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IASMLYB Chapter 54


Chapter 54

Lexion hadn’t seen Elena for the past two weeks.

And it was because of her new research.

It was heartbreaking not to see Elena for a day, but it was okay.

He could bear it for Elena’s sake.

And finally, after the long wait, her research was finished.

Elena said that as soon as her research was done, the Magic tower would hold a party and that she had to attend.

Lexion didn’t tell her beforehand, but he planned to go and see her once she returned from the party.

However, the lab door opened and Elena entered, who was walking unsteadily.

It was dangerous to come and just stagger inside and recklessly approached the chair straight away.

Lexion immediately approached her to support her.


As he drew near her, the smell of alcohol wafted out.

“… Lexion?”

Her half-opened eyes turned to him, calling out his name.

“How can you drink so much…”

Lexion tried to scold Elena.

But at that moment, Elena jumped.


And she hugged him at once.

Because of the sudden embrace, the troubled heart that was trying to scold Elena melted away.

“I wanted to see you… Hehe.”

Furthermore, when she hugged him, she looked cute.

Lexion was blushing from his cheeks to the nape of his neck.

He carefully raised his hand and embraced Elena.

The small body fit snugly into his arms.

The heartwarming embrace and the sound of their breathing mixed with the smell of alcohol only felt sweet to him.

While he held Elena in his arms, she raised her head.

When their eyes met, Lexion’s face turned even redder as if he was about to explode.

Elena looked at him like that, closed her eyes, and smiled softly.

“Lexion, you are so handsome…”


Lexion was bewildered by her stinging praise.

“You are much more handsome than the second prince who pretends to be handsome or the Marquis of Hasnel. Lexion is the best, the best.”

Elena said, raising her thumb.

Although another man’s name came out of her mouth, Lexion felt like he was flying.

‘I’m the best….’

She came to him first and embraced him, hugging him as if he was her lifeline.

Lexion placed his hand on Elena’s face, guiding her to look at him.

And as he carefully combed her hair – wherein there were traces of sweat on her forehead – Elena grabbed his hand.

And whispered to his cheek.

“You’re sweet, good-looking, cool…”

Elena closed her eyes while holding his hand tightly.

“But this is a dream….”

Then, the remaining strength in her body was flushed out.

Lexion took his hand back from Elena and held her tightly, cuddling her as she slept.

‘She’s light.’

Lexion gazed at Elena, who was sleeping soundly, with wonder on his face.

It seemed like she has lost weight because she was too focused on her research for the past two weeks.

His brows slightly narrowed.

‘But it’s what Elena loves to do….’

He should bring enough food for her.

Lexion smiled and walked out of the lab with Elena.

He headed to her dormitory, which Elena had told him about the other day.

He carefully lowered her onto the bed and covered her with a blanket.

Elena was deeply asleep, she didn’t even notice someone was beside her.

After staring at her for a long time, Lexion returned to the Duke’s mansion.


“Wow, I’m going to die.”

Elena got out of bed, complaining about her persisting headache.

She drank so much yesterday that she felt like her head was going to crack open.

“Hah… I was really crazy.”

Excessively drinking alcohol the previous day without much thought.

She felt stupid.

She got up and walked out of the room.

Then, she went straight to the laboratory and searched for the potion she had made.

She quickly found a hangover cure.

It was made after she suffered from a bottle of alcohol at a welcome party held shortly after entering the tower.

Elena put the hangover pill straight into her mouth.

After a while, the headache completely disappeared.

“After all, I am a genius.”

She grinned and tried to leave the lab.

However, her gaze went towards the portal.

Suddenly, a forgotten memory came to mind.

‘Yesterday… I think Lexion was in the lab?’

Snippets of what happened yesterday came to mind at once until some of them became clear.

Elena’s face quickly turned red.

‘I– I– I hugged Lexion?!’

It wasn’t just that.

While she was hugging Lexion, she claimed that he was handsome, and even compared him to other men.

Then, at some point, she couldn’t remember.

‘… I’m doomed.’

It was clear that something had happened that she could no longer recall.

‘I may have caused trouble for Lexion.’

Elena unconsciously bit her nail, looking anxiously at the portal.

‘What should I do? Should I apologize right now? But right now, my face….’

She ruffled her red hair.

‘… No. It’s better to apologize quickly for this. It will be worse if I waste time.’

After making her decision, she took a deep breath.

Then she looked in the mirror.

‘Although, I should go and wash up first.’

Elena returned to her room, took a quick wash, and returned to the laboratory.

She took a breath and climbed through the portal.

The scent of books hit the tip of her nose.

In her ears, she could hear the sound of papers being signed.

‘Lexion must be here….’

Actually, she was going to go back if he wasn’t there.


In addition, as soon as he discovered that she had come, it was immediately followed by Lexion’s bright voice.

He put the papers down and tried to get up.

But Elena reached out and stopped him.

“Le–Lexion. Wait.”

Elena cleared her throat and spoke as politely as possible.

“Yesterday, I was drunk and nearly unconscious. So if I hurt Lexion’s feelings, I apologize. I’m sorry.”

After saying that, Elena peeked at Lexion.

Lexion, who had been quietly listening to her words, raised his lips slightly.

“I can’t accept your apology.”

Lexion got up from his seat and approached the surprised Elena.


Elena stuttered.

‘Did I make such a big mistake?’

While she was panicking, Lexion took her hand.

“Elena has never offended me. It means she doesn’t have to apologize.”

The corners of Lexion’s eyebrows curved nicely.

“You were rather cute.”

At the next comment, Elena’s heart fluttered.

“It’s okay to see you like that often. But only in front of me.”

At the end of his sentence, Lexion’s eyes slightly cooled, then returned to normal.

Elena nodded.

“Okay, then I’ll just leave.”

She hurriedly crossed the portal.

Fortunately, Lexion didn’t hold her back.


Elena sighed heavily as if she had sprinted.

Since she was struggling with how sweet Lexion was today, her heart felt like it was going to burst.

He said that it was okay with him to display herself in a drunken state.

But Elena had no intention of doing that.

If she did, it would have been hard to put a lot of strain on her heart just like today.

‘For the time being, no drinking.’

Elena was determined.


A week had passed since the party.

During that time, Lexion would visit her from time to time.

He would bring Elena, who neglected to eat properly during her research, to the Halos mansion to eat with him.

At first, she wondered why Lexion was like this. But after a few days, it became a natural routine for Elena as well.

And thanks to Lexion’s efforts, Elena’s face looked healthier.

Lexion was very happy for Elena, who has started gaining weight again.

Elena was not only pleased with what Lexion did, but was also delighted with herself.

While spending in each other’s company, the sale of “Black Grass” began.

According to Elena, the hair loss treatment was sold out all over the continent.

‘Originally, I was only going to develop a preventive medicine.’

Somehow, the cure was completed, and it sold out in an instant.

And it was all thanks to the middle-aged men who purchased them, as well as some women who suffered from hair loss due to stress.

Therefore, its second production was underway.

As this was the same case with Rose, the response was quicker than before.

Some wizards, including Jeremy, asserted that Black Grass would become a steady-selling product that would sell incredibly well like Rose.

Elena agreed with them and smiled warmly.

Thanks to Rose and Black Grass, her fortune grew day by day.

She was very satisfied with her achievements and led a peaceful life.

Until Jacob returned; he planned to cherish the peace he had been given.

But one day, an invitation came flying to her.

It was an invitation to a party held by the Imperial Family, all decorated in gold.

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