IBLTW Chapter 9


Chapter 9

“…Is that so?”

Still, in the eyes of others, we look pretty friendly. It’s because I’m so blunt. Phew, it was worthwhile to sing a lullaby until dawn every day.

Having finished the dessert happily, I put down the pudding spoon and smiled broadly.

“Shall we go now? I must finish my work at night before His Majesty comes.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Feeling better, I returned to the Empress Palace with a light footstep.

I didn’t even notice that the faces of the servants, including Lauren, were strangely red.

* * *

“Hello, Merton.”

“Ah, yes Your Majesty the Empress.”

The middle-aged Emperor’s doctor greeted me coldly.

No, He’s now the Emperor’s ‘couple’ doctor.

“I am really feeling unwell today. Please come quickly and check it out.”

As I pretended to be sick and wrinkled my forehead, Merton started sweating profusely. like it’s very difficult.

“Come on.”

When I urged, Merton hesitated and began examining.

After a few minutes.

“How about this? You can definitely diagnose my disease today, right?”

I hurried with a sharp voice and opened my eyes fiercely.

In an instant, the atmosphere turned bloody. The maids who had retreated were frightened, and some even hiccuped.

“Uh… Your Majesty the Empress.”

Doctor Merton, bitten by the examination tool, squeezed his eyes shut.

“Your life is at stake for today’s answer, so you should answer well.”

I said with arrogant eyes. Merton bit his lip with a very shaky face.

‘What will the answer be?’

Contrary to the ferocious expression on my face, I waited nervously for his answer.

In fact, I’ve seen Merton 16 times in the last 4 days. So, four times a day, little by little.

‘Oh, I think my head is going to break.’

‘Ah, my stomach hurts today…’

‘Suddenly I have muscle pain!’

‘Am I really sick?!’

…While making a fool’s reason.

Yeah, actually I didn’t feel sick at all. To the extent that it was too lively for what I had been playing with in the past because I was addicted to alcohol and men.

‘But if you want to test the doctor, I have to do this.’

A proper doctor must give the correct diagnosis and prescription. in any situation.

‘Even if that’s with threat!’

To test Merton’s sincerity, I took full advantage of Leah’s image of the capricious. Even though I was fine, I said I suddenly got sick and called him back.

Merton, who has been running in a hurry for the past four days, was confused each time.

‘Wow, your Majesty the Empress. Your Majesty’s health is supreme by the diagnosis of your convictions.’

‘It hurts so much, what do you mean? Ah, a headache!’

Of course, the more I did, the more chaotic he got. After a couple of hours of rolling around saying that I was going to die of pain, Merton, who could not find the cause, was sweating profusely to comfort me.

“Your Majesty the Empress. If you tell me the pain area and symptoms in more detail, I will make more efforts…’

‘I don’t know, it’s just that it hurts! Give me some medicine!’

On days when I cried and whined, Merton would almost return to the form of a skeleton.

In any case, the answer was the same even after telling the truth 16 times and draining his soul.

‘Sorry, I’m sorry, Your Majesty. From my diagnosis, Her Highness sickness is nowhere to be found.’


Even though my image again became the real Empress at the end of the day, I was satisfied. Because I could see Merton’s convictions and honesty.

And finally, today was the long-awaited last test.

“Are you making me a liar? It hurts so much, why do you say I’m normal?”

“Your majesty! That’s not what I mean…!”

“Then we need to get a proper diagnosis. Do you think you can turn me into a liar and keep my neck in place?”

As I stared at him, the maids tightly closed their eyes. Hearing and crying could be heard, and Lauren gestured to cover the maid’s mouths.

‘The strangely calm Empress is finally revealing her true nature.’

Heck, my image. I can’t help it though. Because someone must be sacrificed for a cause.

‘The attending physician should never be bribed, and must be a person who does his/her duty for the Emperor and me.’

I glanced at Merton and shook his head. My escort knight with his head bowed approached with a stiff face and drew his sword.


A cold blade stood by Merton’s neck. I asked one last time, supremely cruel and arrogant.

“What is my disease name?”

If the Empress admits to being sick, he dies. If he still claims it’s not, he lives.

Merton’s eyes fluttered countless times, recognizing the silent pressure.

“Give me three seconds.”

Merton’s face turned white. I counted with a relaxed face.


“I, I… … .”




It was a moment when everyone held their breath. Merton, who had struggled countless times, shouted.

“So, I’m sorry! Tongue, Your Majesty is now very normal!”

Merton, who had given up on living, trembled and fell flat on the floor.

Everyone looked at me in a very suffocating atmosphere, and even the guards with their swords swallowed dry saliva.

And I… As soon as I heard the answer, I laughed out loud.

“Good. That’s the answer I wanted to hear.”

A person who fulfills his or her responsibility even in a life-threatening situation. A person who protects his conscience rather than power.

I needed such a doctor to survive. And today, I finally got someone I can trust.

“Have mercy… Huh,yes?”

Merton, trembling in fear, raised his head. It was a face of doubt.

I got down from the chair, took his hand and smiled broadly.

“Good luck in the future, Merton!”

By the way, how can I restore my image?

* * *

“Lauren. Have you cleared the harem?”

“Yes. All furnishings and luxuries have been removed, and all remaining items will be demolished within today.”

Now that I’ve got my primary care physician, I’m on my way to the harem to do the last remaining task. When I asked, Lauren, who followed me, gave detailed information about the situation.

“It’s fine. But what about the children who are still there? I should have told you to get it out quickly.”

“I’m sorry. But, he held on to the pillar of the annex, saying that he will never be able to leave until he sees Her Majesty in person.”

It seems that the Empress couldn’t forcefully remove them because they were all people she takes in.

‘Are they also stained by Leah?’

It seemed that the harem men and women were also genuinely following the owner.

However, those money ghosts are still up to this day. I will show you clearly that I am the tower of truth in this Palace.

With a firm resolve, I opened the door of the harem that I had arrived at.

“Hey, you…!”

“Take responsibility! Take responsibility!”

But the scene I encountered.

“Your Majesty, take responsibility! Isn’t it different from the promise?”

He was a handsome man demonstrating in the middle of the entrance hall.

“What is he?”

I was shocked to see a man shouting with a white cloth tied around his forehead. Lauren whispered in her ear.

“This is Lindo Carcel, Your Majesty. He said that he had a sexy brain and that her Majesty herself seduced him, no, you persuaded him to bring him.”

“Obviously, you said that if I join the harem, you will pay my academy tuition in full! Now that you come and go, you’re going to make me a highly educated, unemployed! I will never accept it!”

The sweet-looking blond man opened his eyes and shouted at me. Sweat dripped from the bitterness I felt clearly.

‘Oh, I got it wrong.’

I smiled awkwardly and walked over to him.

* * *

At that time, the Empress Palace.

“Say it again.”


The maids of the Empress Palace trembled. However, as if he did not even care about the fear of the poor women, the Emperor’s golden eyes were cold.

“Empress, where did she go?”

* * *

I first comforted Lindo Carcel, a nerdy man who was protesting, and brought him to the room.

But as soon as I put my butt on chair, he smiled sweetly and offered me a contract with my hand stamped on it.

“Obviously, you promised to pay the royal academy tuition in just three years in the harem.”

Looking at the contract, it was 20,000 guilders per month.

One guilder was about 10,000 won. Then the whole course of the 8th semester…?

‘9.6 billion?!’

What kind of warranty is this?

I was about to bite my tongue.

Outside the room, three other harem men who were clinging to each pillar of the separate palace were contemplating on how to get rid of them, so I quickly put out flippers.

“Didn’t you hear that we had to leave the harem room? It’s only been two months since you came in anyway. You can go out and register for the academy!”

“I’m sorry, Empress. The registration period is once every four years. And the last deadline was last month.”

The handsome blond man smirked. I swallowed dry saliva.

Ugh, so The next registration period is 4 years later.

“I was contemplating whether to enter an academy in a foreign country that offered a scholarship. I came to the harem because Her Majesty said that she would pay the full tuition of the Royal Academy.”

Above, it is a crisis. She is sure to become a rare villain who squanders these taxes on her own by falling for her husband.

I turned around to appease the student finance villain who was taunting me with this judge’s board.

“I’ll introduce you to another good academy. You just have to deal with special admissions.”

I proposed corruption in the entrance exam as a privilege of the Empress. If possible, go to a cheaper place.

“I must be the Royal Academy!”

“They say that tuition is expensive and there is nothing good about it. Lauren did.”


Lauren, behind me, made an embarrassed expression. But I’ve already given the salt.

“I don’t like it. Better hit me in the head!”

“I stopped the execution, no, not this! Why do you hate it, huh?”

“Because there is only the Royal Academy for special pharmacy courses.”

“Then change your major…”

“It’s a basic study that doesn’t cost money, but it’s my precious major! How can you tell me to give up?”

“Wait, wait.”

The sexy man, Lindo, looked up at me resolutely, with a posture that he couldn’t give up even if he died.

I, who was in a hurry to defend him just a moment ago, asked with twinkling eyes.

“Did you just say special ‘pharmacy’?”

If you’re a pharmacy major, can’t you make the antidote you need before you get poisoned?

‘I can use him!’

Still, I thought that a single doctor was not enough to prevent poisoning!

I immediately started robbing the student finance villain.

“So, you have already graduated from the basic pharmacy course at the top. You were planning on taking a special pharmacy course?”

“Yes. It is a basic science that deals with research drugs that are rarely used in real life. Due to the low demand and the high level of difficulty, the Royal Academy is the only specialized course in Vermouth.”

So, with the subtle meaning of taking responsibility, Lindo Carcel stared at me.

I smiled broadly.



Lindo Carcel, who had a sweet face but a hard expression, stopped.

“I will invest in you.”

-To be continued


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