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IBPOFCP Chapter 9

I Became a Prison Officer of the First-Class Prisoners

[ Chapter 9 ]

“Lemony is an asshole.”

A leisurely afternoon.

After playing any entertainment program with the remote control, I leaned against the sofa cushion and picked up my phone. It was my favorite time of the day. The moment I read the novel I want to read, having done all the things I have to do today and putting off tomorrow’s worries until tomorrow.

The only busy thumb quickly swiped across the screen.

The novel I’m reading these days is a typical R-19 novel that properly mixes waste and obsession. The subject of the prison was unique, and above all, I liked the obsession of the male beast.

The novel begins with the male lead, Deon, killing Officer Lemony. Deon, who happens to see a [ first-class prisoner education diary ] on the body of the dead Lemony, realizes that he has to find three keys that a first-class prison officer has to get out of Dreys Prison.

The role of the extra character Lemony ends there.

It provided appropriate motivation and hints to the main lead who faces the incident, and the reason for him leaving on his own.

“But the male lead deserved to be angry. It’s fortunate that he didn’t burst the sweet potato and killed her quickly.”

I read the novel with admiration for Deon’s quick response. It was exactly when I blinked to read.

“You must have been tired.”

A pleasant bass sound that could be imagined from somewhere rang in my ears.

It seemed that a black-haired man passed by in the dim almond-shaped field of view. Is it a dream? When I blinked again without much thought, the blackened darkness gradually receded out of sight and the focus began to clear.

“You didn’t wake up no matter what I did.”

And I realized when I saw a man.

Lemony shouldn’t have died.

“Did I faint after being hit…”

“If I had hit you, you would have died without fainting.”

I couldn’t hear Deon. As I lowered my head while I was in a hurry, a whistle was hanging between a couple of loose buttons. I gripped the whistle like a lifeline, but my trembling hands still couldn’t calm down.

I had to check carefully whether the pockets of the uniform or the pants were peeled off under the uniform. Fortunately, there is no sign of the uniform being taken off. The uncomfortable wire of the underwear that I finally felt was also properly hung.

It was as he said. Deon didn’t touch a single hair on my body.

Since when did I get used to this state of tension? I was definitely an ordinary college student a few hours ago. Suddenly, I missed the old-fashioned face of the professor. Bus. Korean billboards seen occasionally. Even the imported beer I used to buy at convenience stores.


Suddenly, a stupid exclamation came out.

However, the reality was that she was staring blankly at the red-eyed man. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he looked uncomfortable because the height of the bed seemed low compared to his size. Then, the moment I encountered red eyes that I couldn’t understand, I remembered an uncomfortable truth once again.

This man is Deon. Deon killed Lemony. Deon hated Lemony.

And I’m Lemony.

When I reached the idea that I couldn’t get out of here, my whole body began to itch and feel like I was going crazy. It was said that I had no pain, but I couldn’t understand why I kept getting short of breath.

Haa. Haa.”

The uniform, presumed to be the upper body part, was painfully crumpled. My eyes were teary from hyperventilation, and suddenly something bigger than my face wrapped around my neck.


It was a frighteningly hard hand.

As my breath involuntarily stopped, Deon’s eyebrows raised as if he didn’t want this.

“Breathe in.”

Maintaining the cold gaze, he leaned over to make eye contact with me. I don’t know why, but I could feel the coldness of his tightly closed lips. As the face, handsome and fearful at the same time, came closer, I felt my breath stop again.

But I couldn’t ignore his orders.

I had to breathe in. I thought I would die if I didn’t.

“That’s right.”

When I inflated my lungs as much as possible and inhaled them as if I was sucking a straw with my nose, the sharp low tone eased slightly.

“Now exhale.”

Whoo. The faint breath spreading between my pale trembling lips touched the tip of his chin. But the motionless Deon was still watching me, watching every movement of my neck through his grip.

It was amazing. My limbs still tremble like I’m caught in a trap. The gaze of the red afterimage made my stomach tighten, and as I breathed deeply as he commanded, I felt my body calm down.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Deon, who observed my condition until the end, removed his hand from my neck and stood up.

“Now get out.”

“Looking at the way you dress, you look good. Hey, there! Hurry up and have fun, the prison officer is shackled!”

“Wow, that’s true.”

It seemed that all the demons in the world had gathered.

As they started walking down the corridors of Building B in earnest, a group of goblins, giggling like children, threw stones. She shrank her shoulders and neck to avoid the stone, but her eyes met the strange demon with its mouth wide open.


It was a monster whose vertebrae protruded one by one from the top of its bent back, unable to control its long arms that dragged it to the floor. Not a hair existed, and the gray eyes, which seemed to have lost focus, stared at me even as I turned my head. Saliva was flowing through its thick mouth. He looked as if he had seen prey.

“It’s lascivious! To wear shackles with a prisoner!”

“It’s true, it’s a waste face to kill. Sometimes when the first-class prison officer comes down to the second floor, I can’t control my lower body.”


Strangely shaped shadows danced on the wall illuminated by the torches.

Some had a human’s upper body and a horse’s lower body, while others carried the leash of a three-necked beast. This place was hell. Trash that the western and southern empires couldn’t handle was collected here. It was like a swarm of mosquitoes that broke out of a pool of water.

Bat-shaped demons crossed the ceiling amid low-quality jokes and jeers that seemed to cause panic. The shackles were pulled strongly when I stopped walking after groaning.


A clear low sound, which cut through the noise, was stuck in my ear.

Deon’s head was sticking out from the crowd of prisoners. There was no emotion on his face as I nodded dryly and raised one eyebrow.

Realizing that he was not on my side, I looked around. A huge man pulling the shackles. Nervous laughter, like scratching nails on a chalkboard. Tuk, tuk, tuk. A little rock on your back and shoulders. A shadow that is not a human being.

As I began to perceive everything, my legs supporting the floor staggered. I didn’t know exactly what hurt because I didn’t know the pain, but suddenly I was sick in my throat.


I hurriedly covered my mouth with my left hand, and at the same time my upper body collapsed. Fortunately, all I ate was a piece of beef jerky, so I only vomited, but there was another problem.


“Nice to see, yes!”

The booing of the prisoners who split like the red sea around Deon and I turned into cheers.

“Good job, good job!”

Huuck. Uuuck. I knew I had to stop, but I just started vomiting. Naturally, I began to lose my breath, and hot blood vessels began to gather around my eyes again. A goblin suddenly started dancing with a torch, starting to get excited about my behavior.

“Puke, throw up! I wonder what how vomited prison officer’s body tastes like…”

To be exact, Goblin, who was about to dance, suddenly got stuck in the wall.

A haze-like thick smoke rose between the collapsed stone walls with a bursting sound reminiscent of an earthquake. Soon after, Deon’s left hand, which was not wearing the shackles, began to show a green head that was about to explode.

“What are you laughing at?”

He had the grimmest look I’d ever seen. An unreasonable sense of intimidation from the quiet bass weighed down the air in the hallway.

“If this woman didn’t put your head in the toilet, you wouldn’t have the right to laugh.”

Deon has a knack for taking people’s breath away. However, it seems that talent works even if it is not a person. The sound of someone swallowing saliva rang out sticky in the silence where there was no breathing sound.

The unrecognizable green figure, whose face was crushed, made a sound and was thrown away as if it were being thrown against a wall where spider webs were hanging down.

But until just now, it was clearly a living being. It was a creature that even had emotions and used language.

Goosebumps ran up on my back as I hurriedly touched the nape of my neck as if to hide it. When I remembered that the hand that turned the goblins into dough had once touched my neck, I felt the touch of the hard yet hot palm of his hand pass by.

Why the hell did he not kill me?

There must have been a chance to kill, why.

“Are you allergic to prisoners?”


The touch of the palm, which felt hard and hot body temperature, seemed to be still vivid. Suddenly, I remembered what had happened in my room, and I thought about it, but suddenly his gaze turned toward me.

“You couldn’t even breathe before, and now you’re even gagging.”

It was a way of saying that he was losing steam because he tried to save me.

Are you suddenly worried?

But all of this was Deon’s intention. It meant that he had no right to worry about me.

“…why are you curious about that? Isn’t it good for you if I’m sick?”

As if asking why she asked for something obvious, his overbearing expression subsided.

“What’s good about me if I take someone who’s suffering?”

Let’s go.

He frowned as if he saw an insect, then turned his back and moved. My legs, which had been forced to sprint to match his wide stride, sped up and blocked Deon’s way.

Forced to stop, his head turned downward.

It was when one of his eyebrows crept up with an arrogant expression that he didn’t feel the need to speak.

“…Do you like it?”

I don’t know anymore. Strangely uncontrollable anger overflowed.

I clenched my trembling fists until they turned white. I thought I’d go crazy if I didn’t.

“You could have killed me earlier if you wanted to. What the hell is wrong with you? Are you really excited that I’m ashamed?”

He looked around and groaned.


Then he lowered his head and looked down at me as if something was wrong.

“So what?”

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