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IBPOFCP Chapter 10

I Became a Prison Officer of the First-Class Prisoners

[ Chapter 10 ]

Red eyes flashed silently in the dark hallway. My body froze at the cold feeling that I couldn’t feel any sympathy or compassion from that gaze.

I soon realized that I was moved my lips to answer back. That I have nothing to say.

From the beginning, Deon was this kind of man. Teaching me how to breathe or crushing the goblins must have been done for his own sake. He grabbed my neck like a lover or put me on the bed to somehow humiliate me. In fact, it was this man who tried to practice the low-quality words and actions heard around him.

I knew it all, but I wondered why it felt kinda sad.

“Where are you going?”

Changing the subject quickly, I chewed the lump in my mouth hard not to cry. It was my loss to feel bad. There was no one on my side here.

“Building C. Control Tower.”


“Unlock the shackles.”

His word broke the tension that had been strained.

“…You-you want me to go to the control tower?”

Did you notice my rapidly brightening expression? He tilted his head and stared at me, then raised the corner of his mouth as if he was satisfied.

I had no choice but to admit it. That I was thoroughly playing in Deon’s hands.

Leaving Building B was as easy as taking a walk. This was a place where the order was strictly guaranteed. Most demons sneak away to the sound of the top predator’s footsteps or show interest but lower their heads.

Kking, kking. A demon that appeared to be a wolf flung up in front of Deon, but he passed by without giving him a glance.

Deon’s only concern was me. Maybe I’ll get bitten by another demon, maybe I’ll die of a dry cough, things like that. I realized that a person’s revenge could be this tough.

There is only one hope.

The place where he drags the shackles and leads me is the C Building Control Tower.

Walking down the corridor like a poultry farm, Deon and I finally came down to the first floor, opened a huge iron door that seemed to be standing by the gatekeeper. I closed my eyes tightly because of the intense light leaking through the door. As I crept up, there was intense sunlight and sky that I was not used to yet. It felt like I was a child who saw the sun for the first time in my life after getting out of a cave.

It was finally outside.

When I turned my head in a bewildered mood, I saw the exterior of Building B, which I was fed up with. The huge box-like prison looked more like a sculpture than a building because there was not even a single window. The gloomy building felt very foreign in the cloudless blue sky. The only two huge doors that were pierced were grotesque, like a demon’s jaw.

The more I looked at it, the worse I felt.

As I hurriedly turned my head and followed Deon, a stone road to another dong unfolded. It must have been made of leftover granite after Building B to save the budget as much as possible.

As if walking on a thorny road, I followed the red line between the bumpy stone roads. I’ve seen it in the original. This red line was for prisoners only. It was a means of distinguishing between prison officers and prisoners, and if prisoners moved outside the red line, they would be taken to the correction room immediately for disobedience to orders.

Deep thoughts disappeared along with his bare feet stepping heavily on the red line. Without hesitation, Deon crossed the boundary and walked the ordinary stone path used by prison officers.

I could feel the eyes of some prisoners and demons who had escaped, but they glanced at the giant man and turned their heads away.

Surely there would be no danger here if there was Deon.

Of course, this man is dangerous.

I quietly looked around, but all I could see were prisoners who touched the dead prison officer’s body or who were arguing among themselves.

They probably escaped from prison, but they couldn’t escape from the prison itself. It would be rare for someone who can cross the huge wall that looks like a distant horizon. It was as if the wall installed to defend against the giant was over 30m tall, even from a distance.

As I was dragged by shackles like that, I saw a huge building not far away.

It was not an old building where you could throw a beast through the bars. In the middle of the smooth wall, where silver marbles seemed to roll smoothly, I saw a huge iron door that was large enough for ten adults to enter side by side.

On the iron gate, there was an intaglio decorated with lobelia flowers between sycamore trees, and a blindfolded woman standing on the tree decorating the beautiful canvas engraved in the sky, symbolizing the union between the Western Empire and the Southern Empire.

It’s a magnificent view.

In other words, it was also luxurious.

“Prison officer.”


“Isn’t it the perfect building for you?”

Chuckle. He looked at the castle with a sneer, almost laughing.

“It looks like it’s about to collapse.”

At the end of that remark, Deon, who lifted his rugged leg, pushed it away like breaking the iron door. Then, with a huge roar that made my body flinch, haze rose everywhere.

I always felt it, but it was to the point where I couldn’t fathom how far the limit of that power was. He grabs my neck carefully and suddenly explodes Goblin’s brain, and this time he opens a huge gate over 5m alone.

“What are you doing, walk.”

A large man with dirty hands and feet opened the splendid castle gate, and a luxurious hallway unfolded. Walking through Building C, Deon looked more heterogeneous than ever and more natural than ever.

This is Building C.

It was a place where nobles who had committed terrible crimes to the point the Western and Southern empires raised their hands were imprisoned.

The eyes with enlarged pupils looked around. I did.

If Building B was where the lower-class people from the back alleys lived, Building C was where the nobles lived at the top of the pyramid. If building B was a humid and poorly ventilated area, building C had a clear sky with sunlight coming down.

As soon as I stepped into the castle, I suddenly lowered my head because I felt soft and light as if I were stepping on the clouds. The floor was laid with luxurious purple rugs. Roses and unknown flowers were beautifully embroidered with gold thread.

Even this place was allowing sunlight to prisoners.

White pillars leading to the outdoor garden were lined up everywhere like a temple, and sometimes when I looked up, chandeliers, not spider webs, were reflected in the sun and twinkled. On the ceiling, there were even murals depicting the history of the Southern and Western empires.

Since the prisoners were nobles, the items donated by each family seemed to have made a castle.

That’s right. This is the background of romance fantasy novels.

I’ve never lived in a colorful castle, but the castle of noble and civilization would be a little more comfortable than a prison. Another thing that stands out from the hallway is that middle-aged self-portraits with deep features that would appear in the Greek era are hanging all over the wall.

While appreciating the gold-rimmed frame as if possessed, my eyes met the blue eyes of the painting in the self-portrait. Ah. The eyes are moving.

Hardened by the shock, I was dragged by Deon’s feet and took a belated step. It was probably installed for the purpose of monitoring prisoners.

“Nobles seem to come to prison for recreation.”

He seemed to think the same as me. It was unexpected. I thought he would get angry because the environmental difference between Building B and Building C was so severe, but he turned his eyes away by staring at the picture of the moving eyes.

Deon, who seemed to have quickly grasped the situation, stared straight ahead with an expressionless gaze like a predator wandering around the area. It felt completely different from me looking around here and there.

Maybe he took it for granted. Building C was a prison for nobles. Rather, if building C had been barren like building B, wouldn’t the noble nobles laugh that it was no different?

The hallway, where there should have been iron bars, was firmly closed with doors finished in soft mahogany wood. It was like a dormitory, not a prison. Except, of course, it’s locked tight.

Anyway, why is it so quiet?

After getting used to the luxurious interior of Building B, I realized that Building B is well-maintained but not crowded.

It’s artificial.

It was as if someone had sneaked into a well-made set.

No matter how noble they were, they were prisoners at Dreys Prison. Under these circumstances, it would be noisy, but all I could hear was the crushing of my thick-soled leather boots. Deon, who was still barefoot, was walking without a sign.

“…..Lady Lemony?”

It was then.

Sensing our presence, someone raised his head, hiding his hand that was swinging the lock. Lady Lemony. You know my name. Even seeing that the title used by the nobles, it seemed that the other party was also from the nobles.

I tried my best to think of the original work, but fortunately, the man greeted me with courtesy first.

“I’m from the Western empire, but I’m finally seeing you. I’m Jace from the Marquis of Letri.”

Oh, I don’t know him.

Then I smiled lightly and nodded.

Unlike the shabby prison uniforms that are provided in prison, the man did not have enough mousse to cover his fine hair, and his face and hands were relatively clean.

Butter-colored hair. Gentle light green eyes with non-burning skin. There was a feeling of aristocracy everywhere.

It was a completely different feeling from Deon.

“How did Lady Lemony come to Building C? The prison must be in chaos right now.”

Before I could say anything, he greeted me as if he deserved to know.

“Anyway, what’s going on now? Is the prison going back to normal? If the Empire had known that this place was a mess, no, if only the Marquis of Letri had known about it, they would have visited the prison right away. What a pity.”

It looked like a conversation among nobles at a banquet. It was clear that he knew that I was a prison officer and acted more friendly.

“…..I’m looking at the situation now.”

No matter how noble he was, he was a prisoner here. If it’s not the prison of the West Empire, but to the extent of being imprisoned in Dreys Prison, then this man must be a madman too.

He drew a line of friendliness by choosing a stiff honorific style, but Jace seemed to need someone who could be on his side.

He smiled nervously when he saw me walking with Deon.

Jace looked at Deon reluctantly, as if he wanted to talk to me somehow.

“Oh, by the way, I’ve only heard about Shinsoo. I thought you were a dirty bastard because you turned into a beast, but…”

There was silence for a moment.

“…You’re fine. If you clean up and dress properly, you’ll turned the social world upside down…”

His appreciation, which he muttered while staring at Deon as if possessed, suddenly stopped.

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