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IDKWFC Chapter 13


Chapter 13

“Mamma! Mmm!”

Rustina reached out and struggled. I hugged her carefully.

She would stay still just by gently stroking or hugging her on the back. She’s not satisfied with that today, so she pushed me away again and again.



I think she wants something…

I sat Rustina on my lap and looked at the girls.

“Ah! Whoa!”

Then she stretched out her hand and whined as if asking for a hug.

‘Do you want to go to Princess Serian?’

I felt like I knew who I was supposed to look good on. I don’t know if it’s a developed sense of humor or if I just like pretty people.

“Rustina seems to want to go to the princess.”

“Yes? no i….”

However, before the princess could even finish her words, I had the nanny to give Rustina to the princess.

The bewildered expression and the helpless hand were the same as when she first met Rustina.

“Bee! Abu-boo!”

Rustina smiled broadly as she held Princess Serian’s hand.

The princess’s expression gradually changed subtly, and then she looked at Rustina with a smile on her face.

She acts cute like that, but even if you don’t like her, I think she will laugh.

‘Come on, Rustina, let your cuteness come out to your heart’s content.’

Princess Serian seemed to have lost her heart to Rustina in the end.

“…  Rustina must have liked you.”

“It seems so.”

Seeing that she couldn’t take my eyes off Rustina, I felt like she was possessed. Well, it’s better than being an enemy, so I didn’t stop her.

Rustina, who had been hugged by Princess Serian for a long time, found me again as soon as she fell asleep.

In the end, Rustina fell asleep in her nanny’s arms. The ladies faces softened at the sight of an angelic child.


This is what the social world is like.

I went into the room with a lot of energy and fell flat on the bed.

I knew that I was hated for what I had done all this time. I thought I would be bitten, but on the contrary, the ladies are nice to me.

Since I had the position of a princess, it was natural.

“Ah… I feel tired.”

How long will these meetings last? I wanted to solve it in one shot, but I gave up because I thought I would become a prey if I did.

As I lay still on the bed, I remembered the red belt on Rustina’s arm.

“Ah! What is that?”

It must have been that Kyrian was playing a prank, but no matter what he did, I didn’t fall off.

I was worried about Rustina and left the room with my weary body. Because I can’t stand still for even a moment.

Everyone seemed crazy because of the banquet. They said they would hold a banquet for a week, so the Imperial family must be in turmoil for a while.

As I slowly made my way towards Rustina’s room, I felt a strange feeling and hurried my steps.

I carefully opened the door before entering the room.

Unsurprisingly, someone was looking down at Rustina.

This man is really big.

“It wouldn’t be good to place a location tracking device.”

I crossed my arms and said to Kyrian. Fortunately, Rustina was asleep, so it seems that she didn’t notice Kyrian’s existence.

“You’re late.”

Kyrian answered with his gaze fixed to Rustina.

“Whoever sees it will think it’s your room.”

Sounds like a mean husband. I didn’t feel very good about anything. Where’s the nanny? 

“Are you crazy…?”

I saw a nanny and Bell who fell asleep on the sofa, no, they fainted from magic. I hurriedly checked their pulses and luckily they were still alive.

“I didn’t kill them.”

Kyrian then saw me. It was a grim expression, but the red eyes in the darkness felt eerie.

“I thought you were gone, so why did you come?”

“Hey, I didn’t come here because I wanted to.”

“… Then?”

He looked at Rustina. Did Rustina call you? What nonsense…


It is clear that he will be summoned when Rustina is in danger. Without that, there’s no way Kyrian would have come here.

I approached Rustina. I looked around, but I couldn’t see the others.

“Did you hear any assassins? Did someone want take Rustina’s life?!”

If so, what should I do? I searched the room thoroughly with anxiety. However, there were no signs of corpses or other presence.

“Calm down. Because that hasn’t happened yet.”

“… Yet?”

“If I become his father, it will be very common.”

“Don’t say such terrible things.”

Matthew Kyrian was also famous as a villain. A person who kills people casually and has no mercy.

Besides, the reason I was feared was because he used black magic.

It was banned, but he didn’t care. The reason was simple.

Because black magic was stronger.

“It sounds like Rustina even called you.”

“Yeah, I guess I’ve been wanting to see her. The first impression was strong.”

Like someone.

At Kyrian’s small mutter, I narrowed my eyebrows.

“Follow me.”

“It would be difficult if I went outside and got noticed by other people.”

“It doesn’t matter, so follow me.”

I snatched Kyrian’s hand and pulled him away. When Rustina woke up from here, she would cry.

Then my sleep will fly away forever again.


I didn’t mean to bring him to my room, though.

Because the maids come and go so much that they have no choice but to come close…

“The princess seems to have wanted me to come to her room.”

“It doesn’t matter what you think.”

“What did I think?”

Kyrian sat on the bed and leaned slightly against the bed with both arms. His dark hair fluttered at his behavior.

He tilted his head slightly to the side and smiled.

“You don’t have to be so nervous. I’ve been feeling it for a while, but it’s a bit strange.”

“… Well, why. What do you think I am weird about?”

“Are you asking because you don’t know?”

With a gust of wind, Kyrian was standing in front of me. Gently grabbing the tip of my chin, he licked his lips while still smiling with his eyes closed.

“We already kissed.”

His hand gently brushed my lips and went down.

“Red petals bloom here and there.”

From the nape of the neck, and further down, he glanced at me.

“As if swallowing everything.”

Kyrian’s red tongue slowly brushed his lips.

“I must have coveted it.”


I swallowed my saliva and stared at Kyrian quietly. If I’m afraid to push him away or attack him here, it wouldn’t be Etricia.

“So? Do you want to take it right now?”

He smiled and lifted his chin slightly. If you push here, you lose.

I then taped Kyrian’s chest and made him lie flat on the bed.

A shadow fell over his body. I said looking down at Kyrian.

“If you want to become an entertainment for one night, you are always welcome.”

“… Entertainment.”

“Otherwise, it wouldn’t hurt to wait all night long.”

He smiled softly, wiping down his sharp jawline.

Ah, with a man with this face, it would be fun to spend a few days in a room together.

But the opponent is Kyrian Delfort. He was too terrifying to be vigilant. I got up, got off him, and sat down on the sofa.

“Don’t touch me. I am sensitive these days.”

Kyrian got up and looked at me with an annoyed expression as if the fun had run out.

“Are you doing this because you really don’t know who her father is? Or are you enjoying it?”

“Maybe it would have been better to have fun.”

I don’t know what this is, so I’m more worried. Knowing what kind of person will become a father will give me peace of mind.

By the way…

“What would have changed if you knew that?”

No, a lot will change. Because of that, Rustina’s life will change quickly, and I too will have a direction.

Rustina didn’t even know if I was a good mother.

I also had to think about whether it was right for me to be by her side or whether I should find a way back.

‘I don’t know if there is a way back.’

There was a high probability that it probably wasn’t. I haven’t been able to find any clues so far, so I may have to stay here as it is.

After all, the body of another world is dead, so if I go back, it will be hell or heaven. If there is an afterlife.

“Seeing you worrying makes me want to tease you.”

Kyrian came to me, bowed his head, and made eye contact.

Long black hair tickled my face, reaching out and pulling it away.

“I feel a familiar energy.”

He slowly closed his eyes and opened them. The red eyes still looking down at me showed no sign of falling.

When I felt Kyrian’s breathing slowly approaching me, he turned his face and whispered in my ear.

“It’s a very familiar vibe.”

Then he kissed my cheek lightly and smiled.

I wiped my cheek with my hand and looked at him with a puzzled look.

“Next time, if you’re vigilant, it’s your lips.”

He tapped my lips with his finger and disappeared as soon as I got up from the sofa.

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