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IDNNG Chapter 10


【 Chapter 10 – Spanish Civil War – Battle of Brunete (2) 】

July 6, 1937
Central-Western Spain, Salamanca, the Main Stronghold of the Spanish Nationalists

Thanks to Colonel Model’s tremendous role upon my return, I was able to re-tighten my mind that had been loosened during Luftwaffe dispatch and quickly adapt to the Company Commander’s work.

Along with Colonel Model, we Accumulated enough data about the 88 regarding its capabilities in indirect fire to complete a fairly precise calculation.

Rommel’s secret weapon, the Allied nightmare, and the use of 88 written as an anti-aircraft gun and read as the best anti-tank gun in World War II came out in the interwar period!

And as soon as that happened, we were immediately called into battle.

“This morning the Republicans launched an offensive in the Brunete direction. It is said that the front line is rapidly collapsing because of an unexpected surprise attack. The defense forces have been summoned and the commander-in-chief is General Valera. We’re going to move under Colonel Juan Yagüe, and the place is here…”

The officers who saw the point pointed to by General Thoma, Commander of the Condor Legion, gulped.

“At this time, the Condor Legion will be positioned at the front of Extremadura Road to intercept the enemy’s vanguard, the 11th Division’s objective are to break through to the front , and close the gap. The Extremadura road is a major road hub supplying the besieged forces in Madrid, so it must be defended. The Nationalist leadership says they will stop the Northern Offensive and send reinforcements, so we have to hold out until then.”

No one in the Condor Legion did not know the 11th Division, the elite division led by Republican hero Enrique Líster.

“There were reports that the 11th Division was advancing with about 100 tanks, gentlemen. That’s just right, we can test how effective the 88 in anti-tank warfare.”

The Colonel Model, chief of staff, added with a grin. No, I didn’t want to experiment like this….

“We have specified the expected front line construction, but since the situation at the site may be different, detailed instructions will be delivered upon arrival. Our mission is delaying action, so just keep in mind that we will hold out.”

“It’s very hot and dry right now, so order the troops to get as much water as possible. A thirsty army cannot fight.”

As expected from the meticulous Colonel Model, Lieutenant General Thoma ended the strategy meeting.

“Then we leave in an hour. Dismiss!”

“Heil Hitler!”

It is ironic that the Nazi regime is on the battlefield, shouting “Heil Hitler” to oust Hitler and the Nazis.

But I have to set up a battlefield or major that I’m risking my life anyway!

To get to Berlin quickly, and for promotion.

Among those plotting a coup against Hitler right now, those who took the initiative are Royalists or high-ranking members of the military, so the rank should be raised as much as possible.

My father, Hjalmar Schacht, is the core of German businessmen, so I would have a better position than an ordinary Lieutenant. Still, the German military is essentially a group with too much pride and exclusivity.

If I don’t get my own position in the military, even if I succeed in overthrowing the Nazi regime, I may have to helplessly face a situation where the military is out of control, just like in the days of the German Empire.

Moving quickly, I appreciated Colonel Model’s wisdom.

It. Is. Fucking. Hot.

In the Battle of Guadalajara, thanks to the sleet and fog, I thought the hot and dry climate was all nonsense, but in July, the highlands of central Spain boasted insane heat and dryness.

Even if you drink water, it’s a terrible heat that makes you thirsty again in 10 minutes.

You started an offensive in this insane heat? Are the Republicans out of their minds, or are they aiming for this instead?

We received reports that Brunete had fallen before we even arrived, but it was within the Condor Legion’s supposed range. We started building a line of defense to protect the strategic objective of Extremadura road.

It’s a pity to see the crew digging trenches and setting up batteries while sweating profusely in this heat. I don’t think it would be strange if I got a heat stroke.

And less than 30 minutes after arriving, I had to spit out a curse.

“Damn it!”

“Incoming! Incoming aircraft!”

More than 20 enemy planes are flying right in our direction! At Clement’s near-screaming cry, the crew turned the gun angle controller of the 88th anti-aircraft gun to death while being confused.

“First, adjust the angle roughly and open fire immediately! Order all troops to disperse! We will shoot it down from behind!”

“Yes, sir!”

Soon, one enemy plane was shattered with the unique sound of an 8.8-cm anti-aircraft gun, and as shells exploded in the vicinity, the ranks of the enemy planes scattered in confusion.

“Good, good job! Just adjust the angle and shoot!”

A lucky shot, obviously, but the enemy squadron is in disarray anyway! When we fired in succession, they spread out and dropped bombs roughly anywhere, and at least one bomb was seen to be destroyed in addition to the targeted artillery fire by other units, not ours.

Looks like you’ve had some fun with the defenseless bombing of the Nationalists. I’m afraid we’re not. And…

“Dig trenches faster! After a while, the bombardment will come! Dig if you want to live!”

“Yes, sir!”

Air strikes are followed by shellings, followed by armored forces. Now I also grabbed a shovel and started digging hard for my life. Dig if you don’t want to die!

While the Condor Legion was frantically building defenses, Colonel Enrique Líster, Commander of the 11th Division, who was in charge of the Republicans’ main attack, received a report that two bombers had been lost and requested a change of attack route to Colonel Juan Modesto immediately.

The Spaniards, both Nationalist and Republican, lacked proper anti-aircraft weapons and even more so, lacked skilled anti-aircraft artillery capable of delivering accurate anti-aircraft fire with them.

But if you lose not one but two in a single sortie, that’s out of luck. And it was the Condor Legion that had the most skilled anti-air force in the Nationalists.

So, Enrique Líster’s request was to bypass the defense line built by the Condor Legion and strike another strategic target, Carabanchel, where the enemy is still fighting…

“Damn it…”

Colonel Líster crumpled the telegram in his hand.

The Republican leadership replied that it was impossible to change the target of the attack because the road to Extremadura could be blocked only by breaking through this point. You drove 100 tanks, so show me your military accomplishments.

They said that since they had 100 of those tanks, they had to change their goals, but they didn’t understand that.

Lester was a rare Spanish officer who returned from studying abroad in Frunze, an advanced Soviet country, and had a strong pride in operating the armored forces.

Nevertheless, he suffered tremendous losses in Jarama when he coaxed an armored unit into the Condor Legion.

According to Tukhachevsky’s doctrine, in order to properly realize an armored breakthrough, the power of mobile infantry to assist it is essential.

But the higher-up doesn’t know that at all. If you push it with a tank, you’ll think it’s going to get pushed.

Líster’s request for some trucks to pay for expensive Soviet-made tanks was lightly ignored by the superiors, who said tanks were more urgent.

It might work well for the Nationalist ragtag, but it would be close to suicide to run into those Germans only with a tank.

Does the tank fall from the sky?

Even though important strategic strongholds like Madrid were defended, the territory of the Republicans continued to shrink, and the territory of the Nationalists continued to grow.

In addition, since the beginning of the Civil War, the damn Prime Minister Negrin distributed gold bars as the Soviets asked for, and the Republicans’ finances were deteriorating.

The Soviet Union, which was calculating enough to take advantage of the exchange rate and eat frugally, was gradually reducing support as the gains decreased, and if the core armored forces of the Republicans suffered a significant loss here, their offensive capabilities would be exhausted.

We’ve captured Brunete, and we’ve got a whole range to show the Soviet Union…

Even if Carabanchel didn’t fall, would it be possible to maintain the front line even if we advance all the way to Extremadura road after overcoming countless sacrifices?

“….order the artillery to open fire.  We will continue our operations.”

But what can he do if the soldier tells him to?

Líster had no choice but to order an attack, knowing that he pushed his men into his limbs, who had been struggling to raise him to the elite, as well as his career, which he had been criticized for only being greedy for his major.

If he tries to break through with only armored troops against the Condor Legion, he will be crushed again, so he has no choice but to assist with infantry as much as possible.

Not only did the sappers say that an artillery bombardment would come soon, but even the company commander and the officers came forward and shoveled like crazy and took cover.

“Crazy, you’re determined to turn us into dust, aren’t you?”

“That’s why Brunete fell before noon.”

I replied with a sigh of relief to Clement’s murmur. If the shelling hadn’t fallen, it would have been a stupid decision, but fortunately, it was appropriate.

The battles between Jarama and Guadalajara, where we fought, were all offensives by the Nationalists, and most of the Republican counterattacks against them were not so organized.

But this time, it was an offensive prepared by the Republicans from the beginning, and they were mobilizing tremendous firepower, from air strikes to shelling, as if they were putting everything into this offensive.

Right now, even at this very moment, the earth shakes and dirt falls on my hat and shoulders. I want to avoid the situation where the trench collapses and I am buried…

No, I’m more worried about whether the equipment will be fine.

Fortunately, the shelling stopped after about 10 minutes. To be precise, 10 minutes after the bombardment began, the Condor Legion’s large artillery bombardment began, and the enemies did not pay attention to this side anymore.

Oh, indeed, Walter Model. Fast Artillery is the god of the battlefield, but the gods are busy fighting each other.

There was no loss of life in our company except for the uniforms being ruined because of the expected artillery fire. The problem was that 88 guns and one anti-tank gun were destroyed.

“Hmm, the tank will come soon. Get ready right away. The chiefs must have read all the resignations, right?”


The sun is burning and perspiring. I don’t know if I’m spilling because it’s hot or because I’m nervous.

As the Condor Legion intended, the enemy’s main attack, Líster’s 11th Division, is clearly heading toward us.

The tank will be coming soon. Did you say 100?

It looks like it would be spectacular, but unless you stand against it.

The members were busy fixing anti-tank rifles, which would be thrown away when World War II began, and preparing for an indirect fire of 88.

Can you hold out?

“Huh… Now, warm up your throats in advance! You can’t drink without shooting!”


I also drank water as I watched the crew burst into laughter and drank the water bottle.

It’s not very refreshing since the lukewarm water is already running down my throat.

“Now, the enemy’s main attack is clear, but we are not weak enough to collapse under the expected attack! Let’s have a beer after the operation! It’s a little late, but I’ll buy it to commemorate my promotion as the Company Commander!”


“Oh, Captain, you’re generous.”

The tension felt a little relieved by the members’ love and Clemens’ grinning barrel.

“There won’t be any idiots who will die for saving my money, right?”


Let’s hope the members don’t die for the Franco dictatorship or for Nazi Germany.

That’s okay. Juan Yagüe is a capable Commander even in the Nationalist faction.

In addition, what supports us from behind is Walter Model, the strongest player in World War II defense.

I can do it.

“What? To keep pace with the infantry and advance slowly?”

“Yes, sir! Lieutenant Colonel!”

Colonel José Marlow, the armored Captain of the 11th Division, who is in charge of the Republican Party, immediately crumpled his face at the news delivered by the messenger.

“We have to break through the messy defensive positions right away with massive air strikes and artillery fire, so why keep pace with the slow infantry?”


The guy who was acting as an adjutant was no help. No, I couldn’t trust the officers and leadership of the Republican faction, which were famous for their incompetence in the first place.

Tsk, you idiots who don’t even know what the value of an armored unit is!”

Unlike himself, a native of Frunze, the Republicans did not know the value of a quick breakthrough by the armored forces.

At least Colonel Enrique Líster, who was from Frunze, knew the importance of an armored breakthrough, and in fact, at the beginning of this battle, he was able to defeat the Nationalists at once and capture Brunete with his own armored breakthrough following air strikes and artillery fire.

Now, with a little more breakthrough, we can secure our final goal, the Extremadura Road. And yet the higher-up who hesitated to wait and hold on to their ankles…

The Republicans have not recently had an opportunity to establish a major of this kind.

He was always beaten by the Nationalists and only fought battles where he managed to win Pyrrhus, but he was launching a grand offensive, and he, who was in charge of the vanguard, would be able to join that ‘colonel’ group that controls the Republican army if he won this time.

“Don’t pass on that order, just start the offensive!”

“Yes? However…”

“Let’s go as planned! You didn’t get it! You should be promoted too! When do you think an opportunity like this will come again?”

“Ah, I see…”

Colonel Marlow could take advantage of this important opportunity.

Surely Colonel Líster also reluctantly ordered the pressure of his superiors and would actually want him to do this.

At least, that’s what Lieutenant Colonel thought. No, actually, what’s worse than Líster?

Come to think of it, he came back from Frunze studying together, and both the higher-up and the media stopped promoting it.

If this offensive is successful, he will be able to stand alongside Líster, not under him!

The new republican hero, José Marlow! Having a dream that made his heart flutter just thinking about it, the Lieutenant Colonel ordered the advance of the armored battalion.

【 Spanish Civil War – Battle of Brunete (2) 】- End

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