IBLTW Chapter 12


Chapter 12

“Keep on doing what you were doing.”

However, for some reason, the Emperor left only a few words and left.


The bewildered face of three handsome boys.

“I’m alive!”

The three handsome boys who went through life and death together hugged each other and burst into tears.


The maids and knight quickly followed the Emperor while exchanging bewildered glances.

“Where is the Empress now?”

“She’s in the office, Your Majesty!”

The servants who took care of the Emperor, and for the first time in their life, they sincerely thanked the Empress.

If there was any blood in the castle, not in the torture chamber, it was because it was very difficult to follow up.

‘Sometimes Empress Dowager is helpful!’

‘She didn’t leave it behind because I loved it.’

Although they were in the same space, the thoughts in Emperor heads and servants were different.

Of course, the most profitable among them was Empress Leah, who, without her even knowing it, had accumulated 1 reputation point.

* * *

To be honest, Xi’an didn’t even realize that he was going to visit the Empress.

Just like when it is time to eat, he automatically stands up to the Empress’s call, and when it’s time to sleep, he automatically closes his eyes to the voice of the Empress.

It was just that his feet were pointing towards the Empress. But when he went up the stairs to get to the office, Xi’an suddenly realized and wrote her impressions.

‘Why me…’

But before the question is over. Shining silver hair and blonde hair stood out at the same time in Cyan’s eyes.

“You really did the first test, didn’t you? If I fall, you won’t even have a guilder.”

“Sure. I swear by my degree.”

The Empress is chatting comfortably. And next to him, the blonde with a smirk. He was a handsome man who could not be compared with the knights and servants.

Just by looking at his face, he was from a harem. But, you put the three of them in the waitress room earlier, so why is that man standing next to her?

It seemed like a very friendly relationship with the Empress. 

“Great. So what am I wearing?”

“Hmm. It would be better to wear long clothes that cover the limbs.”

Are you even picking out his clothes?

At that moment, Xi’an suddenly snapped something in his head.

“Uh, Your Majesty? What are you doing at this time…Ackh!”


“Oh my god…”


In an instant, the surroundings were filled with astonishment.

The Empress, who let out a short scream, was caught in the middle of him, his eyes widened. Xi’an twisted the tip of his lips.

“It would be treason for something that the Emperor did not know about the imperial castle.”

“Yo-Your Majesty?”

The Empress showed her bewildered look. But Xi’an pointed the blue-edged longsword closer to her harem man’s neck.

“Reveal your identity.”

“…. I see Your Majesty the Emperor. I’m Lindo Carcel, who belonged to the annex of the Empress Palace.”

The Empress’s Palace. The so-called harem was right.

“The Empress Palace reported that the harem was completely shut down. But explain why the affiliation remains in the Empress’s Palace without an official report to the Emperor.”

As if he had a sense of sympathizing with the Empress in the past, the shiny blond haired man quickly knelt down and sat down.

Seeing the scratch on that white neck, the Empress quickly began to make excuses to see if she had grasped the situation.

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty. Because I can select the people who use the Empress Palace at my discretion. Besides, His Majesty gave me permission to run the harem as I wanted, so I thought it would be okay.”

As usual, sweet and soft voice. But somehow, why does it sound like protecting this man?

Xi’an stared at the Empress with cold gold eyes.

“Is there any problem?”

“Yeah? what… problem?”

The Empress tilted her head slightly and asked carefully.

Actually, there was no problem. What would a man with no muscles that only have a face could not even use a sword do?

Even if he had other intentions, it was impossible to break through the Imperial guard of the Imperial Palace.

However, she could have cheated on the emperor as much as she wanted. Even more so when he is in a low mood as he is now an emperor now.

“What if you hid the man’s and tried to threaten the emperor’s safety?”

“Yes? me? No, Your Majesty!”

The Empress was surprised and denied it.

But Xi’an beckoned to the little bottle he had seen in the blonde man hand handed over to him at the end of the hallway earlier.

“Something in your hand.”

“This one? It’s a perfume for massage, rubbing it on your skin makes you fall asleep better…”

You two exchange things like that? Xi’an’s eyes gradually flashed.

“Where are you going to use it?”

“Of course, to His Majesty… I was going to use it tonight…”

The Empress said slowly. At the same time, sporadic coughing could be heard in the vicinity. However, Xi’an, who had his eyes turned, did not hear it.

In fact, the Empress did not know what his intentions were, and was only cautious.

The servants thought they overheard the couple’s secret conversation, so they were desperately trying to manage their facial expressions.

But in Xi’an’s eyes, it seemed that the innocent Empress was telling a rash lie out of shame.

“Why did he give it to you?”

“He’s a pharmacy major, so he’s good at it. So I just kept him next to me and ordered him to make necessary things. Your Majesty, you are not misunderstanding, are you?”

What kind of misunderstanding? The evidence is so clear. Xi’an wriggled his mouth and snapped the bottle from the Empress’s hand.

In the meantime, she felt that his fingertips touched slightly were very soft, and he was nothing short of a madman.

But He was a crazy madman and threw the bottle at the blonde haired man. 

“If you need a pharmacy major, I will hire you separately.”


“Instead, there will be no objection to summary disposition of interest.”

Xi’an aimed at the blade with a litany of deadly force. The blond man gulped and swallowed, turning pale.

“Disposition? Are you going to kill me?”

As the Empress panicked, she looked at him alternated between blonde man.

Why do you see him first and then me? Xi’an, unaware of his current condition, spat out the judges’ twists.

“Exceptions always have repercussions. I will remove it as an example for future generations.”

As his sword sharply twisted an angle, a piercing amount of flesh was scattered around it.

Everyone couldn’t breathe as if they had swallowed a needle.

Instinctively, everyone in this seat closed their eyes tightly when they realized that everything was in the Queen’s mouth.

‘It’s been peaceful so far!’

It is no wonder that the Empress, who makes a fuss about killing her man’s, who next to her, burst into tears. Maybe he will kill him with the sword…!

The very moment when catastrophe came to mind clearly in the minds of servants.

“All right.”

The Empress answered, brushing her hair behind her ears. With a normal looking face, let alone tears.

Xi’an narrowed his brow.

“… Can I kill him?”



“Because your Majesty said so?”

The Empress looked at him without a single hesitation.

The pale purple eyes stopped looking at the pale blonde who seemed to faint.


He thought she would oppose it desperately, but the Empress seems to have no feelings for her man.

At that moment, Xi’an was satisfied.

This is it.

Xi’an took his sword back into its sheath and put it back. The servants looked at him with a puzzled look.

“Your Majesty?”

The Empress suddenly looked up at him as if wondering why. Xi’an left the pale blonde hair and spoke to the Empress.

“I think I have a headache.”

Of course it was a lie. He didn’t get a headache every time he went to sleep.

However, as he intended, the Empress’s face changed quickly.

“Huh? What, it’s too early to take a nap… ah! There’s tea leaves that are good for relaxation, would you like to have some with me?”

The Empress stepped forward, saying, “Let’s go quickly.” Then, she asked as if she remembered it belatedly.

“Ah, Your Majesty. So what about him?”

Xi’an followed as if he couldn’t win and said timidly.

“Do what you want.”

Why would you kill someone so worthless? It’s annoying to clean up afterwards.

Already in his head, this man meant nothing.

“Let’s go.”

With an indifferent face, Xi’an thought about what flavor tea would be and moved his steps.

But he didn’t see the Empress secretly looking back at him and whispering in the shape of her mouth.

‘You, go, now.’

The blond man who was left alone trembled and made a circle with his fingers.

‘Give, me, more, money.’

It wouldn’t matter.

The feeling of Xi’an, who had once been engulfed to the core of the earth, was now flying in the sky refreshingly.

* * *

There are strange rumors circulating in the Imperial Palace these days. It was said that Empress Dowager was open-minded.

“She doesn’t even drink.”

“I heard she got rid of the harem and completely cut off all the men? Besides, she is very close with His Majesty the Emperor these days.”

Inevitably, the story of the Emperor followed.

“They don’t live in torture chambers like they used to, and they do government affairs themselves.”

“I heard that she does an affiliation every day?”

When the crazy-looking couple calmed down as a pair, the servants seemed to be very prosperous.

Although there were a couple of cautious comments about the two becoming a little, a little bit weird.

“Your Majesty, can’t you put it down? It looks uncomfortable.”

On tea time.

The Empress innocently pointed to the Emperor’s sword. As the Emperor’s forehead narrowed, the knights were frightened.

‘It’s the dagger he always carried since the days of the Coronation. he never put it down even on the battlefield…’


‘No way..’

“Take it.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The pupils of the knights who quickly received the dagger trembled.

Why? how?

“Now, that looks so much better.”

The Empress clapped and for half an hour, she poured out the tea and held it out to the emperor.

“It’s good for mental and physical stability. The color is so pretty, right?”

“The sun almost set while I was waiting.”

As the emperor spit out and drank bluntly, the Empress screamed softly.

“How can you eat without looking at the color? You have to take your time and look at it.”

“It’s red.”

“It’s plum color!”

The Empress grumbled and began to brew tea leaves again.

-to be continued


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