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IBHD Chapter 9


It wasn’t that mud.

Ariel burst into tears at the bitterness that filled her mouth.


Ahin, who was talking with the coachman outside the store, ran towards her, his eyes wide with surprise.

He appears to have gone to her immediately after finishing his business. It was the same with Jane who tend to her.

“What’s going on? Why are you crying?”

“Miss, why are you putting dirt in your mouth…”

When they see Ariel shed tears like a chicken taking a dump, the two of them were terrified.

Ariel, on the other hand, only repeated the incomprehensible words,

‘That dirt is broken, that dirt is broken!’

They consoled Ariel but couldn’t stop laughing when they learned what had happened.

Only after Ahin placed a real cookie in Ariel’s mouth and Jane informed her that it was called cookie did the hilarious skit come to an end.


“Miss, please have some cookies.”

“Oh, cookies!”

Ariel never forgot the name of the cookie after that day.

Jane burst out laughing when she noticed Ariel muttering as she shoved two cookies into her tiny mouth.

“Please eat slowly, Miss. You’ll get an upset stomach.”

In any case, Ariel, who devoured a plate of cookies in an instant, quickly extended an empty plate.

“Give me more!”

“That’s all for today, it’s not good if you eat too much. I’ll give it to you again tomorrow.”

Ariel’s cheeks swelled as Jane shook her head firmly.

“Waa, so cheap.”

Why is she always petty when it comes to cookies?

Ariel pursed her lips in sadness, but she smiled again when Jane stroked her hair.

‘It’s quite strange.’

She found it strange that when Jane touched her, her broken heart felt better again. 

She dared to stroke a goddess’s head, but she couldn’t even get angry.

“Ugh, fine.” 

Ariel, who was rubbing her head in Jane’s hand with glee, asked.

“Should we go out again?”

She was even more bored now. Perhaps because she was exposed to the air outside.

But Jane shook her head.

“I’m sorry, but today is going to be difficult.”

“What? Why?”

“If the lady wants to go out, you must obtain permission from the masters, but both are absent today.”

‘I’m just going out, so why do I need those human’s permission?’

Ariel, who was groaning inside her head, sighed as if she couldn’t help it. 

She does, apparently require human assistance in order to go outside.

Coachman, knight, and guide

All of these were human roles.

Although she was so convinced by that fact, her mood deteriorated again. 

Ariel snorted loudly as she inflated her cheeks.

“You’re grumpy yet again, my lady.”

Jane chuckled as she poked Ariel’s puffy cheek.

“Your Highness will return in the evening. Then please try asking him.”

“Oh, he’s returning today?”

“Yeah, it appears he’ll be back sooner than expected, and it’s all thanks to you, right?”

“How come it’s because of me?”

“It’s because he has such a cute daughter at home, who wouldn’t want to hurry back?”

Jane laughed softly and whispered in Ariel’s ear, and Ariel tilted her head.

“So, when the lord comes home, tell him directly, ‘Daddy, let’s go out and play!’“

“Daddy? What is that?”

“It means the same thing as father.”

Ariel’s brow furrowed.

Grand Duke, His Highness, Father, Dad, and even Daddy. There were too many words to describe him.

‘Why do humans have so many names? It’s confusing.’

Ariel was muttering to herself when…

“Oh, we’re out of drinks. I have to go to the kitchen miss, can you be alone for a while? “

Ariel, who was left alone, sat on the bed, and ran to the window. Unlike yesterday, there was already a baby chair instead of a high wooden chair.


Ariel, who stepped on the chair and climbed up, slid onto the window sill and a splendid garden came into view.

“Hehe, it’s pretty.”

After a moment of smirking, Ariel drooped her eyebrows. 

‘There are so many beautiful things, it’s a shame I can’t move around freely.’

Ariel muttered as she counted the trees in the garden on a whim.

“Come to think of it, they said I couldn’t go outside, didn’t they? Then why not venture inside? “

Yes. That’s it.

Ariel rolled her eyes and jumped off the chair. A playful look filled her face as she swung the door open and sprinted away.

Ariel went down safely to the garden without being noticed by anyone.

“Ah, fluffy!”

She appeared to be so excited by stepping all over the green grass. Ariel walked along the long flower bed at the edge, excitedly stomping her feet.

“Wow, it’s really pretty.”

These were colorful flowers, as opposed to the modest wild flowers that bloomed in the place of the gods. Ariel, who seemed to be possessed by the blooming flowers, reached out her hand involuntarily to touch their beauty.

That was then…


Ariel’s hand was pricked by a small bee that appeared out of nowhere. Her tender skin turned bright red.

“Hey, you cheeky! How dare a mere creature inflict a wound on the goddess’ skin?”

Ariel’s face burned red like the wounds that the bee had inflicted.

“You cheeky bastard! Can’t you come here right now!”

Ariel swung her wild hand to catch the bee. Right at that moment, an ominous buzzing sound was heard. Ariel slowly turned her head just to see a swarm of bees in her eyes.

Ariel, frightened, groaned.

“Now, wait, where did they come from? Can’t you get away from me right now!”

Were they angry because she’s attacking their kin?

The bees swarmed Ariel without giving her a chance to flee.


Ariel screamed and ran away without looking back.

“Don’t come near me!”

However, due to her short legs, she was unable to avoid a swarm of flying bees.

The swarm of bees, which had been chasing closely, attacked Ariel. Until the tender skin soaked with bee venom swells and becomes a mess.

“Get out of the way! Get away, you bastards!”

When Ariel, who was frantically running away, barely escaped the bees, stopped running.

“…Where is this place?”

For the first time in her life, Ariel had entered the forest. The forest, which was surrounded by tall trees, was unusually quiet.

Ariel’s body stiffened. She got lost on earth.  And because this appeared to be a hidden location, she couldn’t see any humans to ask for assistance.

‘I’m in big trouble!’

Ariel was terrified and wandered around the forest, but she couldn’t find the mansion no matter how far she walked.

“Uh, what should I do…”

While Ariel was crying…


A black object jumped into Ariel’s arms at lightning speed so her tiny body rolled on the ground.

Ariel looked up with her blazing eyes, only to spot a black bird. It was quite a large bird.

“You, what are you!”

Ariel concealed her fear and questioned the bird with a stern expression.

“Who did you, a silent bird, dared to attack!

The bird, however, was unfazed and flew back into Ariel’s arms. There was an unidentified reason for the attack.

‘Why is this happening to me today!’ 

She had recently been chased by a swarm of bees, and this time a bird attacked her.

She was grinding her teeth, when the bird attack started again. Ariel fought the bird once more, and in the meantime, she realized.

‘Isn’t this guy only running towards her chest? Why?’

Ariel looked down at her chest, perplexed, and then realized.

‘Is this cheeky bird aiming for the ornament hanging around her neck? ‘

It was the necklace Ahin bought yesterday.

Squaak. Squaak.

The bird flapped its large wings and chirped in a creepy voice. It seems that it will only guarantee her life if she gives it to him obediently. However, Ariel was very pleased with the necklace she received as a gift yesterday, so she had no intention of giving up on it.

“This cheeky bastard…! You dare to covet the things of the goddess! “

Ariel chose to fight the bird.



Ariel ran away from the harsh attacks that poured in one after another. Ariel escaped through the trees and managed to outrun the bird, but she faced another problem.

The red sun hanging over the edge of the forest had disappeared while she was running away to chase after the obsessive bird.

The dark forest without a single light was cold and frightening.

Furthermore, her legs were becoming weak as a result of her overwork in repelling the swarms of bees and the bird.

‘I should not have gone out by myself!’

Where did she pull the confidence to get out when she knows nothing about this world?

Ariel slumped on the damp dirty floor and blamed herself for being too careless. She didn’t know how to return to the mansion, nor how to get out of this forest. 

Furthermore, the ominous bird sound was heard once again. Ariel wrapped her arms around her knees to dispel the rising fear.

She didn’t want to give up, but what if her legs aren’t strong enough. There is nothing Ariel can do right now.

There was nothing.

It was best to just hold on to her place, hoping that no danger would come.

After some time passed, a light poured over Ariel and a black shadow appeared.

“You’re here.”

It was a familiar voice. 

Her body, which had shuddered from the tension, began to lose strength gradually.

His face was obscured by darkness, but Ariel could tell…

So she immediately called,


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