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IASMLYB Chapter 59


Chapter 59

Underground Training Center, West Tower.

Elena has been there for a long time.

‘The air is still the same.’

The underground training center was designed by the Archmage herself.

Thanks to her magical power, the place was vast, seemingly with no end.

Hence, all the wizards in the West Tower would come and train here. It would suffice for everyone.

‘Anyways, every time I come to the training center, it still amazes me.’

The enormity of the training center seemed to be greater than the size of the Magic Tower when seen outside.

Besides, there were three more training centers like this one in the Magic Tower.

‘As expected, not everyone can do what the Archmage does.’

Elena smiled and looked around.

The training ground was similar to a desolate desert, but the air and temperature were completely different.

Because it contained the Archmage’s magic, the wizard’s state was also given careful consideration.

In addition, there was no one around.

There was only one entrance to the training center, but each person who entered was sent to a different destination.

This was to avoid overcrowding one area in the wide training ground.

Elena confirmed that no one was present and gathered her magic power in her hand.

Yesterday, because of Archmage’s warning, from today onwards, she decided to start practicing right away.

She started with basic magic.

Elena began with a basic fire summoning, water arrow, and generating thunderbolt.

She even performed barrier magic to protect herself.

Compared to the magic crystal she gave to Lexion a long time ago, the density of this barrier was several times thicker.

Elena smiled in satisfaction.

‘I haven’t practiced for quite some time, but I did great.’

She grinned and performed another magic trick this time.

Elena gathered her magic power on her feet.

With her amplified feet, she slammed them against the floor, causing the ground to crack. 

‘I’m doing well when it comes to fortified magic….’

She continued with her practice, using her magical powers here and there.

It was around that time that an astounded voice was heard.


It was Jeremy, flying from afar.


Elena greeted him immediately.

She recalled that Jeremy was an excellent practice partner.

He quickly landed on the ground and smiled.

“I’ve been looking for you for quite some time.”

“But you’ve come to the right place. Didn’t I mention that?”

“Of course, that’s why I’ve been looking for Elena’s magic power.”

Jeremy walked right in front of Elena.

“But I haven’t seen Elena practicing magic in a long time.”

“Oh, well, I went to a party yesterday. Then I went and met with the Archmage, and she told me to practice a little to survive the impending war.”

“Haha, so it’s because of that. Then, can I help you?”

“I’d love to!”

Jeremy quickly moved away from Elena.

When the two were several meters apart, magical energy surged out from their hands instantaneously.


Elena’s barrage of attacks and Jeremy’s smoldering flames met in the center.

The two have practiced this way over the years.

And this training method greatly aided in Elena’s growth.

The first time Elena faced Jeremy, she was helpless.

No matter how much she trained, she couldn’t keep up with Jeremy’s level.

But not this time.

Jeremy, who was counterattacking Elena, grinned.

‘Day by day, Elena is getting stronger.’

While the magic emanating from their hands changed several times, Jeremy could not overpower Elena at all.

Rather, sometimes, she was overwhelming him.

After their brief battle, Jeremy smiled brightly.

“Elena! You’ve gotten stronger than before. What happened? You hardly ever practiced.”

“Really? I don’t know.”

Elena tilted her head.

As she had only done so far was study, she never expected that she would become this powerful.

“I think it has to do with the increasing amount of magic power.”

“Ah… I see.”

Being a wizard was not a stagnant existence, so it was quite possible.

“To commemorate Elena’s increased magic, shall I teach you a new magic?

Jeremy suggested with a grin.

“New magic?”

Elena asked with joy.

Despite having learned a lot of magic from Jeremy, gaining new knowledge on this was still the most enjoyable.

Though, she wondered what would he be teaching her this time.

She already had a grasp on all kinds of magic, so it was difficult to guess what kind she would learn today.

As Elena happily pondered over it, Jeremy approached her.

“Yes. I’ll tell you about Meteor.”


Due to the completely unexpected magic, Elena’s eyes grew as wide as a rabbit’s.

Meteor was something Elena had seen in her previous life.

Naturally, not literally, but through media such as games and movies.

So, when she discovered that Meteor Magic existed in this world, she wanted to learn it right away.

But after studying this magic, Elena found it impossible for her.

Meteor was the most difficult offensive magic ever to exist, with the ability to drop countless meteorites.

And there were only five wizards in the Magic Tower who could use Meteor.

The Archmage and the respective owners of the four towers.

‘I’m learning that kind of magic…?’

Surprise, joy, and curiosity all flashed through Elena’s face.

“Well, can I learn it now?”

Elena eagerly wondered.

Jeremy gave a light nod.

“Yes. If it’s the current Elena, you can learn it.”

“Oh my gosh…”

To be recognized by the second strongest wizard among the wizards she knew.

Elena rejoiced. She felt she could fly away.

“Thank you, sir!”

“What? I’m more grateful. To be able to teach such a great disciple.”

The two looked at each other, their smiles bright.

Then, suddenly, Elena asked.

“By the way, sir. This is an underground training center… Is it possible for me to use Meteor here?”

After all, Meteor meant dropping multiple meteorites from the sky.

It was a natural question from someone knowledgeable like Elena.

But Jeremy answered without changing his expression.

“Of course it is possible. This is a space created by the Archmage’s magic. Besides, if you master Meteor, you can cast it even when you’re under the sea.”

Elena’s eyes twinkled.

Meteor was really the best magic of them all.


Finally, Elena learned the theory behind the magic Meteor from Jeremy.

And now, it was time to practice what she had learned.

An invisible tension flowed between the two.

Elena nodded her head toward Jeremy, then raised the magical power within her body.

Meteor was the most challenging among the existing attack magic, so it required a high level of concentration.

Concentrating and converging, she drew a falling meteorite in her head.

Then, she focused her maximized magical power into her hands and launched it into the sky.

The sky was still quiet.

Meteor Magic would occur after a short period from after it was cast, so Elena waited patiently.

After a few seconds.

Something shiny fell from the sky at high speed.

But the size…

“… Stone?”

Elena muttered in vain.


It was a small stone, but the sound was quite loud.

Elena stared at the protruded stone a few meters away, then turned her head.

‘Teacher, I must be wrong.’

As she sighed…

Clap! Clap!

Jeremy walked over, applauding.

His expression was the complete opposite of Elena’s.

“Awesome, Elena! A success from the start!”

“… Ye-Yes? I just dropped a stone…?”

Elena asked in bewilderment.

Jeremy shook his head.

“No! It’s not about the stone! Just being successful on your first try is a miracle! There is a big difference between dropping even one and not dropping one at all.”

“Is that so?”

“Sure! So, practice more!”

“Yes, teacher!”

Elena decided, cheering herself up.


Exactly three days after she started practicing Meteor.

Elena has improved from her first try.

“Wow! Four fell this time!”

At first, only one stone fell, but now there were four.

But Elena was feeling frustrated about it.

‘When will the size grow…?’

Regardless of Jeremy complimenting her for the increased number she produced, it didn’t feel like it was a big improvement for Elena.

‘In order to wipe out those monsters in the upcoming war, the size should be a little bigger.’

She sighed and left the training ground with Jeremy.

“You struggled today. It must be hard because it consumed a lot of your mana within just a few days, so rest well.”

“Yes, teacher. Thank you.”

“See you tomorrow then.”

Jeremy waved and disappeared.

Elena was staggering as she headed straight to the lab.

For the past few days, as she practiced her magic to the limit, she could feel the fatigue rushing in.

So she planned to take a fatigue recovery medicine she had made before.

Elena lazily shrugged her shoulders and opened the door to the lab.

And the moment she looked inside…

“Hah~ F*ck.”

The curse that she would not often use flew out of its own accord.

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