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IDKWFC Chapter 12


Chapter 12

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Why was Rustina hiding there? No, how did she get there?

I sat down at my desk with a pretty serious expression on my face.

After Bell came, Rustina took the milk casually. She was so full that she went straight to sleep.

“Princess, Your Majesty is calling.”

“I’m very confused right now, so tell him I’ll go later.”

“… If you don’t go right now.”


“I told you to tell him, I was coming.”

I wiped my surprised chest and looked at my father.

Because he really have a fiery personality.

“I came running like this because it was so urgent.”

“Do you have anything to say about what happened earlier?”

“What to say… A lot.”

In fact, those four are the most likely candidates.

But, I don’t know who the father is, so how can I say that they have to wait until they turn one year old?

I shut my mouth, so I stayed still like a stupid.

“It was good. There is no need to inspect the men of the whole empire.”

“… Yes?”

“You think it’s one of them, don’t you?”

Because it’s definitely one of them.

I slowly nodded my head. Although I had doubts, he seemed to be angry when he heard the answer directly from his daughter.

Father lowered the corners of his lips, trying to breathe.

“One of them is Kyrian Delforian.”

“Yes… There was.”

“What are you! What were you thinking with him!”

That part makes me sad too. I wanted to protest, but I held back.

“Father, how long have I been away from the palace?”


“You told me that I often go out of the palace…”

“… At most, it was two weeks. You didn’t go out very often. I’ve been out lately, and I didn’t know until later.”

Dad patted his chin. If so, I think he should know who I met then.

I don’t know, so I can’t find anyone.

“I’m sorry, Dad must be in a lot of trouble.”

Whoever it was, there was one thing that was quite difficult. There were even princes of other countries, so there must be some issues with diplomatic relations.

“It’s nice to know that.”

Dad didn’t say any more. Maybe he thinks that talking about this is no use.

“Did you say the banquet is held for a week?”

“Yeah, there will be a different meeting every day, so don’t forget to attend.”

“… A meeting?”

“I think I should introduce Rustina. It’s been a while since you showed your face in the social world.”

I’m worried that I’ll have enemies, but it wouldn’t hurt to make friends.

That way you’ll collect more information quickly.

I nodded.

“Go to the garden as soon as you are ready.”

“It looks like the meetings have already started.”

It must have been a meeting that my father had prepared for me, but I didn’t say much.

He provided an opportunity, so it was up to me to take advantage of it.

“Okay, I’ll go right away.”

I told Bell to help me dress up. Since everyone must have witnessed what happened yesterday, questions will come pouring in.


“It is an honor to be able to see the princess like this.”

When the young girls saw me, they got up and set up their manners. 


The point was to throw it away casually, so now I just have to cross my legs and be honest, right?

It was difficult to imitate the appearance of the villain I had seen in novels.

“Oh my, it’s so pretty. She looks exactly like the princess.”

I saw Rustina lying in the stroller next to me. She’s pretty just like me.

With her bright eyes wide open, she smiles at Ladies, who are looking at her.

“Oh my goodness….”

Watching the Ladies melt away, I shook my head slightly. A child already knows how to attract people.

“By the way, I was so sad that you went away yesterday.”

“Right. It’s been a while since you showed up, so I wanted to talk to you.”

One by one, words began to come out. Judging from the fact, it seems that everyone is curious about yesterday.

Hassel is receiving love calls from the princess of other countries, the hostile Master Tower, and the Knights.

Also, they saw a dragon that was said to be difficult to see, so it must have been that way. I didn’t expect to see the four of them in one place either.

So others will be shocked too. Or maybe he wants to take issue with my conduct.

“Yeah, I’m so sorry I went earlier and can’t  greet the young ladies.”

As I descended, my eyes slowly lifted up, and I could see the eyes of the young ladies looking at me.

Judging from the fact that they swallowed dry saliva, it doesn’t seem like they’re usually very good friends.

“I didn’t know you would welcome me.”


“If you wanted to talk to me like that, I would have sent you a letter.”

If that was the case, I would have been excited to invite you to a tea party when I was bored.

“We also sent invitations, but no response.”

“Yeah, lately, as you can see, I’ve been busy having a baby and taking care of myself.”

You weren’t friends with me. Why are you all of a sudden pretending to be friendly?

I don’t know what you want, but it didn’t feel right.

“Princess, I have a question for you.”

Princess Serian, who was quietly listening to the story, put down her teacup.

“Are you going to find Rustina’s father?”

“… Hmm.”

I didn’t know you were going to ask this. I opened and closed my eyes slowly.


I should find it, but I don’t know if we can live together. If I let this out of my mouth, the social world would go crazy.

“Why are you curious about that?”

It’s about someone else’s business. Judging by Princess Serian’s cold tone, it doesn’t seem like she and Princess Etricia are very good friends.

I can’t remember anything else, but I only remember the male candidates.

“Pr-Princess. This time, it came from our estate, and it was said to be good for the body.”

Lady Kiroa, who was noticing, took out a box.

Oh my, Isn’t this a bribe? I don’t know if I can take this.

“What is this?”

“It is a small gift. I prepared this because I thought the princess would not be able to sleep at all.”

It was natural to not be able to sleep when raising a child. It looks like she wants to look good to me, but she must have been close with Princess Serian.

I shrugged and told the maid to pick up the box.

“Let’s use it well.”

This is the taste of power. I lowered the corners of my lips and took a sip of the tea.

“T-then. Please get rid of my brother.”

“… Puff.”

At Princess Serian’s words, I almost spit on the tea. She has the face of a villain.

After trying to clear my head casually, I looked at Princess Serian.

‘Do you want me to remove your brother?’

I looked at Princess Serian with a look of incomprehension. She clenched the hem of her dress and spoke in a trembling voice.

“Hassel Droy. I know he’s not my brother. So please get rid of him.”

Come to think of it, she looked quite similar to Hassel. Platinum hair and purple eyes.

Why did I see this now? Anyone can see that they are just siblings. I was very embarrassed, but I tried to keep my humility.

“Hassel Droy… Princess Serian. I mean.”


I swallowed dry saliva. I kept my gaze on Princess Serian and she lifted her head.

‘Is this right?’

Savage and arrogant Etricia Lete. Originally, I would have left the table, but I  hesitate to do so.

I didn’t even want to scratch that pretty  sister face I saw for the first time. So I have no choice but to suppress it with my eyes.

“I am not interested in your brother. It was just a toy that entertained me for a while.”

This isn’t it.

My mouth went crazy and I didn’t stop chattering. She grinned at Princess Serian who had her eyes trembling as she gripped her chin with her hand.

Having raised my chin with the tip of the fan in my hand, I tilted my head to the side.

“To be honest, I’m more interested in  Princess than in your brother.”

“… Yes?”

“That’s right. Prettier, more bold. Besides, you have no fear.”

Serian is more suitable as a leader than weak Hassel. It was not easy for me to tell my thoughts straight like this.

But doesn’t she have the courage to protect her older brother? Even if you were like me, I would have stopped it.

“So you don’t have to worry about that. It is said that the princess only needs to dry Sir Hassel Droy.”

At my words, Serian nodded slowly. Then I put the fan away and looked at Rustina.

“I don’t care who my husband will be.”

It’s important to find my daughter’s father. She needs to have her father as well as me who is not her real mother, so she will feel less sorry for Rustina.

“Is that so, Rustina?”

Rustina blinked and smiled broadly.

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