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IDWTBR Chapter 18


After solving the outside affairs, Ye Xuan returned to Ling Jiaze’s dormitory, sat beside his bed and waited patiently for his awakening to end.

A few hours later, the crystal nucleus in Ling Jiaze’s hand had been absorbed until it became only the size of a grain of rice. Ye Xuan felt that his awakening time was almost up. He started to absorb a crystal nucleus with one hand, and grabbed Ling Jiaze’s wrist with the other hand, slowly inputting his wood-type ability into his body.

As far as he knew, the best auxiliary method for awakening an ability was to provide energy through a crystal nucleus, and the other was to be guided by the wood-type ability user, so that the potential of the awakening person could be stimulated to the greatest extent. This way, the risk of becoming a zombie was minimized.

This was also one of the reasons why Ye Xuan had lived very comfortably in the latter part of the apocalypse in his previous. As long as he had the strength, he could get crystal nuclei, however there were too few neutral high-level wood-type abilities like him. In addition to those who needed wood-type abilities, many relatives and friends of powerful people in the base would come to him with crystal nuclei for help if they wanted to awaken.

The higher the value of the life of the person, the higher the asking price. Life was always worth more than crystal nuclei.

It’s a pity that his ability level was low now, and he could only use this stupid method of absorbing crystal nuclei while guiding Ling Jiaze.

After another half an hour, Ye Xuan determined that Ling Jiaze’s physical condition had completely returned to normal. It only took a little time for him to regain consciousness after which he slowly withdrew his ability. He took out a crystal nucleus and sat cross-legged on the ground and started to recover his energy.

After a while, Ye Xuan heard movement on the bed, opened his eyes and saw that Ling Jiaze had woken up, and a thin layer of ice had condensed on his fingertips.

The awakening was successful, and his ability was an extremely rare one.

Seeing the ice on Ling Jiaze’s hand, Ye Xuan was not only very happy, but also understood why he, a person with good physical fitness and mental strength, didn’t awaken his abilities the first time.

There were various branches of abilities, and he didn’t know just how many of them were elemental abilities. In this category, in addition to the five basic elements of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, which appeared when the first group of humans mutated, there were also ice, thunder, and wind abilities. These all appeared in the people who had awakened after the apocalypse.

If Ling Jiaze’s ability was the ice type, then it was very normal for him to gain an ability during the first heavy snow after the apocalypse.

There was not much difference between people who had awakened at the beginning of the apocalypse like Ye Xuan and those who had done so afterwards in terms of aptitude. Ye Xuan felt both happy and fortunate in this regard. He was glad that Ling Jiaze had a high starting point, and he was also glad that he came here, and no one disturbed his awakening this time.

Ling Jiaze saw the ice formed by instinctively mobilizing his abilities just now. He came back to his senses and saw Ye Xuan sitting on the ground. He was startled and quickly stood up and said, “Senior? When did you come here?”

“At noon. You had a fever when I came, and you were not very conscious so you might not remember it clearly. Do you still have water for washing here?”

“Yes, the water in our dormitory was cut off the day before yesterday but the water I stored previously has not been used up.”

“Then go take a shower, and come out to eat when you are done.”

Ling Jiaze’s thoughts were completely scrambled by his words.

“Our dormitory has no electricity, but there is still some power in the battery. I have an induction cooker here, and instant noodles are in the cabinet. If you… “

Before Ling Jiaze had woken up, Ye Xuan had already observed the things in his dormitory, and he was quite clear about what he had. He interrupted him and said, “I’ll worry about the meal. Just go wash up.”

“Oh” Ling Jiaze at this point had not fully regained his thinking capabilities. He listened obediently to Ye Xuan’s words and went to the bathroom of the dormitory to take a quick shower. Then he completely remembered what happened all day, and then a whole bunch of questions immediately came to his mind.

He walked out of the bathroom full of doubts, and before he could ask any questions, he saw a large food warmer appearing out of thin air on the table. There was also a small electric heater beside the table.

Before the apocalypse, these things were not uncommon, but right now, these things that appeared out of thin air almost made Ling Jiaze think that he had accidentally entered a different world.

Ye Xuan, who was not scared by Ling Jiaze’s appearance at all, saw him come out, stood up and said, “Sit down, I’ll wash my hands, and then we will have dinner. If there are any problems, we’ll talk about them later.”

Ling Jiaze: Are there any words to describe this?

Ye Xuan came out after washing his hands and saw Ling Jiaze sitting stiffly on the chair. He sat across from him and started to take things from the food warmer. Braised pork, chicken with mushrooms, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, shredded lettuce, melon soup, four dishes and one soup with two boxes of rice.

“I know you have a lot of questions, but time is tight, so let’s talk while eating.” Ye Xuan opened the soup box, pushed it in front of Ling Jiaze, and said, “Although you have awakened your abilities now and your physique is better than normal, you haven’t eaten for a day. I suggest you drink some soup first.”

Ling Jiaze took a sip of soup and felt a lot warmer. He asked, “Senior, how did you come from your home? When I went out before, I saw zombies everywhere, the road was blocked by cars, and people couldn’t go anywhere at all. Why did you decide to take such a big risk to travel across the entire C city? “

“The snow is thick outside causing the movements of the zombies to be restricted. They are basically no threat, so I came here on a snowmobile.” Ye Xuan concealed the role of the vines, and spoke half-truths: “I was already going to come find you but it was delayed because there were too many zombies and vehicles blocking the roads. Later, I found out that the snow could restrict the movement of the zombies, and I happened to have a snowmobile at home, so I came here.”

Ling Jiaze said in disbelief, “You came here specifically to find me?”

“Well, I told you before the apocalypse that we will meet again when the time came. Now, that time has come so here am I.”

Ling Jiaze was completely fooled by Ye Xuan’s serious way of teasing him. It took him a long time to remember his other questions. He pointed to the food warmer that appeared out of thin air and the electric heater that was working hard beside him, and said uncertainly: “Senior, I remember when I was in a state of confusion, you told me that I was awakening my ability. I tried it just now and I should be of the ice type. Senior, are you a space type?”

Ye Xuan said quite frankly: “Wood and space, but I usually only say that I am a wood-type ability user. At present, you are the only one who knows about my space ability and I don’t plan on telling others yet.”

Ling Jiaze: ?!

Ye Xuan looked at Ling Jiaze, who was completely stunned, smiled helplessly, and continued to eat while waiting for him to recover.

In fact, he didn’t think about revealing the space so quickly. After all, there were very few dual-line abilities, and space abilities were more likely to attract suspicion. Thus, it was definitely not a good thing to expose it too early. But when he was helping Ling Jiaze just now, Ye Xuan found that Ling Jiaze was completely defenseless against him.

In his previous life, he had helped a lot of people with his wood-type abilities. However, even if he was the friendliest wood-type ability user and even if most of the opponents had already entered a state of unconsciousness, he had more or less encountered some resistance and rejection.

Ye Xuan knew that this kind of resistance was a very normal phenomenon, a kind of self-protective instinct of people in dangerous situations. Generally speaking, the more familiar and trusted the person was, the weaker this resistance would be. But after all these years, Ye Xuan still had not met a person who was defenseless and completely entrusted his life to him.

Ling Jiaze’s situation could only mean that he had completely surrendered his life to him subconsciously. The trust and reliance on him had been completely engraved in the depths of his soul.

What people said and did could be faked, but the deepest things in the heart could not be faked. Ye Xuan didn’t know what he had done to gain Ling Jiaze’s life trust, but for this trust alone, he was willing to reveal some secrets to him.

Ye Xuan was waiting patiently for Ling Jiaze to return to his senses, when he heard a boy outside the door shouting, “Is Ling Jiaze awake, and if he has awakened, can Zhou Jian be put down?”

Ling Jiaze asked in a puzzled voice, “What’s wrong with Zhou Jian? I remember hearing him knock on the door before I fell asleep?”

“He wanted to break in and almost disturbed your awakening. I tied him up with vines and hung him outside. Do you two have an old feud? I think he would have killed you if he had seen you having a fever. It looks like it wouldn’t be simply because he was afraid of you becoming a zombie, right?”

“It can be regarded as an old hatred. On the day of the apocalypse, he came to me to borrow some things and I didn’t agree. He has hated me since.”

“And then? After the apocalypse when he became an ability user, didn’t he trouble you?”

“Our school is strict, and I have donated a lot to the school. He didn’t dare to do anything because he was afraid of making the school unhappy.”

After confirming that Zhou Jian did not cause too much harm, Ye Xuan asked, “Then should I put him down?”

Ling Jiaze thought for a moment and said, “Let’s put him down. If you hang him up for too long, the school leaders may all come here. Thank you for helping me vent my anger.” All was well and it would be a bit too much to continue hanging him outside.

Ye Xuan didn’t want to expose the space in front of people, and was too lazy to put away the things on the table. He simply went to the window, directed the vines to put Zhou Jian on the ground from a distance, and then said to the people outside the door: “I have already put him down. Go pick him up yourself.”

After this incident, Ye Xuan ate slowly. He had already eaten when he was guarding Ling Jiaze so he wasn’t too hungry now. After eating the food in the box, he asked Ling Jiaze, “What’s your next plan? I’m not going to stay at your school. The snow is still thick outside, so I can take advantage of the inconvenience of zombies to go back. What about you? Would you like to go back with me?”

Although it seemed that his actions had destroyed the possibility of Ling Jiaze staying at the school, and Ling Jiaze himself had a lot of eyes on him because he had a lot of things in his dorm, Ye Xuan still felt that it was better to go through the process of asking.

Of course, if Ling Jiaze didn’t want to leave with him, Ye Xuan could also solve the negative impact of Zhou Jian’s incident. Some useful information from the outside world was much more useful than an ability user who didn’t know the heights of the sky, not to mention that he had also helped Ling Jiaze to awaken his power, right?

Sure enough, Ling Jiaze said without hesitation, “As long as Senior doesn’t dislike it, I’ll go with you.”

Ye Xuan looked at the undisguised happiness on his face, and his mood improved a lot. He said “Let’s eat quickly. We will go home after we finish.”


Hearing a knock on the door outside, Ye Xuan said, “Continue to eat, I’ll go out and have a look.”

“Would you like me to go with you?”

“No. Pack up the things you want to bring after dinner. Let’s go back as early as possible while it’s still daytime. I’ll do the negotiations.” Ye Xuan pointed to his schoolbag and said, “I will put the things around the bag in the space so that we won’t be too obvious. I have the daily necessities and medicines at home. You can bring a few spare pieces of clothes if you want.”

Ling Jiaze nodded and silently accelerated his pace of eating.

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