IDKWFC Chapter 11


Chapter 11

I thought she said father right now.

I looked at Rustina and the four men.

“What is it?”

Who is the father

It seemed that I wasn’t the only one confused.

No, when I asked him to come to the detached palace like that, he didn’t answer and he didn’t come! Why is everyone gathering here and making a fuss?

“… Etricia.”

I trembled at the sound of my father’s low voice coming from behind me.

“Ahaha. Baba.”


Rustina struggled to get out of my arms. As she turned and stared intently at my father, she smiled broadly and reached out her hand.

“Are you going to see Grandpa?”


Seeing her eyes twinkle, she seems to want to go. I strode over and laid Rustina in my father’s arms.

“She wanted to come to her grandfather’s arms.”

Rustina smiled broadly at my father’s melting face. Somehow I feel like she protected me right now.

I tilted my head, turned and looked at them.

“Please continue with the banquet. I’ll take care of the rest. Please look at Rustina for a moment.”

“Let’s go and talk.”

Father nodded happily. I beckoned to Damon and Kyrian, and Hassel and Louis, who were staring at me.

“Follow me. quietly. You know that if you open your mouth, I will chase you away.”

I didn’t know it was going to be like this, but I had to make sure of something.


“What does that mean now?”

Damon frowned. Kyrian just stared at me without saying a word.

“She said she didn’t know who her father was.”

“… I’ve already heard that. But you’re asking why we’re talking together.”

“Yeah, I think it’s one of you, four.”


Damon sighed at my words. With an angry expression on his face, Louis took a stance to rush at any moment.

“Princess, so. your words.”

I felt like grabbing my flaky hair, then banged it against the wall.

I used to have that temperament.

“I don’t know why you are angry. Then ask the other way around. Isn’t there a single possibility that it isn’t?”

They said it was a mutual agreement, but I didn’t understand why everyone was so sure it was them.

Isn’t that right, even if I can’t remember, some of them will have vivid memories of that time.

“Everyone has nothing to say?”

Everyone shut their mouths at my words. Hassel clenched his fist and then took a step closer to me.

“Princess, I’m sorry. Everything is my fault.”

No, you don’t need to apologize.

If it was Etricia with a thorough personality, the odds would have been significantly lower, so why did Rustina appear?

“Whatever happens, I will take responsibility.”

Damon’s blue eyes twinkled. One responsibility must be acknowledged.

The problem is that all four of us think like that.

“One year old.”

Kyrian’s cool voice rang out. At the same time, my eyes opened wide.

How does he know.

“You will know when she’s one year old. Why are you so impatient?”

He looked at me and smiled.

“Right? Etricia Lete.”

“… Right. That’s what I gathered to say.”

I stared intently at Kyrian. How he knew that.

“You can get to know Rustina’s dad at the age of one. I found a way.”

“… One year old.”

Damon fell into his thoughts.

It was understandable that he made such a face. Now that 100 days have passed, there is still a lot of time left until she turns one year old.

“If she’s a child of a dragon, she will grow noticeably faster. Just looking at what she said about Mom and Dad today, it must be my child.”

Louis shook his head. That confident tone of voice was still there.

“Louis, I’m not sure. Like I said before, I…”

“Stop it, you don’t have to say it, human!”

He hurriedly shouted as if covering my mouth. The sound of not remembering the night we spent together seems to have scratched his pride quite a bit.

I shrugged and looked at Hassel. He had his head bowed.

‘What are you thinking? You won’t cry again, will you?’

He was pretty, but if he cried in front of another man, his face wouldn’t make any sense.

He had a slender personality that didn’t go well with his size, so there was a big gap whenever I saw him.

“Then why didn’t you answer the letter?”

“Humans and dragons are busy every day. Do you know how many insignificant humans are greedy for us?”

Louis jumped in excitement. Come to think of it, his pure white face seems a little burnt.

“If I wanted to see you, I should have teased you with kind words. Otherwise, it would be better to come and see it in person.”

Kyrian came over to me and lightly stroked my cheek. He was so quick that I didn’t even notice when he was coming.

“… I’m sorry.”

He knew how to shake a woman’s heart, so I felt like I could see his tail in everything he did.

I tapped Kyrian’s hand and narrowed my eyes.

“Since when did we say we liked each other?”

“I’m sorry to say that. So I think it was more passionate.”

Kyrian still didn’t open his folded eyes. The smile on his face seemed absurd.

“It’s kind of a joke. I said it in a way that you could understand, so I hope it doesn’t happen so suddenly in the future.”

Damon widened the gap between Kyrian and me, stopping him.

“I can’t agree with that.”

“… Why is it like this to a person who has been busy with the battlefield because of the war?”

“Still, I came here cleanly today, so it’s okay.”

Come to think of it, there was not even a single blood stain on his uniform. I think he remembered what I said back then.

“I even said hello to my daughter. Sadly.”

“Who said she is your daughter?”

I snorted and took a step back.

“If I had said this, you would have understood, so I’ll leave. Rustina is looking for a long time without me.”

At my words, Hassel hastily followed after.

“I will escort you.”

“I’m fine…”

“It’s a banquet, so it’s crowded and cluttered. I can’t leave you alone at a time like this.”

“… Is it?”

I tilted my head and walked forward. But why is everyone following not only Hassel?

“Why are you following me? One escort is enough.”

“I think you’re mistaken, so let me tell you, I’m just going my own way.”

You’re going to be bored

Damon passed me and moved forward. Louis smirked with a sad expression on his face.

“What do want?”

It’s just that Rustina doesn’t have to run into it.


I stopped walking towards the banquet hall.

“I think I’ll be in the room for some reason.”

 The maid asked out of curiosity and she said that I went to my room.

I went straight to Rustina’s room, and Hassel followed after me.

“Sir Hassel.”

“Yes, tell me.”

“I think you can just go.”


There were many guards in the palace. There was no need to draw people’s attention, and he was right to keep his position as the Imperial Guard.

“Go and hold your seat, the more I want you to know who is being scorned like this.”

“… Ah!”

At that time, Hassel turned around to say his greeting. He seemed to barely take steps away.

I looked around with a more relaxed face now.

There was not even Louis who was smirking, nor Kyrian, who was standing there with a smile on his face.

Damon was really on his way, after he had disappeared.

“Hey, I’m a little more comfortable now.”

I stretched out and headed to Rustina’s room to recharge my body with a groan.


“It’s me.”

I knocked to see if Rustina was sleeping, but I didn’t feel a presence inside.

Rustina was not there when the door was opened wide with a strange feeling.

I hurriedly looked around in embarrassment, but still couldn’t see my daughter.

Neither the nanny nor the bell were visible, so I rushed outside and was about to call the security-


And Rustina’s voice came from behind.


I hurriedly turned around, but Rustina was nowhere to be seen.

I didn’t hear it wrong, but where the hell did it come from?

He wiped his chest and slowly looked around the room.

“Where are you? baby.”

Hearing my anxious voice, a hand suddenly protruded from among the pillows on the bed. Then I frowned, and my face lit up.


When I found Rustina, I immediately ran and hugged her.

“Why were you hiding there? You’re surprised. Who was trying to hurt you?”


I put Rustina in my arms and rubbed her face. With her relieved expression, her little hand gripped my collar.

“Yes, yes. here it is.”

I gently stroked Rustina’s back. We’ll have to figure out why Rustina was hiding.

“Oh my, Princess?”

Bell came with milk in her hand and looked at me in amazement.

She approached me with an expression that I did not understand and tilted her head.

“Baby, she was sleeping in a small bed… Why are the pillows messed up here?”

Hearing those words, my head turned to Rustina.

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