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IBLTW Chapter 4


IBLTW Chapter 4

In the last chapter of the novel, the tyrant emperor committed suicide.

Although she was curious about the male lead whom she had only seen on the book cover, it was only momentary. Because right now, cold sweat dripped from her palms and saliva ran out of her mouth.

She laid still on her back, motionless like a corpse.

You can’t make a sound. You’re supposed to be already asleep. She told herself.

She pretended to be asleep, but her heart was beating a little faster.

She did not even make a sound and held her breath. Then, the footsteps stopped in front of the bed.

A second seemed like an hour.

In the suffocating air, she felt the mattress dip to one side, and someone was lying next to her.


The large, soft blanket that seemed to cover the bed shook. For a moment, the room sank into a heavy silence.

What? Is it a dream?

She sighed inwardly with her eyes still closed.

She was a little nervous, thinking that the tyrant male lead would yell: “Why are you sleeping when your husband is here!”

Still, the male lead is the male lead, right?

Though the romance was bad in the original novel, there should still be basic etiquette.

She continued pretending for at least 10 minutes while fussing over her thoughts.

The other side was still quiet. If things went on like this, everything would be over the morning she woke up. However, sleep eluded her and her mind was blank.

I’m curious…

She wanted to know what kind of person the emperor was.

With Lauren already scaring her and his character in the novel, she thought that the male lead was an idiot, but she just could treat this as if she was sharing a bed with a bedmate.

Maybe he’s more normal than I thought?

The novel might have omitted some of the plots. Just like Leah, who had a collection of eccentric handsome men, but only portrayed a simple queen with a harem.

Perhaps, when there was no blood, the blood-crazed emperor was just a regular man.

Overcome by her curiosity, she carefully opened her eyes.

Facing the ceiling, she glanced to her right.


The male lead or the emperor lay facing back from her. Naturally, he only showed his back, which was quite reliable.

She knew nothing of the human body proportions, but she was amazed by the emperor’s tightly woven and graceful muscles.

It’s really a pleasing view, even with just the back.

She looked at his back with curious eyes before she shifted her gaze.

The emperor’s hair was dark black, seeming to be just dried. The moist hair was so smooth it did not look like it belonged to a man.

Hey, author, you’ve never said he was this handsome!

Compared to the dozen men she had seen in the harem, the emperor was much way better in body and aura.

Admiration burst inside her. She took a final quick scan then closed her eyes again.

Huh? Something seems strange though.

Usually, a person would sleep laying on their back, like her, or sideways.

However, some would sleep faced down on their stomachs or with their arms folded. But the emperor…

Why are you covering your ears while sleeping?

She stared blankly at the emperor.

All the doors were tightly shut, not even a single insect flew in. Not a single sound could be heard from the people outside. And she, who was lying next to him, even held her breath.

In short, the room was in complete silence.

Do you think I will scream at you?

Lauren’s recent comment came to her mind. The emperor was flippant due to his severe insomnia.

No. Why would you cover your ears if your wife is already asleep?

She would have a hard time sleeping if it was her.

Another 10 minutes passed and the emperor showed no sign of lowering his arms.

She would not mind if he could sleep in that position, but it was not the case. To her amazement, she could see how much strength he was exerting under his white shirt that even his veins were showing.

Strange. I can’t even hear anything, so why are you covering your ears?

She watched the scene in front of her, her face becoming more and more confused.

It seemed sleeping first was a wrong idea. She was already like this, and he still could not sleep.

I’d rather wear earplugs. The room’s quiet enough, so what are you covering your ears for?

She was lost in her thoughts. And suddenly, a light bulb lit above her head. Her mouth was wide open with her assumption.

Perhaps, the emperor was obsessive-compulsive.

She was not sure, but the emperor may be hearing hallucinations.

Otherwise, there was no way he would press on his ears tightly in this grave-like quiet room.

The strong arms that always held the sword were now swelling from the force. Anyone who saw a person pressing his ears without mercy would find it bizarre.

Leah, was this why you were screaming?

It must have been a culture shock to Empress Leah, who was raised well, to see such a scene.

She did not know what to do in such a situation, so she looked at him blankly, then her eyes widened.

The emperor was exerting tremendous force as if he was going to break his skull.

He’s going to get hurt like that.

Seeing the trembling arms and the back muscles that were about to explode, her mouth opened involuntarily.

“There, Your Majesty—”


As soon as she spoke, a strong force pressed down on her arms, stopping what she was about to say.

Fine, black hair and shining golden eyes.

She was lost at the picturesque appearance in front of her.

The emperor holding her from above was a very beautiful man.

He had an attractive face. His skin was clear, without any blemishes.

Like a giant black panther, he was a handsome man who was a strong ruler and at the same time fierce.

If the men in the harem were neat flowers, the emperor was a well-honed sword.


But as wonderful as his face was, his voice was eerily low.

Oh, no. I only said a few words.

The emperor looked down at her with his golden eyes. Just like how a black panther would look at his prey, it was bloody with no leeway.

In other words, it was in a state of little taste.

Should I say it or not?

Instead of being afraid, she gained confidence. She was now sure that this was obsessive-compulsive.

Before she became Leah, the director of the orphanage where she originally lived had a similar hysteria.

Since the orphanage was near the roadside, she could hear the car horns very often.

‘I’m still getting a headache, so why do you keep making noises?’

I was fed up back then, but I think this will help.

Perhaps Leah had screamed at the emperor’s bizarre behavior during their last two meetings.

She was probably surprised to see him pressing on his ears or scared by his overreaction after accidentally making a sound.

Then the emperor was already sensitive, but Leah’s screams further worsened his situation, making him go violent.

She looked up at his golden eyes, nervous but curious. Miraculously, after grasping the situation, she was not afraid of him.


The way the emperor looked at her seemed like he could freeze everything to death.

His eyes were like that of a wild beast that barely had a single strand of reason and instead hunted endlessly.

We would have more encounters in the future, and I can’t pretend to sleep like a corpse every time we meet. I can’t pretend I did not see that bizarre sight.

Before she could even achieve her dream of a comfortable life, she would have died from nervousness first.

So she decided to help the emperor with his obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“Your Majesty, please lie down again.”

She spoke softly in Leah’s voice. And instantly, the emperor’s face was distorted.

“Shut up.”

Wow, he’s too heartless.

With a soft smile, she gently grabbed the emperor’s arm that was holding her now aching shoulder.

“Your Majesty, do you have a migraine?”

Judging from her experiences in her past life, such obsessive-compulsive disorder had a different effect in a vacuum of silence.

Even if it was quiet, loud auditory hallucinations could be heard by the patients, resulting in headaches.

However, it was also similar to regular obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Though exposing patients to a small amount of living noise would stimulate them, it would help them become more psychologically stable and feel better.

She continued speaking to the emperor who was still holding her down, but the emperor just shuddered and didn’t move.

She, however, caught the moment his eyes shook when she mentioned the headache. That was an instinctive response.

That’s right.

She was more determined.

“Your Majesty. Just lie down and close your eyes. If you keep worrying about it like that, your head will hurt even more.”

She glanced at the bed to comfort the emperor.

“…I said shut up.”

Her shoulders were getting more painful because every time she spoke, the emperor would roll his eyes and press on her harder.

“Your Majesty, just think for a moment. Actually, it’s not that loud right now, isn’t it?”

Yeah, I know you’re about to sleep, male lead.

She appeased the emperor like a newborn baby, resisting until the emperor’s impertinent golden eyes softened.

After almost three hours, she spoke again.

“Your Majesty, you did well. Now close your eyes.”

The victory was imminent.

She nervously wiped her sweating forehead while smiling persuasively.

By the way, sleep deprivation could be relieved using a gentle approach that even a sensitive baby elk would be able to sleep.

The emperor who gritted his teeth and exuded terrifying energy finally relaxed with the help of her soft and gentle voice.  

It was difficult to sleep with an eerie feeling.

It’s time.

Gently pushing his arm, she laid him down on the bed and whispered in his ear softly.

“Are you sleepy? Your Majesty, I will tell you an interesting story until you fall asleep.”

So close your eyes, male lead.

The emperor blinked, unaware of her treacherous operation, and his eyelids slowly grew heavy.


And if she paddled when the water came in, it would be game over!

Just as the flow of meat had to be kept constant when eating, it was the same with the emperor sleeping.

She chose a topic that she could talk about with the emperor until he fell asleep.

“Well, there was a man who I met when I was 20. It was my first love. He had good manners and his voice was so good I fell in love at first sight…”

The theme she chose was one that would excite all ages and genders.

It was a love story.

-To be continued

Translator: Byoun Editor: Kofeibean

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