember much.

But she did remember wanting to kiss him. 

‘Why can’t I remember what happened next?’ 

When Aiden’s face had gotten close to hers, she couldn’t recall anything else.

Erin’s face crumbled.

She was going crazy trying to remember.

The biggest problem was that she couldn’t figure out how she ended up falling asleep here afterward.


Erin shook her head hard.

‘No, nothing happened. We just slept next to each other.’

It was confusing, but she and Aiden had only slept together.

It wasn’t a big deal.

‘Then! We can just let this go!’

But Erin’s resolution didn’t last long.

‘Wait a minute.’

Her eyelids trembled with anxiety at the thought that she might have been with Aiden yesterday, and that strange rumors were spreading in the mansion.

Just spending one night together was enough to imagine all kinds of things…

Erin rubbed her face roughly.

For some reason, she had a feeling that today was going to be a very tiring day.


Just by looking at the faces of the employees walking down the hallway, I could tell that some strange rumors must have spread.

Every time they gave a subtle smile, my face burned.

It was during breakfast when a thinner soup than usual was prepared.

“I intentionally prepared light dishes today, as I think some of you may not feel well”

I said, worrying about hangovers, but it only twisted my insides more.

It had been a while since I drank, and in fact, it was the first time for me to drink with my body. 

So I let my guard down.

I had no idea I would get so drunk.

“Erin, why did you just leave this morning?” 

Aidan lowered his eyes slightly and looked lonely.


But Erin wasn’t fooled.

That wasn’t sincere.

“The sincerity is in the vague corners of his mouth.”

Erin was sure she saw Aidan giving a very slight smile.

Moreover, he seemed relaxed, as if he wasn’t surprised at all about last night.

Even the employees’ eyes sparkled at Aidan’s words.

Somehow, it seemed like Erin was the only one feeling embarrassed in this situation.

Erin’s lips trembled slightly.

“Ah… I have to go prepare.”

Erin made up an excuse and quietly vowed to herself, “I won’t be drinking wine for a while.” 

But that was one thing, and the situation that had already happened couldn’t be undone.


“Aiden appeared in conquest in the evening.”

I haven’t even been out today, why am I dressed in conquest?

“Aiden. Are you going to the palace by any chance?”

“No. My schedule ended for today.”

When Aiden answered nonchalantly, Erin’s head tilted in confusion.

“But why… Ah, I see.”

Erin couldn’t ask Aiden why he was dressed in conquest because she suddenly remembered a forgotten memory.

“I almost fell for him, especially when he was dressed in conquest… Wow!”

She had been heavily intoxicated and rambled on.

Erin wanted to scold herself from the previous night.

Aiden’s lips curved upwards as he watched Erin’s face contort.

He knew what Erin had just thought.

Erin couldn’t look Aiden in the eye and turned her head away.

He had worn it to show it off to her.

“It’s a bit uncomfortable, but I’ll wear it every day if you like it that much.”

“No, there’s no need. Please stop.”

Erin quickly and firmly spoke.

“Well, it looks good though.”

It was good to look at, but the memory from the previous night made it more embarrassing to see it every day.

“That’s why you should be careful when drinking after a long time.”

Erin glanced at Aiden briefly, then looked away repeatedly.

Aiden spoke smoothly.

“Why? You liked it so much yesterday.”

“… “

Why is he saying that?

Erin turned her head in anger.

“Is it because it’s not as good when you’re sober?”

This time, Aiden muttered in a low voice.

Even just hearing his voice, she knew it wasn’t sincere and that he was teasing her.

But still, Erin couldn’t ignore him, and she glanced up at Aiden.

Aiden’s face suddenly approached her.

And in an instant, Aiden’s face covered Erin’s, and then pulled away.


Something touched her forehead.

“Aiden just kissed me on the forehead…”

Flustered, Erin stared at Aiden, and saw that one corner of his mouth was lifted.

“Aiden, you…!”

Erin couldn’t find words to continue and screamed silently.

The more she reacted, the wider Aiden’s smile became.

This was dangerous.

If they kept going like this, they might end up going too far and not be able to turn back.

Yes, this is why it’s dangerous.


However, once I opened the floodgate, it didn’t end with just one time.

Since that day, Aiden has been coming over, trying not to leave in a sneaky way.

“Aiden, it’s time to go now.”

“Can’t I stay a little longer? Is there something bothering you?”


Whenever Aiden asked like that, Erin couldn’t find the words to say.

If she said that something was bothering her, it seemed like their relationship would really change.

Erin was always embarrassed.

Erin was suddenly scared.

Her feelings for Aiden had already reached a dangerous level.

If Aiden pushed a little more, she might want to pretend not to notice.

She wondered if she had already shot herself in the foot.

She worried that she would regret it in two years.

But contrary to Erin’s anxiety, Aiden actively narrowed the distance between them since that day.


And Erin couldn’t resist it anymore.

Eventually, although it was rare, Erin and Aiden started spending nights together in the same room.

Erin decided to change her thoughts, even though she was frustrated by her lack of self-restraint.

It’s not even crossing the line.

Anyway, all they did was talk until dawn or sleep next to each other, except for sharing a bed, which could have been done by friends when they were young.

Of course, the problem is that Erin and Aiden are no longer young.

Erin thought that the line she drew had moved a bit further.

It’s okay for now if they don’t go any further… 

“Yeah. That’s it.”

Erin reassured herself.

Oh, I don’t know.

Let’s think about it in two years.


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