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IASMLYB Chapter 31


Chapter 31

If truth be told, Elena didn’t really care that the original was changed.

If she had given importance to that in the first place, she wouldn’t even have kicked out Killian from the Halos.

‘And if it changes for the better, that’s enough.’

However, Lexion, who had joined the war at a young age, caught on.

No matter how she thought about it, it wasn’t an ideal environment to be exposed to at that age.

However, time flew by quickly, despite Elena’s concerns.

All the servants and knights in the mansion were busy preparing for the expedition.

It was the same with Lexion.

They were so busy they didn’t even have time to talk.

‘It can’t be helped…’

Elena was very upset, but she prepared herself, hoping that the books she had given him would be helpful.

During the 1-week preparation period for the expedition, she diligently made the Magic Stone.

She worked hard to make a high-quality magic stone that was different from the magic stones she had given to Lexion before.

Not only that, but Elena also looked at the merchandise at the magic tower.

She tried to buy something and take care of it in case it would be of any help to Lexion, but Lexion refused.

This was because there were a lot of things he had already taken with him.

So, Elena decided to hand over the magic stone instead.

Thanks to staying up all night, she was able to create a magic crystal the size of half a fist.

The shield magic contained inside was so strong that it could not be compared with before.

‘Even if it’s a one-time item, this should be enough to protect Lexion when he’s in danger, right?’

On the battlefield, being protected by a magic stone at least once was beneficial.

Yes, he has to have it.

Eventually, the date of departure came.

Elena, Duke Halos, and the servants all stood in front of the mansion.

To see off the departing knights and Lexion.

Lexion stood imposingly in front of the pure white horse.

Wearing his uniform and a cloak with the engraved seal of the Halos family, Lexion appeared to be a different person.

Elena thought like he was worlds apart. The boy she had always known felt like he had become a young man over the time they were apart.

“Goodbye, Lexion.”

“Farewell, Father.”

Lexion – after a brief greeting with Duke Halos – approached Elena.

A few days passed, and when she saw Lexion again, something swelled up from within.

Elena felt emotional when she spoke to Lexion for the first time.

“Lexion, why did you make a hasty decision and not ponder over it?”

Lexion’s eyes suddenly curved.

The boy’s smile was lovely as he answered seriously.

“I want to become an adult as soon as possible.”

Afterward, Lexion came close and held Elena’s hand.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be at your birthday party. When I come back, I will make sure to celebrate it with you.”

Tears welled up at the kind words. But Elena was determined not to cry.

If she cried now, Lexion would be distressed.

“Take this.”

She handed Lexion the magic stone she had worked hard for several days.

It was a magical gemstone that was the same color as Elena’s hair.

“It’s bigger than the first one you gave me.”

“Because I worked hard on it for several days. This will protect Lexion even while on the battlefield. It can only be used once, but….”

“One time is enough. Thank you, sister.”

Lexion – who immediately wore the magic crystal around his neck – briefly kissed the back of her hand and turned around.

Now it was time to set out.

Lexion and the knights gallantly got on their horses.

After the salutations, they left the Duke’s residence.

Before they could further advance, Lexion gazed back at Elena.

He then smiled at her and then looked away.

Elena stood silently until Lexion and the soldiers were out of sight.

Knowing the original story, she believed that Lexion would do well, but she was still distraught

With Lexion’s figure no longer visible, tears started trailing down her face.


After Lexion left the mansion, Elena’s birthday came shortly after.

The Duke of Halos was going to throw a grand party for Elena’s coming of age.

But Elena refused.

The reason was simple.

No matter how much Duke Halos said he liked her, Elena was not the Duke’s child.

Besides, it was embarrassing.

‘It’s a bit of a bummer for someone who is leaving to be thrown a grand party….’

When Elena confessed her thoughts, Duke Halos gave a bunch of presents on behalf of the party.

Expensive pieces of jewelry, dresses ordered directly from famous designers in the capital, and more.

Elena put all the presents and all of her belongings in a palm-sized, red pocket.

The pouch was a gift from Jeremy in celebration of her coming-of-age and entrance to the tower.

It was a common item that any wizard had; they could store anything except for living creatures.

This was possible because the pocket was connected to the personal warehouse owned by the Magic Tower.

Thanks to its efficiency, Elena easily finished organizing her personal effects and leisurely came down alone.

Wanting to see her off to her new endeavor, all of the Halos servants came out.

Among them, Duke Halos was standing with sad eyes.



Elena smiled and approached the Duke.

He immediately took Elena’s hand and stared at her.

“I sincerely give you my utmost gratitude. For everything.”

“No. I am more grateful for what you’ve done.”

When Elena answered with a smile, the Duke solemnly shook his head.

“I am more grateful. For protecting Lexion and giving prestige to the Halos.”

Duke Halos approached Elena cautiously and hugged her.

“You can come back at any time. This is your house.”

“Yes, Duke. I will come to play often.”

After their brief hug, Elena left the estate.

“Lady! Always take care of yourself!”

“You must come and play!”

The servants who were close to her even shed tears.

Elena waved toward them before getting into the carriage.

Jeremy was already inside the Halos family’s carriage, to escort her to the tower.

“Elena. Come on.”

“Yes, teacher.”

The carriage proceeded smoothly; Elena couldn’t take her eyes off the window.

“I am very sorry.”

Jeremy said with a sly smile.

Elena nodded.

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling sorry.”

From the first time she opened her eyes to this world to the time she became an adult.

The Halos manor had become her sanctuary for several years.

Initially, it was a fictional place to her, but now, it was a significant place to her that she could not forget even if she left.

Until the carriage had completely left the mansion, Elena continued to stare at the landscape as if she were engraving it in her memory.


7 years later.

The western end of the continent.

Above the wasteland at sunset, there was a man-made mountain.

Upon close inspection, it was a pile of monsters with three arms and legs.

And a man was sitting on that monster pile.

Seven years ago, a seemingly inexperienced young man in the territorial war conquered the continent with overwhelming power.

Soleth’s Noble Sword.

His short hair fluttered in the wind.

The man held the red gem hanging around his neck.

Seven years passed, but the sphere did not lose its brilliance.

He stared at it for a long time.

The soldiers who had gone to dispose of the remains returned.

Then the man rose from where he sat.

The soldiers cheered when he uttered from his lips:

“Let’s return.”

Lexion glanced in passing to the ecstatic soldiers before he kissed the magic stone briefly.

‘Finally, I can meet you.’


Everyone has a day like that.

A day full of misfortune from the moment they woke up.

And for Elena, today was that day.

As soon as she woke up, she fell out of the bed.

She also banged her head on the shelf, causing her to feel sore as she drank water and feel sluggish when she ate her bread for breakfast.

It was fine up to that point.

However, the pain worsened over time.

It gradually intensified, but it didn’t hinder her.

But it was just there.

Unfortunately, what happened next finally triggered Elena’s wrath.

The scene before her eyes made her stomach simmer and her hands tremble.

Elena’s vision blurred and her eyes moistened.

“My—my three months….”

She flopped to the floor, staring at the messy lab table.

Anger was boiling over, but her energy was depleted. She has no energy left to be angry.

So, in a nutshell.

An experimental drug that had been sold out day and night for three months had been dumped on the floor by someone.

Only empty flasks were lying on the test table.

‘Clearly, there is a double barrier in the laboratory, but who broke through and how?’

Tears of anger and frustration started to flow from her eyes.

‘I studied really hard on that for three months.’

It was the most enjoyable time for her since she entered the tower, and in those three months, her dedication to that research was evident.

Even the experimental data and prototypes she arranged methodically were gone.

Elena looked at the table in vain and wiped her tears.

It was no time to sit and cry.

First, she has to find the culprit.

Perhaps the culprit has the data files and prototypes.

‘It’s possible that they have infiltrated my lab because they’re jealous about my research.’

It would take some time, but with that, Elena could once again start her research.

Elena jumped from her seat. She approached one side of the room where a wide-ranged bookshelf was situated.

In the third column from the top of the middle bookshelf, there was something Elena had set up just in case.

A green translucent sphere she made a few months ago.

It was a video sphere.

It was the first thing she created as soon as she got her own laboratory, and it was an upgraded version of the video sphere she made while staying at Duke Halos’ residence.

It recorded everything that happened in the lab, and its recording duration was longer compared to its predecessor.

Moreover, because the appearance was completely different from the video sphere sold in the Magic Tower, most wizards did not think of this sphere as a video recorder.

Elena immediately powered the video sphere with magic and played last night’s video.

A black-and-white image was projected on the video sphere.

Elena appeared first.

After finishing the experiment, she cleaned up and left the laboratory.

Then the door closed and time passed.

Finally, Elena saw someone coming through the wall and into the lab.

It was…

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