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IASMLYB Chapter 55


Chapter 55

The invitation for the Imperial party was not only sent to Elena, but to Lexion also.

Lexion, who received the invitation, narrowed his eyebrows.

The event wasn’t about a birthday party, the founding festival, or a victory banquet.

Throwing a party all of a sudden, doubts started to appear in Lexion’s mind.

But he could never imagine why such a party was being held.

It was none other than to celebrate the regrowth of the Emperor’s hair. 


Initially, invitations from the Imperial family could not even cross the threshold of the Magic Tower.

But this time was different.

A messenger created with the Archmage’s magic flew towards the gatekeeper of the Magic Tower.

From the bird-shaped herald’s mouth came the voice of the Archmage.

“An invitation from the Imperial family will arrive soon. Bring it to me.”

Not long after – as the Archmage said – the Imperial carriage arrived.

And the invitation was delivered onto the hands of the Archmage.

Karen placed the invitation on her desk. 

She then beckoned lightly into the air.

The office door opened by itself, and Elena entered.

While peacefully spending her time, Elena was startled by the sudden summons of the Archmage.


At Karen’s call, Elena promptly approached her.

Karen’s lips curved in a bewitching way.

“Black Grass has sold out.”


“Good job. You did well.”

“Thank you, Archmage.”

Elena’s expression brightened at the Archmage’s praise.

The Archmage was a person who often praised her, giving it more meaning.

In between her happiness, Karen handed her a golden envelope.


Elena accepted without hesitation.

Then, after looking at the seal on the letter, she immediately recognized where it came from.

“This is an invitation from the Imperial family.”

I knew it.’

“Read it.”

Elena hurriedly opened the envelope.

What was written inside was simple.

There was a party about to be held in the Imperial palace. It stated that they wanted her to attend it.

This was an invitation for Elena.

‘Why have they invited me?’

Elena didn’t have any contact with the royal family.

Except for that brief moment when she talked to the Second Prince.

Even then, she thought that there was no way they would send her an invitation because she bluntly mentioned to the Second Prince things that she believed he hated.

Elena had subconsciously closed her eyes when Karen said, “It’s probably asking you to attend their Imperial party.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

When it was given to her, the envelope was sealed closed.

But the Archmage spoke as if she already knew.

“How did you know?”

Elena asked in astonishment.

Being asked out of curiosity, Karen answered with a smirk.

“I have countless eyes and ears in this desert.”

Within the scope of the Archmage’s magical power, she could tell what was happening with a flick of her hand.

“From the carriage that departed from the Empire, I heard its contents.”

“It is. But didn’t the Archmage instruct the gatekeepers to send everything back to the Imperial family?”

Whether it be a person of the royal family, an object, or an invitation.

Whatever it was, they could not cross the threshold of the tower due to the order of the Archmage.

But this time, it was different.

“That’s right.”

“Why this time…”

“Yeah, you have to be prepared for that.”

“Is it because of the Black Continent?”

Elena’s eyes were shrouded with anxiety.

Karen slowly nodded in response.

“So, please attend this party and report to the Emperor regarding the Black Continent.”

In fact, Jacob’s messenger arrived at Karen’s office not long ago.

According to Jacob, the monsters were gathering around one person in the Black Continent.

It was the same thing Elena’s spirits had said.

“Jacob’s findings have become more certain, so let the Emperor know that a war with the monsters of the Black Continent will soon happen.”

“Are you telling me to be prepared?”


Karen took out a transparent magic crystal from her bosom and held it before her.

“This is a magical stone that you can use to contact me. Tell the Emperor: ‘The Magic Tower will join this fight’.”

“Yes, Archmage.”


For a long time, there has been a conflict between humans and wizards.

Because of a war that happened a long time ago.

However, when a threat arose on the continent, the two races would come together.

‘Even though it’s because of the lurking evil…’

Considering that the human-hating Archmage wanted to relay to the Empire to prepare for war, the situation seemed worse than expected.

‘I hope there won’t be a lot of casualties.’

Whether they may be a wizard or a human.

She didn’t want anyone to lose their lives.

Elena thought so and went through the portal.

Today, two days after receiving the invitation to the Imperial party, was the day before the party.

Normally, it would take a while longer from when the invitations were sent to the time the event would begin. But not this time.

‘Were they in a hurry because the celebration was for the Imperial family?’

The exact reason was unknown, but Elena paid no further attention to it.


After crossing the portal, Lexion immediately went to her as if he was already expecting her.


Elena smiled, turning to him.

In fact, a few days ago, the day Elena received the invitation to the Imperial party.

Lexion came to her and asked if she heard about the party and if she wanted to go with him.

Elena showed her the invitation and said that she would love to.

Lexion’s expression slightly hardened when he saw that an invitation was sent to her.

The fact that the Imperial family invited her as a wizard was not a very good idea.

They didn’t even address it to the tower like before. Instead, it was directly sent to Elena.

He wondered if the Imperial family was having any ideas of harming Elena.

But Elena only shrugged, that it was okay.

Lexion asked while holding her hand.

“I’m happy that I can go to the party with you, but… I am still concerned.”

“I am really fine. I don’t care whether the Imperial family plans to harm me or not. Besides, can the Imperial family harm me?”

Elena smiled brightly.

“Yeah, of course. You’re a wizard. However, you can’t say that out loud….”

“Well, the Imperial family may have invited me because they were curious about what I look like. It might also be because they want to see the face of the wizard the previous Duke had taken under his wing and the lover of the current Duke of Halos.”

“The current Duke of Halos’ lover….”

Lexion muttered, a pleased expression plastered on his face.

“Elena, you really are…”

Lexion’s cheeks turned red in an instant.

He covered his face with the back of his hand, embarrassed.

Elena looked at him with satisfaction and then changed the topic.

“Anyway, you must attend this party. I have news for the Emperor.”

“What kind of news?”


Elena thought for a moment.

The concern was only brief.

Aside from being a temporary lover, Lexion was precious to her.

She spoke candidly about what she knew.

“The Black Continent, the monster…”

After hearing her story, Lexion’s satisfied expression quickly deteriorated.

But then, he grabbed Elena’s hand, eyes determined.

“We will always win, so it will be fine.”

“I think so too.”

The two smiled brightly.


Learning that Elena would attend the party, Lexion declared that he would prepare everything himself.

Elena had no intention of preparing anything in particular, so she allowed it.

And regretted it.

‘I shouldn’t have left it to him….’

Elena stretched out on the bed, haggard.

The party was tomorrow, so the maids were gathered around her today.

Elena had to change into dozens of dresses that Lexion had prepared. Moreover, she had to check what kind of hairstyle and makeup she would have in advance.

Thanks to that, she spent a lot of time being handled by the maids, so she was exhausted.

‘Everyone is more passionate than I am because it’s an Imperial party.’

The only party she had ever attended was at the Duke of Halos’ mansion. So it was a firsthand experience to her how difficult it was to prepare for an Imperial party.

Elena lay on her bed without even changing her clothes.

She had to prepare early in the morning tomorrow, so Elena decided to spend her day at the estate of the Halos.

She comfortably stretched out herself since it was the room she was familiar with.

She closed her eyes and pondered over her thoughts.

‘By the way, regarding the Black Continent… I’ve never seen it in the original.’

The original story revolved around regrets.

It was about shitty Killian who hindered the female protagonist, Jane, who eventually left him, and became happy with the new man, Hayes.

Although there were hints of politics in this romance-filled novel, there was no mention of the Black Continent.

Not even once.

‘Perhaps it would happen after the original story?’

However, Elena was unable to properly reenact her role in the original and destroyed it.

So maybe something new has occurred.

Thinking about it, she didn’t feel good about it.

‘Because of me, I think other people will get hurt.’

Elena became distraught in an instant.

But she did not dwell on it further.

‘… Somehow I should help out.’

As soon as she made this decision, Elena immediately fell asleep.

And when she woke up, it was the day of the party.

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