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IDKWFC Chapter 14


What I’ve learned recently is that the four men feel very sorry for me.

For good or for bad.

I sighed as I walked with Rustina.


Rustina looked at me with a worried expression. Now she didn’t even care if the girdle on her arm, she had gotten used to it.

“No, It’s because I’m hungry.”

I quickly covered my face and smiled. She was quick to notice the change of heart.

Should I like this or not?

Even though the kid is smart, she seems too smart.

The banquet was still a few days away, and I had to show my face. It was the same with Rustina.

Maybe that’s why, Rustina and I had a pretty emaciated face for the past few days.

There are ways to say she doesn’t like it, but Rustina never cried and followed along.

“I’m glad people like you.”

It may be difficult to like me, but the child is innocent.

But these days, I’ve been quiet, so everyone seems to be looking at me a little differently.

There was another meeting, and I was on my way there when someone suddenly stopped in front of me.

“Princess, isn’t it fate that we met like this?”

It was the first face I had ever seen when I saw the man who uttered a harsh word. even ugly

This may be because I’ve only seen good-looking guys so far, so my eyes have been raised, but anyway, I can understand that the eyes, nose and mouth are attached.

“What’s going on?”

At the unpleasant voice, the man hurriedly introduced himself with courtesy.

“I am Sorman of Count DeBello. I am so happy to have met the princess, forgive me for forgetting to introduce myself.”

… It was very rude.

Glancing at Rustina, I saw that she was angry and was banging the stroller with both hands.

“My daughter seems to be very upset, so I’m going to leave. Did you say you were Count Sorman?”

“Yes, I am honored that you remember my name.”

“Count Sorbet. It’s hard to watch any more, so could you get rid of that face

“I am not Sorbet….”

“Is your name important? I think it’s more important to be blocking my way.”

Despite my distorted face, He did not move. What’s with that sinister smile?

Could it be that there are other men who have feelings for me besides those four men?

Looking around, I couldn’t see anyone else. Is this the battle with the brave man that is not missing in the novel?

‘What should I do? There’s no way Rustina could get hurt.’

However, there was no magic or power whatsoever. There was only one left. Find loopholes and overcome them.

“Whether it’s Sorbet or Sorman, It would be better to go. Then goodbye.”

But I didn’t want to fight, so I tried to walk past him with an expression on my face.

But Sorman grabbed my arm as if he had gone crazy.

“It will be difficult if you go on like this. I have something to say, so I’ve been waiting. You must hear it, princess!”

“Let this go.”

I definitely said let it go.

When a person gives a warning, it is normal to listen to it. But looking into his eyes, he seemed to have lost his mind.

“You can’t do that! How did I create this opportunity?”

Sorman already seemed to have nothing to see. He must have known that there was no one else here but us.

Oh really, it’s difficult because Princess Etricia is so popular. Even though she is famous for being a villain, why is she so tangled in her personality?

But he overlooked one thing. That I was a wicked girl in a terrible two years.

“Because it’s better not to see this.”

She lowered the cover of the stroller Rustina was riding in and caught her breath.

Then she reached out and slapped his hand hard on the cheek.


“Oh, I didn’t want to hit you with my hand because I was afraid it would hurt. Tsk.”

His face did not straighten out of her hot palms.

The shrill sound of friction cutting through the air will affect Rustina. Fortunately, the situation wasn’t seen by her.

I wouldn’t be surprised.

“Now, did you hit me?”

“It’s just self-defense.”

I said and warned that I didn’t want to talk. I told you to let me go but it’s been three months since you’ve been wandering around in front of you.

“Shall I call the guard? Or will you leave quietly? I’m not that patient. As you can see, my hand habits are pretty bad.”

Sorman’s body trembled softly when I saw his raised head and lowered eyes.

“Sir, do you intend to live only today and not tomorrow? If not, you will have to apologize and bow your head.”

“… I looked at you because you were pretty.”


Sorman had a fishy smile on his face and then slowly approached me. I didn’t have a good feeling.

Therefore, as I stepped back, I hurriedly hugged Rustina.

“Are you crazy?”

“No one sees anything right now.”

Rustina looked at him quietly, holding her in my arms.

“I need to go with you. I was waiting for you today.”

Suddenly, his eyes widened and he ran towards me like a madman.

He’s crazy.

Startled by the sharp object in his hand, I turned to protect Rustina.


I closed my eyes tightly and curled up in a hug with Rustina, and the surroundings were quiet with a short scream of a man.

“… What?”

As time passed and no signs were felt, I slowly turned my head to look behind, and Hassel was standing there.

Sweaty and panting, I looked down at Sorman who had fallen under his feet.

“Sir Hassel.”

Is this the power of the male protagonist? When the female protagonist is in danger, isn’t there something vague about it?

There was a sword in his hand, but there were no cuts on Sorman’s body.

‘It’s strange, did you pass out?’

Since his technique is versatile, he may have been stunned by hitting it with a sword or the like.

“Princess, are you okay?”

“Ah… I’m okay.”

I saw Rustina in my arms. Rustina rubbed her face in my arms and grabbed my collar.

Come to think of it, it seems that the cute little hand was towards Sorman… 

“Are you okay? You must have been very surprised.”

“Mama… Uh”

I patted and calmed Rustina. As if surprised, she fell asleep quickly.

Hassel came up to me and looked at my body.

“Are you hurt anywhere? There was a commotion for a while and I was away… sorry.”

He couldn’t raise his head. He’s not even my personal knight, so I don’t think you need to..

“Please be careful from now on.”

Wasn’t it almost dangerous for Rustina as well as me today?

It was questionable where the guard, who had originally been hiding and watching, went and no one came out.

“And, ah, let’s meet and talk about this separately.”

It seems like there is someone out there looking for me, so I have to be careful.

Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense to say that there is no one protecting the princess. I glanced around, but felt no other sign.

“Is the baby okay?”

“Yeah, she’s okay. I’m glad Sir Hassel found me quickly.”

“… I.”

He tilted his head. It looked like he had something to say, but I wanted to sit somewhere.

“Wait a minute, I need to sit down.”

It was difficult to stand up because of the tension. Hassel hurriedly arranged a seat and sat me down.

I still didn’t know the worried eyes would fall for me.

By the way, what did Hassel do to that guy, he’s still out of his mind.

Earlier, he had his mouth open, saliva was dripping out, and his eyes were turned upside down.

I was afraid that Rustina would see that ugly thing, so I covered it with my hand.

“Ugh.. You can’t see things like that.”


Rustina clasped my hand as if frustrated, but held it tight so she couldn’t see it. You should grow up seeing only good things.

For example, a face like Sir Hassel in front of you.

Hassel hastily asked whether I was aware of the existence of the Sorman at that time.

“I will take care of this.”

“Yes, and you need to call the guards.”

It’s imperial, but it’s so sloppy.

Hassel kicked Sorman, who was lying on the floor. He was trying to see if he was conscious, but he was being treated like a bug, as if he didn’t want to touch it.

“Sir Hassel.”

“Ah yes. Please tell me.”

He hurriedly crossed his legs and smiled at me.

“Thank you.”

“… No. Of course, I just did what I had to do.”

Looking at the red cheeks, I raised the corners of my lips. But then I screamed at Rustina, who was biting my hand.


“Ab! Ub boo boo!”

Rustina made a sad face, as if she was very angry about something. She gripped my hand, but unfortunately there was no blood.

“Bub boo! Ugh!”

She was always saying something, but I couldn’t understand it. It’s a face that looks pretty sad… 

In the end, Rustina cried as if she was frustrated too.

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