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IBLTW Chapter 6


Xi’an noticed his own change belatedly, but there was no way to cure the disease.

The thoughts he had been thinking recently evaporated, and the Empress’s words began to be interpreted in his head.

A man named Hade with light green hair and glasses gave the Empress a flower The scene of taking it back was naturally depicted in his head.

“…As a one-year anniversary gift, I gave him a nice fountain pen, and I gave him a cookie saying I made it at home. But it turned out that I was in a hurry to buy something that was sold at a bakery.”

A scene in which a man named Taylor, with a pointed jaw, smashes a coarsely wrapped cookie and hands it to the Empress.

“When I said that I was sad, he got angry saying that he didn’t know that I was a woman who only revealed money like that.”

Even the scene where the empress cries at the poor man who gets angry at the young Empress and eats the cookies.

It was then that he realized that the Empress was telling him the story of the man she had met so far.

It was a strange and daring story to tell to her husband on annexation day.

It wasn’t that he meant by strangling her wife during the annexation.

‘By the way.’

Where the hell did you pick and meet such unusual men? They were gathered in a place called a harem in a separate palace.

Xi’an recalled the empress’s bizarre hobbies in the midst of her fuss.

I left her because I was not interested in what the Empress did, but it seemed to have been vaguely memorable because the ministers mentioned it several times in the report.

“Still, Sehun, no, the man named Saint was okay. Every time we met, I paid all with my money, but he always wrote me letters instead. It’s very romantic, right?”

The face of the empress, who was smiling brightly as she received the letter that the man with only her face was roughly written on a napkin, came to his mind.


Somehow, he felt strange.

It was strange. Did he even assimilate into the feelings of the Empress by hearing the story of the husbands and concubines that happened in the harem directly?

Xi’an, who was gradually letting go of her, twitched his eyebrows even in his sleep. Then the Empress quickly sighed— and stroke him.

It was a very sweet and soft touch that made his mind blow away.

“But it’s okay now. I got all those guys sorted out. Oh, I left a few people in the harem… Well, it’s all in the past.”

The Empress smiled slightly and patted him.

Not knowing that the Empress herself was devoured by bastards who only had their faces to look after.

Xi’an was a little skeptical.

Rumors circulated that the Empress was a corrupt woman who was addicted to alcohol and men, and he thought it was because she’s a daddy’s girl rl. Did she have a weak-willed personality?

‘But I guess it’s not like she organized the harem herself.’

With a strange feeling, Xian was about to give a new evaluation of the Empress.


Finally, there was the limit. A state of trance has arrived, in which even a headache is not felt at all.

“Good night, Your Majesty.”

The moment Suma attacked with her sweet voice.

Note: Suma is Xi’an disease

Suddenly, like an auditory hallucination, the words of the Empress who had organized the men came to mind.

‘Even though I left a few people in the harem.’

Xi’an thought while calming down.

…Why did you do that?

* * *

It was early in the morning when Xi’an woke up.

He blinked slowly at the unfamiliar freshness he felt for the first time.

‘Why do I feel this way?’

Then he found A little warmth attached to him.


I remember everything from last night. So, it is surprising that he fell asleep while listening to the empress’s whispering voice. I felt like I was possessed by something.

He slowly turned his head.

The Empress, with silver hair like the moonlight, was asleep without knowing anything. He put his hand on his chest.

Her white hands were very soft and tender, unlike his.

Xi’an raised his eyebrows and gently pulled them off. It was a touch that did not contain any emotions, like when receiving a young horse on the battlefield.

Wife, I mean.

Suddenly he got up and looked down at the Empress with an expressionless face.

Maybe it wasn’t because she didn’t cry or scream last night and she didn’t provoke him.

He was now looking closely at his wife’s face, which he had never seen properly before.


The fact that this woman’s existence doesn’t feel as awkward as I thought. I was annoyed until noon yesterday.

Is it because she slept well?

‘It’s even more surprising.’

The sleeping pills didn’t work, but I fell asleep when I heard the queen’s strange voice. Even if an assassin shows up, I fell asleep so deeply that I might not feel it 

‘What did you do?’

Xi’an stared at the sleeping Empress. Of course, there was no way the Empress in the middle of the night could answer.


It was a good thing that my mind cleared. Because I had been suffering from severe headaches and hallucinations for quite some time, I had a lot of paperwork to finish. It’s been a long time since I worked on government affairs.

Xi’an glanced at the outside that was getting brighter and left.

And before opening the bedroom door.

Xi’an opened the door as usual, and after thinking for a moment, he softly turned the doorknob.


The noise was not as loud as intended. Xi’an tried to go outside indifferently, then glanced back.

‘Let’s call it a reward.’

The Queen gave him a good night’s sleep, and he only protected her as well.

Xi’an has so justified his unusual behavior and moved on.

Then he suddenly noticed that there was something faintly bothering him.

I listened to it over and over until just before I fell asleep last night, so it unintentionally left it as powerful as brainwashing.

‘…So, who left the harem.’

* * *


Oh, I slept well. After all, people should sleep well.

But somehow it felt awkward.

As if I had forgotten something, I blinked and looked at the side of the bed with a slightly wrinkled sheet and thought of it.

Male lead! I slept with the male lead, the Emperor, yesterday!

I played the love story-themed white noise until late in the morning, and finally shut my mouth after the Emperor fell asleep.

But I couldn’t be reassured. A sensitive black panther shouldn’t wake up.

When I woke up, I watched the sleeping emperor diligently make white noise like a lullaby again.

Fortunately, the emperor slept with a sound of even breathing, and I remember lying next to him and admiring how the man had eyelashes grow like that while watching it silently.

“I must have slept after that.”

The Emperor seemed to wake up first and left.

I scratched my cheek sadly. I didn’t really have anything to say, but it’s good to stay close for a long time to get to know each other.

To do that, I had to start moving in earnest from now on.

‘Improved my image while organizing the harem, so let’s take care of my health.’

I asked Mrs. Lauren, a professional to take off the iron horns in a short time.

“Did I have a disease?”

“…Are you going to get sick?”

Lauren responded a beat late and pulled out the schedule.

“As you may know, there is always a tea time with Duke Celeste after the annexation date. The Duke is going to enter the palace in two hours today.”

First of all, I asked to check my medical condition or physical condition, but it was an ambush I had never thought of.

I frowned softly.

‘What do you want to ask, did you meet  your daughter everyday after the wedding anniversary?’

Unfortunately, this is also not a part of the original novel, so Leah’s memory was not helpful.

I stood up with a serious face.

“Well, thinking about it, I think I’m a little sick. So, can you tell father to go back?”

“But this is the only case in which the Duke asks the Empress first. Besides, didn’t Her Majesty always look forward to seeing the Duke?”



“Then let’s just say it’s not the case”

I have more important things to do!

Lauren seemed dumbfounded by Leah’s unpredictable whims. But when she opened the door and winked, she moved professionally

“Then I will tell him. Thankfully, the Emperor did not run last night, and the annexation was completed safely. If I deliver it to the Duke, he will return safely.”

“Yeah, that’s fine. Rather, Lauren, where should I go to see the doctor?”

“Come this way.”

Lauren didn’t seem to know what was going on, but she looked relieved.

She seemed to be more fortunate than expected that the Empress, who had a bad reputation, was quiet even on the day of the annexation, and that she did not act on her temper for two days in a row.

Looking around her, the faces of the maids following her were also brighter than she had seen for the first time.

Since Leah was such a naive person, she didn’t do much, but I think the effect of improving her image has already been shown.

‘After all, it’s easier to get 0 to 50 points than to get 90 to 100 points.’

I was very proud, and walked to Felix’s office, the doctor of the Empress Dowager.

* * *

“Your Majesty the Empress eats this.”

As I entered, the blonde man jumped up.

It was more like a parlor of an aristocrat than a doctor’s office or a medical office.

“Your Majesty, how did you get here? If you called me, I would have run barefoot!”

Doctor Felix came over and smiled at me. His face, surprisingly, was quite handsome, and it went well with the glamorous room, as if this was a ballroom.

‘Did Leah choose a doctor by face?’

Still, the doctor was delightful, and I greeted him with a smile.

“No, someone in a hurry should come. I’m here to ask you a few questions.”

“That’s right! Please sit down.”

I sat down on the sofa, led by Felix. He smiled and sat down… No, why are you sitting next to me?

“Excuse me. Don’t you think we need some social distance?”

“Yeah? But the last time I heard that you can’t hear me better.”

At the very least, you even threw an affair with the doctor. How do I repay all this karma?

With a frown on my face, I lifted my hips and sat down on the side of the long sofa.

““Hm. It’s no different, because I’m interested in health these days. I’d like to get a general checkup. Ah! And can I do a physical exam? I was wondering if there are any medications or foods that are good for allergies or constitutional conditions.”

If you check your current physical condition and check your medications and food, it will be a great help in preventing poisoning.

If you suddenly get sick or if someone delivers food that doesn’t fit you, they might suspect that you’re trying to poison.

“For now, how is my body? You’re my doctor, so you know better than me, right?”

As I spoke with a twinkle in my eyes, Felix clasped his chin lovingly and looked at me.

And answered with honey dripping from his eyes.

“I do not know.”

“If you need an additional check-up, can you tell me?”

“I don’t know. All I know is how your body plays, not your health.”

Felix smiled with his white teeth shining. I could see Lauren and the maids avoiding my gaze with detached expressions.

What is this person saying right now?

-To be continued


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