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IBHD Chapter 7


Crunch. Crunch.

The Grand Duke burst into laughter at the sound that reverberated throughout the room

He couldn’t help laughing because it was so funny to see Ariel swallowing the cookie inside her mouth while stuffing the other one on her hand.

But the laughter didn’t last long.

Because the reason he came to see this child today is not very pleasant.

“I will never give you my blood!”

When the child fainted after a gruesome scream yesterday, the Grand Duke took Ahin outside and interrogated him.

“What in the world did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything. What would I do with such a little child?“

Ahin quickly asserted his innocence. He appeared dissatisfied.

‘Well, Ahin’s not that bad.’

Above all, Ahin had no reason to harm that child.

‘So, what did she mean?’

The child continued to talk while she was unconscious.

“No. You evil people!”

“Never ever give my blood!”

The Grand Duke stayed up all night thinking about it, and finally came to a conclusion.

‘Blood bag.’

It was a slang term for a slave who provided blood for transfusions to the wounded. It was absolutely illegal, but there are people who do it everywhere. They provide blood to the nobility and remain under surveillance under their protection.

He thought it was strange that there was no family saying that they lost a child, but no way… He looked at Ariel with gloomy eyes and carefully opened his mouth.

“May I ask you a question?”


Ariel tilted her head and swallowed the cookie in her mouth. Then she nodded her head with a very generous expression.

“What? You can ask me anything.”

If she does not respond, she may be unable to eat these dirt again. Only humans make the same mistake twice.

Ariel stared at the Grand Duke’s lips with determined eyes.

“The thing you said yesterday.”

“I said? What?”

“You’ll never give your blood. What does that mean?”

“Ah, that…?”

Ariel scratched her cheek in embarrassment. 

‘How should I respond?’

To tell the truth, she was embarrassed that she made such a ridiculous misunderstanding, so she continued to munch on the cookie in her mouth.

‘There are still five left.’

But the goddess can’t even put a lie in her mouth. Ariel, who was grunting while clutching her head, came to the conclusion after a long time.

‘Ah, I don’t know. Should I bear the shame of lying or being refrained from eating the remaining cookies?’


Ariel opened her mouth to say something.

“I spoke by mistake.”

She remembered Jane, who was clicking her tongue.

“I was mistaken, Your Majesty. Please only forgive me once!”

Ariel was also struck by the image of the baron being mercilessly dragged out. The stupid baron who said his jokes spread quickly and were discarded by the Grand Duke.


Ariel’s body stiffened. Without hesitation, the man who worked for the Grand Duke was thrown away. And she, whom the Grand Duke has only recently met, has no reason to receive mercy at all.

‘Oh, that’s not okay. I have nowhere to go!’

Ariel pondered what would happen once all the facts were revealed.

“You dare to treat me as such an unscrupulous subject after I took you in, get out of my house.”

The Grand Duke’s angry appearance…

Awww! Human, I was wrong! Please don’t throw this body away. This body has nowhere to go!”

She imagined her figure clutching his pants and begging filthy.

‘Hey, that will never happen!’

She didn’t want to beg for a mere human, or to be kicked out of this comfortable place and wander around the world where she knew nothing.

Ariel shook her head immediately.

“No, I just had a strange dream. Don’t worry about it.” 

The Grand Duke, on the other hand, did not believe her when he saw Ariel’s already pale face with his own two eyes.

‘I must have guessed correctly.’

 After all, it was clear that this child was born illegitimate and was sold as a blood bag.

She was fortunate to have survived, but she couldn’t open her mouth for fear of retaliation.

‘How dare they do such a cruel thing to a child.’

The Grand Duke, who was clenching his teeth, grudgingly grabbed the sofa’s armrest. The firm grip caused the leather to rip, splattering white cotton everywhere. The Grand Duke stood up, having turned an expensive sofa into dust in an instant.

To console the child who had suffered irreparable physical and mental injuries, he stuffed the remaining cookies into her mouth while stroking Ariel’s head.

A week later, the once-secretly prevalent slavery system had vanished completely. It was a magnificent achievement brought about by a misunderstanding between Ariel and the Grand Duke.

There was only one victim, Ahin.

A few days later…

Ariel slumped over on the bed and let out a groan.

“I’m so bored.”

It has already been a week since she fell to the earth and stayed in a human house. Being stuck in the room and eating and sleeping alone was so boring. 

Ariel curled up like a bean worm and rolled around on the bed. 

Roll to the left. Roll to the right.

At that moment, a loud laughter was heard outside the window.

“Oh, is there anything interesting?”

Ariel dashed to the window, her eyes twinkling. But there was one issue.

Why is the chair so high?

Ariel, who was short in stature, had to step on a chair to look out her window, but it was inconvenient to go up and down on a chair designed for adults.

It was during Ariel’s struggle to get onto the chair,

“Uh, huh?”

Ariel’s body seemed to float and landed on the chair in a blink of an eye.

“Aren’t the furniture too large for the lady to use? Anyway, today the butler is going to order furniture for the lady. Even if it makes you uncomfortable, please be patient.” 

When did Jane arrive?

She was standing behind her.

‘What a surprise!  Why does this woman always walk around unnoticed? ‘


Ariel tilted her head belatedly, sighed with relief, and swept her surprised heart.

“Yes? Changing out the furniture?”

“Of course.  All of these will be replaced with beds, sofas, tables, and chairs that the lady can use. Those who are worthy of the lady’s dignity.”

“Wow, all of that? This is already satisfactory.”

She’s going back soon anyway, so what’s the use of agreeing to this?

“That won’t do. The furniture here is prepared for the guests, so it is not for the lady to use. You are a precious person, so whatever you use should be the best.”

Ariel’s eyes widened as she reflected,

‘How did you know I was precious?  I never revealed who I was.’

Is she aware of her true identity?

Ariel, who had been thinking really hard, hold her chin with her tiny hand, then shook her head.

It couldn’t be true. She wouldn’t have been able to do that if she had known who she was. Then there is only one answer.

‘After all, no matter how hard I try, I can’t hide my dignity as a goddess.’

That way of thinking makes her feel better. It was while she was laughing…

“To make my lady giggle like this, you sure appear to like the idea of replacing the furniture.”

Jane wiped Ariel’s lips with her handkerchief and smiled. Ariel turned away from her words as she coughed heavily.

“So, where are you going to buy furniture?”

“Where is it, of course in the furniture store.”

“A furniture store?” 

“Yes, it is where the best carpenters in the empire gather. Among them, the skill of a carpenter named Ethan is said to be comparable to that of the God Pavelon.”

“…to Pavelon?”

He was the God with skilled hands. He is a master craftsman who is skilled in not only woodworking but also masonry and metal work.

‘How good are his abilities that he’s being compared to Pavelon?’

She became intrigued.

‘That’s fantastic. Still, I’m extremely bored! “

Ariel’s eyes sparkled as she reached for Jane’s hem.

“May I accompany you there?”

“Yes? You want to go yourself?”

“Yes! It’s boring to stay inside.”

“But it hasn’t been long since you’ve been well…”

“After all, it’s the furniture I’m going to use. Of course, I’ll have to see and choose for myself! “

When Jane showed hesitation, Ariel hurriedly added the reason.

“Well, that’s right.”

Jane simply nodded.

“Shall we then? While we’re out it’s also good to look for a few dresses.”


“Actually, I had to do it right away, but I didn’t have time to worry about it because the young lady was sick.”

Jane, who was tying the hem of Ariel’s gown, muttered, her face troubled.

“But you need permission to go out, and His Highness is away, what should we do?”

“Why? Isn’t he present?”

“He went out to inspect the territory. When he heard the news of your illness, he came back here in a hurry, so he went back there just now.”

Ariel’s eyes widened. 

‘Are you saying that you didn’t finish your work and ran in a hurry? What… were you a nicer person than I thought? 

It was at this point that Ariel was moved by the ridiculous misunderstanding.

“There isn’t anything we can do. We can only ask the young master. Please wait a moment when I return.”

Jane exited her room, and Ariel looked out the door with her twinkling eyes. Then Jane quickly returned with the news that she has received permission from Ahin.


Ariel jumped, clutching her red and flushed cheeks.

After all, this is her first outing on earth.

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