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TEWOAYH Chapter 10


Thanks to the slowing carriage, I was able to continue my appreciation more leisurely.

On the road leading to the garden, there were heaps of scale decorations that were supposed to be related to the temple.

It didn’t stop there, and the workers carried the luggage non-stop.

Menelik, noticing the question mark in my head, explained the situation.

“We will leave the capital as soon as possible. The moment I took Kiverin out of the mansion, I broke my contract with the temple.”

“A contract?”

“Instead of actively helping the temple to contain and heal, Kiverin should be quarantined in the snake’s cave during that time. Me and Winter must not leave the capital, where the temple can monitor us.”


“There are a few more details. For example, send a tribute to see if Kiverin is really a monster.”

That ‘tribute’ is probably what I’m referring to.

I gathered my brows.

As if Kiverin had known for a long time, there was no change in his expression.

However, it was a secret that was not even mentioned in the novel.

In the novel, it is stated that the reason Kiverin was imprisoned in the snake’s cave was because the Duke and his wife considered their child born as a terrible monster.

The reason I sent ‘Toy’ was because they thought Kiverin would be bored.

But it wasn’t a ‘toy’, it was a ‘tribute’.

It was not the will of the Duke and his wife, but the order of the temple.

… I got hit in the back of the head by a novel I read with my own money. Writer, please explain!

“Why are you telling me everything?”

Menelik replied late.

“I’m sorry.”


“Because I’m grateful?”


I don’t know what this uncle, no, father-in-law is thinking.

“I’m serious. You won’t understand everything anyway.”

Yes. Please continue to look at me as ten years old.

The carriage stopped. I asked Menelik before getting off.

“If you leave the capital, are you going to the Duchy?”

“For now.”

“Do you want me to go with you?”

“If you want to.”

Menelik got off the carriage first and then held out his hand.

I grabbed his hand and jumped out of the carriage.

The maids approached as if waiting, and wiped me and Kiverin’s hair.

The maids of the Duke, who did not have the Libra pattern embroidered on their clothes, did not hesitate to touch Kiverin.

It was the exact opposite of the temple maids who looked disgusted every time they came to the Snake cave.

Winter had already left, so a carriage followed.

As soon as Winter got off the carriage, she called out to a maid.

“Mera, take Ceria and wash her.”

“Yes, madam.”

Mera had a youthful face as if she had just become an adult.

I glanced at Winter as I followed her.

“It would be better. After all, the Pope would never have sent the Saint to us.”

Winter mumbled in a self-helpful voice. However, the resentment could not be completely hidden.

“Lady Cheria, you have to come in.”

As my steps slowed, Mera led me with a gentle hand.

Would my sister have cured Kiverin if the Pope had allowed it? in that personality?

No, I don’t think so.

In the novel, my older sister was not interested in Kiverin’s condition at all.

My older sister, Muria Mayall had a very bad personality.

Muria was a Saint, but she did not use her divine power no matter how much damage it took if she did not want to.

The priests couldn’t control her and always had to call the Pope.

Later, instead of the exhausted Pope, the male protagonist came to convince Muria.

The Pope was nothing more than a puppet, wielded by Muria.

No matter how much the protagonist leads the novel, such a Muria could not be regarded as good.

Even the keywords attached to Muria were things like #saint, but like a villain, #who only enjoys life, and #evil female lead.

So even if the Pope grants permission and the Duke and Duchess plead, Muria will not want to do it.

As it was in the novel.

In the novel, Muria even did not care at all while I was neglected by the Countess, or even after hearing that I had been sold to the Duchy.

I thought as I was led by Mera.

Besides… It wasn’t just Muria’s personality that bothered me.

It was questionable whether Muria’s divine power would recognize Kiverin’s scales as a disease.

How did Kiverin get rid of the scales in the novel?

It would have been perfect if it had disappeared naturally as he grew up.

“You must have been very cold, right?”

Mera’s voice was full of bewildered favor.

As I took off my wet clothes and entered the bathtub, Mera suddenly looked like she was about to cry.

“Oh my God… You’re too thin, Lady.”


I was stunned because it seems like she really cares about me.

The maids of Count Mayall, who I had been with for 10 years, didn’t do this either.

They just wrapped me up at the wedding, and Mera would know that I was sold to the Duke.

Even I was the sister of a saint who did not cure Kiverin.

… And even if she is accused of being an arsonist, I’m in a situation where you have nothing to say.

Why are there so many of my crimes?!

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help you sooner. The maids who do not belong to the temple can never enter the mansion…. Still, I should have taken care of it somehow…”

“… .”

“I keep crying over and over again… After washing, I’ll serve you hot chocolate. It will be very tasty.”

She said as she wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes.

Is it because Mera is a particularly nice person?

Anyway, I have no intention of escaping…

My chest tickled strangely, so I turned away.

“What about the young master?”

“Don’t worry, the other maids will take good care of him. Viscount Rose will be back soon. Viscount worked as a nanny before the young master was imprisoned. She will be very happy when she hears that the young master has left the mansion.”


Mera washed me with a careful and thoughtful touch.

Mera struggled to raise her voice in case I would notice.

“I am glad that both of you came out safely. Now, I hope both the Duke and the Madam can sleep comfortably. By all means, take a walk in the garden on a sunny day. The flowers that the madam planted herself were in full bloom. There is also a viburnum tree that the young master likes.”


It was only natural that Mera was worried about madam.

But you don’t doubt me, and you don’t  have any suspicions about me.

“Isn’t the water too hot?”

“It’s okay.”

Mera, no, the angel smiled.

After being possessed, I was only treated like a fool, but when I met an angel, I couldn’t get used to it.

“Lady hair is as pretty as the flowers in the garden. She resembles the color of the sky at dawn.”

“That, isn’t it….”

Wait, why am I stuttering?

You can just pour it over. You have to be bold!

But the conscience who met the angel suddenly worked too much.

“How about eyes that twinkle like stars? I am looking forward to seeing the lady grow up.”


“You must have been very scared, but thank you for being with the young master. Now I’ll stay by your side. So, you have to eat a lot of delicious food and stay healthy, right?”


My embarrassment reached its limit, so I completely dived into the bathtub.

“Lady Cheria?”

It’s a big deal.

I’ve been discovered that I’m weak at compliments.


Drowsiness poured in while Mera dried my hair.

Mera took my hand as I walked and led me to Kiverin’s bedroom.

It was a bonus that she kept muttering that she was worried that she would break my hand.

Kivrin’s bedroom was decorated with walnut wood and thick carpets.

It was clean, without a single dust, and gave off a cozy atmosphere, as if someone had looked at it from time to time while waiting for the owner of the bedroom to return.

“You have to sleep here today, but soon you will have your own room. We’re working hard to decorate.”

My room? Really?

The fluffy Kibrin welcomed me.

“Lady Ch-Cheria, you look amazing! We’re really back home!”


“Uh, m-my mother told me I didn’t have to go back… Lady Cherry, can you do anything?”

“Not anything….”


“… Yes, I can actually do anything.”


The golden eyes were dazzled.

I must quickly find a way to stop Kiverin’s gaze attack.

Mera brought two cups of chocolate, checked the temperature of the bed, and quietly closed the door.

I don’t know if this is the calm before the storm or not.

No one asked me why the mansion caught on fire or how we escaped.

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