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IASMLYB Chapter 53


Chapter 53

“I think it was here somewhere.”

Elena followed Jeremy to his office.

Jeremy hurriedly found Jacob’s work.

Meanwhile, Elena sat on the sofa, sipping her tea while he was busy.

“I wonder, why does the teacher have the research materials of the Eastern Tower Owner?”

Elena asked to clear up her curiosity.

Jeremy then turned his head and smiled.

“Elena is aware that Jacob is a bona fide magician, right?”


Bona fide magicians were individuals who weren’t into research but perform actual magic instead. 

For example, Jacob was a magician.

“Actually, Jacob was also very interested in research before. However, because of the Dragon grass, he abandoned research.”

What the hell was Dragon grass that made Jacob give up?

Elena was now a bit apprehensive of the Dragon grass.

“Found it.”

Around that time, Jeremy found Jacob’s research.

“Jacob quit his research and handed over the data to me. I do research from time to time, so use it if you need it.”

“Ah… I see.”

Elena accepted Jacob’s work.

“You can use it comfortably. There’s no need to worry.”

“Yes, teacher. Thank you.”

Jacob’s research material was quite detailed.

“Although that data was studied about 20 years ago, there won’t be any major damage.”


“Let me know if there is any progress in the research.”

Elena smiled and walked out of Jeremy’s office.

Jacob’s research data was not very good.

It was only about 100 sheets of paper.

‘But where is it?’

Elena hurried to her office.

Arriving at her office, she put the collected dragon grass in a storage box, which was enchanted to keep plants from withering.

And immediately began to scan Jacob’s research.

As the information in the material was insufficient, she could finish reading it instantaneously.

And Elena was disappointed.

Jacob’s research papers were littered with detoxification experiments on dragon grass.

However, no matter which grass had a detoxifying effect, no matter what drug was used, the poison from the dragon grass could not be removed.

Sometimes they fused in such a terrible way that it produced an even higher level of toxicity.

She wondered if there were even these words at the end of the research material.

“Dragon grass is garbage.”

These words reflected Jacob’s inner thoughts.

Just looking at his research data, Elena felt the same way.

But she couldn’t give up here.

Elena clenched her fists.


About three days have passed.

Elena did her own experiments based on Jacob’s research.

Besides the herbs, flowers, and medicines used by Jacob, she used other resources with detoxifying elements.

Unlike 20 years ago, when Jacob did the research, the chance of success now was possible because there were more materials with detoxifying characteristics.

Within a few days, Elena ground the plants and extracted the juice. Sometimes, she would only use the petals, the stems or the roots, etc.

It was then fused with the Dragon grass through various methods.

But every time she failed, Elena felt like she was Jacob.

‘Dragon grass is garbage.’

She entered the dormitory feeling dejected.

She spent several days working on this research – with little to no sleep – but the only thing she got was:

‘Dragon grass… Is really garbage.’

Elena was lying on her bed.

Of course, after coming to the tower, there were times when an experiment would fail.

Elena did not get frustrated each time and would get up again and find a breakthrough.

But now, it was a little different.

‘… Dragon grass is a plant that has no answer.’

There was no answer at all.

‘This means that there is no cure for hair loss in the world.’

Elena deeply sighed.

While she was immersed in her thoughts, wondering whether she should continue this research…


The spirits arrived.

Lani, Toto, Vivi, and Coco.

Four spirits appeared in the air and approached Elena.

Lani immediately came close to Elena’s face, and Toto sat down on Elena’s stomach.

Vivi flapped her short wings and flew in front of Elena’s nose, and Coco pressed his face in Elena’s hands.

“Hey there, guys.”

She was exhausted. Nevertheless, seeing her cute spirits, she felt better.

Elena warmly greeted her spirits.

[We have learned a little about the Black Continent!]

Lani said with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Yeah, I heard from Vivi. Was everyone able to go out without any injuries?”



[Chirp. Sure!]


All the spirits looked fine.

As Elena sighed in relief, Lani continued.

[I wanted to go to the Black Continent and find out more, but I couldn’t because of the monsters.]

[It is impossible to get close, so I kept a reasonable distance.]

Toto added.

[Chirp! Still, I felt some movement in the Black Continent!]

[Right. I felt such tremendous power! It’s as if the monsters were moving in hordes!]

Vivi and Coco added.

Elena’s expression hardened.

‘It seems that the monsters are moving as a group…’

The spirits’ words added credibility to Jacob’s report.

‘… There might really be a war.’

Elena sighed heavily.

‘We haven’t heard from the Archmage yet, so let’s not worry right now.’

Worrying unnecessarily was nothing like poison.

Elena, who has an unwavering heart, stroked the spirits.

While she was caressing Vivi’s soft feathers, Elena noticed that the spot where Vivi’s feathers have been scorched a while ago was fixed.

There was no charring and new feathers emerged.

‘The effect of Dragon grass is clear. However….’

Elena lamented.

“Vivi– I mean, the dragon grass… It is poisonous, are the spirits okay?”

[Chirp. Dragon grass is poisonous only when eaten, right?]

“Yes. So, I want to know if the spirits are okay.”

[I-I didn’t eat it. When I want my feathers to grow, I apply them, not eat them.]

Elena’s eyes widened.


Dragon grass, which could aid in hair growth, was to be applied, not eaten!

Elena, who got a huge hint, sent the spirits back and started her research again.

After several days of experimentation and research, she was able to quickly create a prototype.

It was all thanks to Vivi.

Miraculously, Dragon grass was only toxic when eaten.

Elena heard from Vivi that it worked for both humans and spirits.

In other words, as long as one did not eat it, there would be no problem.

It was said that it was enough to add the warning: “Don’t eat it,” to sell them.

Elena immediately tested the prototype she made with the research team.

The research team, who was with Elena when she developed Rose, continued their work even after she entered the Magic Tower.

Elena also worked with the research team to verify the side effects and their efficacy.

The Dragon grass prototype had no side effects at all.

As Vivi said, all one had to do was not eat it.

This was because the poison in the dragon grass would materialize when mixed with saliva.

Thanks to that, it was planned to go on sale as early as next week.

The name of the product was ‘Black Grass.’

It was a name that matched the appearance of Dragon grass, but it also came out after a lot of thinking.

And the price was considerable.

Unlike in ‘Rose,’ this potion didn’t do any harm because she didn’t use a magic pill.

‘Besides, if you just spray it on your hair, your hair will grow within a few days.’

The effect was also noticeable, so it was worth the price.

Elena smiled proudly and headed for the party.

It took only two weeks to plan and complete Black Grass.

Thanks to Vivi’s help, she was able to make quick progress.

Elena packed a bunch of Vivi’s favorite snacks, even if she was a spirit.

Then, she attended a sellout prayer party held in the West Tower Hall.

To be honest, she didn’t want to have a party, but the research team wanted to, saying that this product was as great as Rose, or even better than Rose’s.

Although Elena felt burdened, she did not turn down the party, and Jeremy and his research team members, Hugh, and the others.

At the party, many wizards had gathered for a long time. Meanwhile, Elena consumed a lot of drinks.

She hadn’t been drinking well since she entered the tower. But since it’s been a long time, she didn’t refuse to drink.

‘Once Jacob returns in a few weeks, there will be no party for a while….’

Wasn’t it just a party? She didn’t want to be a party pooper.

So Elena enjoyed this moment.


The world began to spin.

Her feet were heavy, and the walls and ceilings spun round and round.

Elena blinked her eyes hard.

‘Who am I? Where am I?’

It must have been because she drank too much alcohol.

Elena’s mind kept wandering.

She shook her head and looked for her room.

But her body didn’t listen.

In the end, Elena supported herself against the wall and walked.

Most of the people at the party were wasted, the same situation as Elena.

So she had to find her room on her own.

But the body was already at its limit.

Reluctantly, Elena headed to her lab nearby.


Elena exhaled through her mouth and walked to a nearby chair.

After a while, someone approached her.


When she looked up at the welcoming voice, she saw Lexion.

His expression was distorted.

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