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IBPOFCP Chapter 1


[ Chapter 1 ]

“I would’ve said it over and over.”

There was a mixture of anger and contempt in the low muttering.

“You must die by my hands.”

When I opened my eyes, bloody eyes shining brightly through the black hair were staring at me. Perhaps the lingering impression of murder lingered, his huge back that had imprisoned me slowly moved. The masculine features along with the slightly relaxed gaze felt strange.


However, that feeling of shame and embarrassment disappeared as soon as I met the cold, bloody eyes.

I stopped breathing. The air around me froze for an instant. I barely turned my head after as my lower lip shook, like an animal caught in a trap at that terrifying gaze. They said there is no paradise where I ran away. In the place where I tried to avoid his gaze, there was a lump of dark red hair that was randomly entangled.

It was a dead werewolf.

How many werewolves died that their corpses piled up like a mountain? I’m realizing once again that Deon is a shinsu.

“What are you looking at? You have to look at me.”

My face was swung straight ahead in a violent grip.

“Look at me, officer. Before I really kill you.”

Is he annoyed that I’m not responding? With a tone close to a command, a strong grip squeezed my chin.

It must have hurt. I had to feel pain in the hands of no consideration.


“….kill me then.”

His disgust, which seemed to see me as a bug, rather raised hope. I could really die this time.

“Kill me as you wish, Deon.”

“Then beg for it.”

The dark line of the face, which had been giving orders as if it were not satisfied, came closer.

“Kill me, Deon. Say it, beg for it.”

As he lowered his upper body to the point where the tip of his nose touched, he let out a hot breath as if he was about to snatch my ear at any moment.

“Come on.”

The low tone, which tried to calm the excitement, cracked like a metal sound. The terrifying yet tickling breath made my body flinch. So I spouted out whatever he wanted.

“…kill me, Deon.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a werewolf. The only advantage of this body that cannot feel pain is that it becomes detached in the face of death.

Perhaps pain is the only way to escape death. But I was still suffering from painless pain, and I wanted to get out of this hellish prison where human dignity was lost.

It doesn’t matter if the opponent who wants to kill me is Deon or a werewolf.

I just have to die.

“Kill me, Deon.”

One plea seemed not to be enough, so I yielded to his orders once more.

“…no, I don’t want to kill you.”

Surprised by the crueler low tone than the death sentence, I raised my eyes.

“That look was pretty good just now, officer.”

My eyes, which were full of conviction, began to tremble at the unexpected answer. As if he liked it, he observed my face one by one, then raised the corner of his mouth terribly.

“Your leash and life are all mine. It’s mine, not something that can be controlled by the werewolf or you.”

You are crazy.

“I’ll never kill you until I see your face crying in pain, officer.”

My heart, which had been quiet with the relief that I could die, began to pump vigorously. There was a crack in my expression reflected in the eerie bloody eyes.

I need to get out of here right now. The alarm bells were ringing in my head and shouting. Only when I get away from this man can I die peacefully.

“…crazy bastard.”

As I muttered with my open mouth without realizing it and struggled to get away from him, a large hand suddenly grabbed my wrists.

“You made it, you crazy.”

The hot yet cold breath caught my ear.

“So now it’s my turn to tame you, officer.”


As he climbed on top of me, he raised his upper body and closed the iron cell with his other arm. The relationship has been reversed. Now, he, a prisoner, was trying to tame me, a prison officer.

“Professor, I applied for the wild department, not the snake department.”

“Wild part?”

I showed the text on my cell phone to the professor.

Kim Eun-ji, Department of Animal Welfare, Daeji University

A successful candidate for the snake department


“Yes. It has sensibility, and the skin is shiny.”

The reason I entered here was not that I loved animals.

I wanted to live alone.

Independence was the only answer to get out of the dreaded house, and Daeji University in the valley could fully explain to my relatives the cause I had left.

Furthermore, what if you get a job at the zoo and extend your dormitory life?

‘It’s the best.’

I wasn’t interested in this department in the first place, I hated slippery and sticky snakes and lizards that maniacs liked.

Wouldn’t it be okay if it’s just mammals?

You can communicate moderately, and if you get close, you may be able to touch the board round hair.

“……Hmmm, that’s right. Looking at Kim Eun-ji’s student records, she applied for a wild part, but I think the delivery was wrong.”

While checking the papers, the professor took off his glasses.

“Anyway, it’s going to be pretty hard with the wild, will it be okay? It’s a department that everyone is reluctant to do.”

A tiger is better than a snake or a lizard.

When I nodded quickly in the hope that he would just change it, the professor, who was rubbing his nose, looked at the other documents.

“If that’s what you mean, I see. So the child you’re going to be in charge of is… “


It was a moment when I blinked while holding back the yawn that was coming.

At first, I thought I hadn’t opened my eyes.

When my focus became clear, feeling strange belatedly, I saw my hand swaying in my field of vision.

There was no professor fiddling with the documents or an old jade office wallpaper in front of me.

“…so where am I?”

At the end of the corridor was a grim shadow. I had no idea how long it was or what was on the other side.

Just the moment I look at the long corridor, I feel a strange anxiety reminiscent of deep-sea phobia.

In the midst of all sorts of thoughts, a terrible scream was heard around me. Someone’s scream echoed ominously through the thick walls.

Something was strange.

The stone wall was hewn from rough marble. Torches clatter anxiously between them. Prison bars sway with a squeaky groan.

Meanwhile, stone debris was falling from the ceiling. I thought it would collapse soon, so I blocked the debris with my palm and stood up.

I had to look where this place is for now.


The shaking interior was so strange that I couldn’t believe it even if I checked it with my eyes. Beyond the thick iron bars stretched vertically, a small space with moldy moss was seen through the bricks.

It was probably a one-person prison. The problem is that the broken shackles are thrown away like garbage.

I don’t know what it was, but it was certain that it was a dangerous situation. After seeing the broken shackles, I became anxious for no reason and tried to turn my head away and ignore the abnormal situation.

Yes, it could be a dream.

Interview with professor Joe as a freshman, it’s better to be a dream.


I was walking nervously in the hallway, and a black shadow appeared between the red lights splashing from the torch.

“Have you been imprisoned too?”

The reason I was able to shout without fear was because I hadn’t lost hope that this place was a dream.

If I meet someone, I may wake up from the shock. Then I’ll be the first freshman to doze off while interviewing Professor Joe.

“Excuse me?”

When I tried to call it one more time just in case, the black shadow that seemed about to disappear stopped walking. It seemed that it had finally found me after wandering somewhere. After a while, a black figure came towards me. Unlike my cautious steps, its stride was large and leisurely without hesitation.

But I stiffened all over when I saw the growing shadow.

The average person walks on two legs. However, it was a bit unreasonable to call that black figure walking on quadrupeds, as well as being a human silhouette.

Like a beast. Then it could be a bear, not a human?

I felt like I had to correct the idea that it could be. It looked like a real bear.

As if to answer my conviction, I could hear the sound of a beast in the darkness of the hallway. Fear and wonder at the same time goosebumps dominated my whole body.

“….run away…..”

I, who habitually spit out words to myself, stopped breathing as soon as I met his bloody eyes. The surrounding air became sharp like a piece of glass for an instant. In the shadows that covered half of the hallway, red energy was shining brightly.

It was not human eyes.

It was the eye of a predator.

I couldn’t feel any movement, but when the hell did it come?

I stood in a daze, feeling that my brain was filled with a block of ice, and something came out through the thick smoke.

It was a black panther.

The black hair, which was exposed by the torch, was glossy. Unlike the huge size that was well over my height, the muscles that changed every time it moved its thick front feet moved gracefully like a river.

Is the phrase that the statue is moving used in this case?

It seemed that the hallway, which seemed shabby, turned into a realm of gods with just its presence.

“Anyway, it’s going to be pretty hard with the wild, will it be okay? It’s a department that everyone is reluctant to do.”

However, when I thought of the professor’s words belatedly, I realized that the existence in front of me was a fierce beast.

The words of warning rang like crazy in my head.

I had to move my legs and run away. Turn your head and body at once and run. My legs didn’t budge, as if I had been caught in a trap, but it might have worked out better.

Yes, this is a dream.

“Ah, ah…. fuck… a dream…”

“It’s a dream.”

I opened my eyes eagerly, even memorizing the spell that appeared in the cliché, and I could see the man’s chest through the suddenly worn tunic.

My plan to walk backward in amazement failed. This is because of the ridiculous grip pulled on my wrist.

“If this situation is a dream, If this situation is a dream, wouldn’t it be so unfair, Lemony?”


“Yes, you. Officer Lemony.”

As the low-pitched sound penetrated my ears, I realized something and opened my mouth slightly.

Officer Lemony.

The extra character of 『The Shackles on My Hands』 I read a month ago. For reference, Lemony was killed by that man within a minute of the novel starting.

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