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TEWOAYH Chapter 5


Chapter 5

Kiverin nodded his head coldly.

“The flowers, yes, they bloomed beautifully. Even the sky is clear. By the way.”


“Lady Che-Cheria is prettier. The color of your hair looks like a dawn sky.”

Uh…. should I say thank you…?

I was embarrassed and replied late.

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Still, Kiverin laughed.    

There was a scene in <The Villainess Only Wants The Money Path> where Cheria’s beauty was praised.

But that wasn’t in childhood when she had to pay attention to what she ate and what to wear, but after she became an adult.

At present, I was just an aspiring 10-year-old girl with dull purple hair, short stature, and a skinny body.

Kiverin’s eyes were a bit worried, but when I breathed in, a fresh grassy smell came with it.

There was not enough time to enjoy this precious thing.

I grabbed Kiverin’s head, which was pinned to my face, and turned.


Kiverin’s gaze shifted to the flower garden. Flowers as fluffy as popcorn huddled together.

“Anyway, now is not the time to see my face. It’s been a while since you came outside. You have to enjoy it to your heart’s content.”

Despite my reluctance, Kivrin admired the landscape surrounding the mansion.

How many times did Kybrin come out?

In <The Villainess Only Wants The Money Path>, Kiverin said that on his ninth birthday, he was led into the snake’s den by the Duke and his wife.

If it’s the first time since then.

I was just about to ask Kiverin. The scream of the maids in the mansion reached my ears.

“Aww! Ahhh! I’m innocent!”

It was a voice that stood out even among the maids.

―The Duchess said she sent a new dress here. For a change, I don’t think she’d know if we took one or two jewels

―She’s gonna be the same level as the monster anyway, so what’s the worry?

You play really well. When did you actively encourage other maids and now it’s unfair.

“They have forced me to do that! I said not to do that!”

Maybe the other maids are as absurd as I am?

Eventually she ran out and started looking around.

She seemed to be looking for someone.


As soon as she found me, she ran to me and knelt down.

The others followed, so I just kept watching.

“Please help me, I’m so sorry!”

Of course, it was wrong to touch my dress that the Duchess had packed.

But considering how I was treated in the Duke’s family, these exaggerated actions were nothing more than mockery.

Her acting is awesome.

I don’t think it’ll be easy to lose if I compete with her.

In admiration, the knight raised the maid to stand up.

Once the maid kept her distance from me, she said with the face of a new employee who took on the embarrassing task that the bosses avoided.

“… I will tell the Lord and punish him.”

“Pl-please save me! please!”

The hand begging for forgiveness was as if she had never done any chores.

I remembered the maids saying that they’re chosen by the Duchess.

Was that about identification?

Thanks to the narrowing of the distance, it was only then that I was able to take a closer look at her impressions.

She seemed to be in his early 20s at most.

Libra was embroidered on the neat maid’s robe.

The other four, who were sneaking out, had the same embroidery embroidered on their clothes.

It was a unique type of Libra in which a rising star was placed in one bowl, but the other bowl was chained.

That was also the symbol of the temple that appeared in many episodes of <The Villainess Only Wants The Money Path>.

What is this?

Why do temple people serve as maids in the Duke’s house?

“Please enter the mansion now. I will also be gently reprimanded.”

The knight’s voice was firm.

With a question mark in my head, I took Kiverin’s hand and went inside.

I asked Kiverin, looking at the tightly shut front door.

“I was talking about the maids earlier.”

“Al-all the people from the temple are like that.”


“Don’t deliberately create problems. Uh, to bother my mother.”


Kiverin spoke only there, and pursed his lips.

So, did Kiverin in <The Villainess Only Wants The Money Path> take revenge on the temple?

However, in the novel, it is also explained that it was Kiverin who killed the Duke and Duchess.

In <The Villainess Only Wants The Money Path>, Kiverin was a murderer and a madman with no room for rehabilitation.

In the ending that I never saw, so I guess it must have a tragic end.

On the other hand, my sister or temple would have won.

Well, maybe I’m on the wrong path?

What if not getting involved with Kiverin in the first place was the only way Cheria could be happy?

… What the hell, it’s just messed up.

That’s what happened to Cheria.

But I’ll make sure to run away.

“I, there.”


“If you say something like this, you can’t…”


I raised my hand.

He was about the same height, so I was able to stroke Kiverin’s head without lifting my feet.

Kiverin rolled his eyes.


“You can tell me anything. We Coup… that’s it.”


I set my priorities straight, staring at the tilted Kiverin.

It wasn’t the Duchess, nor the maids from the temple, that I had to worry about the most.

This little kid might be a little less evil and a little nicer if I take good care of him.

A warm bed is also important in a house with a roof…

I am sorry for Cheria who has become like that, but even if a 10-year-old girl escaped from here right away, it would only lead to a wretched situation.

Ugh, if I go back to the Count, I’ll be brought back here or sold to someone else.

If I don’t go back, I’ll starve to death while running around the streets.

So I will raise Kiverin well, and Kiverin grows well!

That’s it, Kiverin.

“… Young master, I’m sorry.”


“I will still work hard….”

Ignoring the pain of conscience, I went to the dressing room with Kiverin.

Numerous diamonds, neatly cut out from a dress she had never worn, were lying around.

I picked them up.

“Well, I didn’t have to bother to tear it apart.”

Once I made up my mind to invest in Kiverin, it was easy to figure out what I was going to do.

First we have to get out from this damn mansion.


It was time for Kiverin to fall into a nap.

I braided my frizzy purple hair moderately.

Then I gathered the necessary things and found the window I had looked at earlier.

I hurried to solve it before Kiverin woke up, and I quickly ran out of breath.

Hah. I caught my breath by the window and pulled out a useful stick from the grocery room.


I bit my lip and tightened my hands.

When I hit the window with a stick, there was a loud sound.

Ugh, no way.

I couldn’t eat and it was impossible for me to wake up by force beyond the age of ten.

I put the rod back down and took out a lamp with a small magic stone and a diamond one after another.

Blue Manastone is weak against gems, especially diamonds.

And unlike red gemstones, blue manastones cause a weak explosion when broken.

It was a fact that came to light by accident several years from now.

In <The Villainess Only Wants The Money Path>, magic stones are divided into two types.

One was a red manastone that could be obtained by killing a monster, and the other was an artificial blue manastone that wizards modeled after them.

Not all monsters have manastones, so the ones mostly used in real life were artificially created blue manastones.

Items that use manastones as fuel have the advantage that they do not break easily even when used for a long time.

It was possible to operate with a simple operation, and it was quite expensive, so it was able to satisfy the desire to show off to the nobles.

However, as they met the explosive demand of the aristocrats, they neglected the stability test.

In the end, <The Villainess Only Wants The Money Path>, it led to an accident.

I put on my gloves calmly.

The gloves I found in the dressing room were made of mesh, so wearing multiple layers didn’t protect my hands at all.

I wish my hand didn’t fly from my body.

I purposely picked up a lamp with the smallest magic stone attached to it, but I wasn’t confident that I wouldn’t get hurt.

What… If you think about it for a long time, will it only increase the probability that Kiverin will wake up?

“Well, that’s not possible.”

I clenched my fists.

You promised to raise Kiverin well!

Most of all, now was the time to win the hearts of people by showing their adult-like abilities.

I rubbed the mana stone and diamond against the window.

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